God's Window

Last Sun

One of the largest slums in North Sibini. One of the only locations to cross territories into a neighbouring land(God's Way).

The people on either side have their own papers, but often, in recent years have taken the paths, even going as far as having them form roads, which is considered wrong.

The divisions between the lands were business-like. As each municipality held its own laws, tariffs and taxes.



The last few years, God's Window along with Last Sun have undergone changes. The movements of the population was one of the biggest of the changes starting with construction, many involving the roads.

The Churches

The Way of Nature is a rather important element of Sedi culture but despite their high faith, their culture is fairly loose in terms of restraint against evil.

There are a dozen churches, half of which were built in the last decade, simple designs at first but growing quickly in quality over the years, pulling large groups.

Wooden Roads

Municipalities around have found themselves investing in wooden roads, a great many a worker collecting and working wood to maintain the upkeep of wood.


The population is large but living had never been too easy there. The majority of the population dedicated to woodwork, Grounds Keeper work, and fieldwork.
Most coming and going in order to collect and distribute work.
There is always work to be transported from location to location, farmwork, wood cutting. Refinery had never been done there.

The Window

Territory with some of the most unique views in the world, they are a wood working power house, there bamboo trees are limited within the city.



There are the least high Nobility in such locations. Most, if not all have ties to the Ndlovu House. Most will have land rights, along with land ownership rights.
These rights are rarely ever direct and shared through the institutions of marriage, along with leese contracts.

Extremely few will have land rights.

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