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Inam Ngcuka

Inam Ngcuka

Inam is a child of the Ngcuka House, a banner house who'd pledged themselves to the Bantu House.

But have struggled as they have yet to produce the best results for the main house. They have invested in a form of numerology, but has produced nothing but suffering. Multiple matriarchs have put their best efforts in continuing the belief.

Inam's mother was low born. Because of it there was little complaint when her mother moved out, marrying a martial arts teacher within the North Sibini Ndlovu-Sana House. It caught everyone by surprise.

It wasn't her fault. She was older and focused on her inherited knowledge sets. Martial arts and mathematics.

She was not a prodigy in any, but didn't have to be. The combination made her unique enough to stand out among the leadership. Even the Matriarch knew her name, which for her and even her family was grand achievement. Her father was in no line of succession, he just wasn't good enough. That didn't matter, he was good at reaching out teaching the young.

The best person to teach her. Her mother was a housewife and did her best to earn money. Teaching noble children and helping bookies with betting odds.

It was not the safest work but it was something she could do to give their children something extra she could do to give their children something extra, and that extra put Inam a step ahead, buying her time to excel. She wasn't a prodigy but didn't have to be. She was one of the most efficient workers out there.

She was taught poise, grace and an intelligent worker.
Thanks to the people around her, she is actually very funny and witty, something that impressed the elders when she became a Grounds Keeper young without the help of the training program, which was in dispute because of being connected to a house that is tied to the Bantu House.

This immediately became irrelevant when a very young Gatsha declared his love for her and although it took her by surprise. She immediately accepted and just accept what would happen next.

She obviously knew who he was and they'd spoken, not constantly but enough to not fully believe a full proposal came from nowhere.

Despite this moment of proposal, she actually didn't take it fully serious. Accepting and joining in the sudden celebration. It was unbelievable, his father even knew about it, but when things truly got real was when she was called up to be personally congratulated by the Ndlovu-Sana House. Staring at the family matriarch was very much like staring at death, but it was something she had trained for. She could be civil, calm and very quick on her feet.

She was a hard talker and accepted the hard grilling that she got from both women, something that didn't break her down but revealed the true value of the pair of women in front of her. And what she would have to go through to achieve what was needed to be a part of the family and what she would have to give up.

She didn't think she would have to give up any thing when her mother was pulled up to South Sun Sibini by her very clan.

The Bantu House was now paying an amazing amount of attention as it was now the case that their family secrecy was being shared with the Ndlovu-Sana and that this is a potential take over by them over the banner house too.

Inam wept upon the news, breaking down, but it was her future husband who wiped away her tears. Over a thousand Chui provided an escort to her mother. It was a giant occasion as Gatsha Ndlovu-Sana and his mothers along with a thousand strong show of force appeared and spoke her mother's case declaring that if it involved their children they would declare war on any person who would attack their children and she was their child. If Gatsha's heart had spoken then it was law.

This was her life now an not only that, she was able to join into and with her own responsibilities she was officially a leader in her clan with those who followed the way.

She was now staring at the barrel of a royal future. Something she never imagined happening in her life. The first thing that needed to happen was for them to get married. It was glorious, gold poured free. Their combined families were there and were supporting her and her wants.

The marriage was a difficult thing to balance. She was still a Grounds Keepers, she was now responsible for dozens of people who had come in and then look after her new family under the watchful eye of her mother, it was fun as Gatsha was her best friend and support.
She was taught well to streamline by her mother in law.
She was living the perfect life when the work got harder and Gatsha got more distant, suddenly the reality of Gatsha being a 'housed' man was evident.
He would marry again, as much as she loved him and he loved her, it was inevitable and before she knew it, she was face to face with the second wife, only to her utter disbelief there was a child already in the equation, a child that belonged to Gatsha. The news nearly led to his death on two levels as his mother was absolutely livid and so was Inam. She had been expecting an arranged marriage, she had not expected a marriage of such passion that they already had a child. And it was a woman she knew and was friendly with. Inam went even as far as putting the girl up, wiping away her tears, and quelling the fights between her and Gatsha who were in a constant state of fighting, they were at war.

It was not only a gut punch, it was her soul being ripped out of her chest. Everything she'd worked for was reduced to zero. One of the most naturally calm people in existence and she blacked out and woke up in a dungeon, her tied up and imprisoned. She'd never imagined she'd have gone insane. But she was frothing mad and put away.

