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Mbalientle Ndlovu-Sana

Mbalientle Ndlovu-Sana


Nozipho Ndlovu-Sana's mother who has no ambition for the crown, matriarch for The Ndlovu-Sana House. The family wasn't even looking at her, her and her daughters helping to keep the family together. It wasn't something that came easy, most especially with her still birthing nobles when their resources are stretched so thin.

Insane Daughter

Despite all of the family issues, Mbali was not helping as much as she wanted when her youngest daughter, started to prove herself as an incredibly intelligent kid. It was almost bizarre how well she was doing, at first the plan was to have her become a tool who could be used by the family. Her, a troublesome kid who was impossible to lock down but at the same time, it was able to produce maximum results. To the point where she was becoming reliable, not just to Mbali, but others inside of the family.  


Then, one day, she was taken by thugs for ransom. Mbali, just upon hearing it, nearly broke her. It never dawned on her that so much of her family's hope hung on her littlest girl. She created a moment of pure chaos, pulling every banner she had to create a moment of pure chaos, pulling every banner she had to create an extreme moment of war and fury, using the child who 'spoke for the kidnappers'. They shut North Sibini down. Surrounding it and attacked, but the speaker boy ended up being the one who saved the city.



It never dawned on her exactly how much power Mbali had how many people listened to her and very quickly her baby was writing journals and producing books soon after, she'd become focused, while the criminal speaker and child's friend was in jail (lucky to be alive) Her daughter had the purpose on a level she could never have hoped she was already on the road, along with the kids around her to become the youngest children Grounds Keepers. The kid had a plan and it was thrilling!

Somehow her baby was becoming a matriarch, one that could threaten to break The Ndlovu-Sana family in half, it was problem enough to justify being murdered. She would never kill her daughter, so she 'joined' her.


It was a bizarre idea that she had become 'ambitious', it was all about doing their own work and being happy with exactly that. It was like having a handkerchief, which expanded and expanded, unfolding to cover her first daughter, unfolding to cover all her daughter, and now covered Nozipho's ambitions, expanding forever, but it was something that was beyond her control. She had to take action.


It could not lead to bloodshed. It would break their family anyway, it would lead to the law of the family breaking. All she had to do was made sure that the Matriarch, the entire line would accept her daughter as the future. First was to keep her banners, adding trust to them, then to ensure that there would be no assassins, then, she had to sow dissent. It all worked, everyone trusted her. She was unambitious. It caught the primes by surprise when under the banner of a new house, daughters were always allowed to contract a new sub-house. It was absolutely legal, there were rules. A price needed to be paid, laws to be followed, money to be paid and their lands to be given up.
The new house would be completely enslaved to the main house until completely paid off.

But the people separately was too many, too big a piece would be taken and the potential of the new daughter. The primes weren't good enough, there was something better. And being an underling would not be enough.

It was an impossible situation, but it was a situation where she could not lose. When Nozipho became the youngest Grounds Keeper to pass the test, plus other tests, along with other children, who were treated as a test subject, which worked.

The primes were a failure and there was a series of votes by the elders.


It wasn't exactly what her daughters were expecting, what any member of the family was expecting. But once the plans started to come into effect things started moving. Mbali's daughter was young, but she was becoming a Matriarch that was not only proving herself to her elders, but she was challenging the bigger houses, along with rival houses. She was a ruler, a queen and Mbali was her best support, even accepting her marriage to a prisoner, a nightmare situation. But Nozipho more than made up for as the world was forced by sheer force of will her daughter.

Current Location
Year of Birth
239 UA 115 Years old


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