She could not be untied, she screamed for him and at her, weeping at night. Her voice ran dry and she even had to be silenced and force fed, otherwise she would have died. Six weeks passed with her mouth locked shut and forced to eat through a straw that went directly down her throat.

Gatsha was there daily, at first it was a nightmare, but she accepted it, at first self harming, then trying to harm him, then nothing. She became catatonic, not reacting. Further weeks passed and she began to react and turn to look at him, she wasn't able to speak but could at least interact. But the world had not sat still, moving on without her.

Inam's parents were now in charge of their family. A quarter of those who had come with her were now had returned to their main branch.

There had been trouble with Gatsha's new wife top, each woman needing to pull people, only Nikelwa pulled almost the entire banner house joined to be a banner house under the Ndlovu-Sana House, becoming a beacon for war within all the major houses within Sedibeng's Jongiwe tree.

Inam was left behind and things had gotten worse, Gatsha hadn't slowed and the new girl would take the new slot and with a baby already there, she was no longer the first wife. Upon hearing news of the wedding. She wept and wept, wishing she could die.

To her surprise, she was given two servants who would pull her everywhere and help her move. They were there for her, but did not seem to be listening to her, pulling her where unseen orders told her to go.

Inam was plopped right in front of Nobomi, the grand mother, one of the most powerful people in the universe. There was no anger, no disappointment but at the same time, no kindness.

She was not the woman's friend but instead a silent assistant who would, eventually, became the woman they would dictate for her, having learned how to write once again.

It was effective, her grand mother staying busy with her as the whole world emptied in the name of the new marriage.
She couldn't stay like this. Inam approached the wedding with her grandmother, she still struggled to talk. She would became what she said yes to, even if it turned out very different to the life she had been promised. She was a good woman and would do her best until there was genuinely nothing left.

It was harder than any of them could ever imagine, but she was not alone and put together a system of support that had her being functional as a clan leader and then a Grounds Keepers once more. But she wasn't the same, less trusting, witty and more sombre.

She and Nikelwa and she very nearly lost her baby and no one was sure she could have another. They never hated each other and were close, but now things were strange, awkward and painful. Each waiting to apologize first, for what happened. Nikelwa's betrayal and child, she was supposed to be the second wife, but snatched up first wife.

They had humiliated each other without having actually declared war on each other. But before they could let their pride both Nomvula and Nobomi with Nozipho pulled them aside and Nobomi took Nikelwa's baby and Nomvula produced a war hammer.

Nikela screamed as the hammer was given to Inam and she was offered a get out of jail free card, she could kill the baby and take her position, the Ndlovu-Sana family runs entirely on freedom. Intelligent planning is one thing, but another thing entirely to be resentful and insane.

Inam, stunned, screamed at Nikelwa that she'd betrayed her and stole from her. Nikelwa was done with being polite.

She laid into her. She was not some criminal and that what she did was not on purpose she never planned to fall in love and that there is nothing she did wrong. But no one in the room believed her for a second, everything was off.

They physically fought and she dove for the hammer and Nikelwa threw herself in front of her child, she broke down and confessed. She was the one who told Inam's family, along with Bantu Houses's main leaders as a form of revenge. It was absurd, they were fighting over a man but both women were nowhere near backing down. Inam had to fight not to lose her mind in that moment. Instead she set aside her anger, throwing it all away. She was never meant to be angry, it was not who she was and this new person was gross to her and so she wept, grieving for the herself and the dream she never had.

They both just wanted there, just being while their elders watched over them.

It was a bitter pill. She pulled herself together enough to forgive herself, her family, her husband, bastard he was. Most important her wife.

Because as weird as it was they were time in the family tradition, the wives for the sake of harmony, married each other too, it was difficult but they worked together and were better spouses to each other then to Gatsha.


  Gatsha and Inam had a baby soon after, her raising her and leading with mixed resources as the two banner houses worked together to not only survive but integrate into a fighting and account force.

The two concepts were unique achieving better results that either woman expected and how her blood would best to best in charge of the clan, the pair of bloodlines would marry each other. The Ignobles of the Khokeli house and the Ngcuka clan forming a title of that their people have united clan of the two houses, joining the two houses. Becoming elders with the new clan, the Ndlovu-Bala House. Their daughters and sons have a future of guaranteed value as they form their own lineage in their house.


Gatsha Ndlovu-Sana


Towards Inam Ngcuka

Inam Ngcuka


Towards Gatsha Ndlovu-Sana

Current Location
Year of Birth
312 UA 42 Years old
Current Residence
North Sibini
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