Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

Written by JibstaMan

I've only just joined WorldAnvil, impulse bought a Master membership and now upgraded to Grandmaster... I guess I'll have to prove my, I mean, WA's worth by participating in this Summer Camp event.   Disclaimer: this article contains spoilers for a private world I'm building, but I guess that's not a problem for any readers on the internet that may stumble upon this page. After learning to use secrets, I might need to reconsider making the world public at some point.  

Creative Goal

I've been worldbuilding very sporadically over many years, having only a very small, rudimentary set of ideas. The initial goal was to create an RPG Maker game. I've since started listening to D&D podcasts (D&D Minus (explicit), Girls Who Don't DnD and Tabletop Vanguard) and watching it on YouTube (Viva La Dirt League D&D and Bacon RPG). So now I'm repurposing what little I had and looking into what kind of D&D campaign that would make.   I'm currently spending a lot more time worldbuilding, so I might as well see what I can get done in July during the Summer Camp. Since I've only just started worldbuilding, so very little is set into stone and most areas are barely more than just a thought. So the goal is to take the prompts to flesh out some vague areas of the world. Then I could go into depth on some specific things to use as a corner stone for future creative ideas.   Given how little I already have, decision fatigue and indecision are real pitfalls. Maybe the prompts help me just write some interesting stuff without any stakes involved. And then when you least expect it, you might actually end up using it anyway, in some very creative way!  
I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not too sure
— I guess me in this context, dunno


My main motiviation is just to continue worldbuilding. When I watch/listen to other people's D&D campaigns, it's often impressive how they weave things together, creating mystery, intrigue and complot theories. I really want to have that as well, keeping the PCs on the edge of their seat while they try to achieve their objectives, regularly wondering what the hell that was all about.   The D&D rules and existing lore are all new to me, so some prompts could require me to do some research before I can actually write anything. That will help me learn and ground my writing within (some of) the existing lore.

Challenge goal

What can I say? In the world of video games, I'm a completionist. I'll spend (read: waste) hours getting 100% completion and if possible, all the achievements. If you have a Diamond badge, it's going to be tough to resist...   But let's start with a realistic goal and say that I'm fine with getting Silver (16 prompts). I'm assuming I'll pick the easier prompts to not stuggle with indecision... Uhhh, I mean, writers block, yeah. Then when it turns out to be smooth sailing, I can increase the difficulty from there. But no pressure.
"But no pressure"
Famous last words...
— Me again


Leaving Earth (Expanse)

Let us take this opportunity to leave earth and explore wondrous new lands. Are we headed to a medieval fantasy land, filled with warring kingdoms? Where life is tough and civil unrest is rampent? Where poverty is visible everywhere and desparation is used as a currency by the rich and powerful?   Or are you the adventurous type, wanting to explore magical, strange or creapy places? A dense forest filled with wonderful creatures and inhabited by forest elves and wood gnomes, maybe? Or perhaps you find yourself on another plane entirely, exploring a demi realm created by those rich and powerful people? Maybe that's where they live in a lavish castle, with all kinds of servent, plotting and scheming to gain yet more power? Who will tell?! The prompts will! I sure as hell ain't gonna decide...

Humble (Leadership)

Are we going to take a closer look at King Hugh the Humble? A king with a rather unique backstory, that finds himself at incredible odds. While people are disatisfied with the current state of affairs, many people understand that he's doing the best he can in an impossible situation: a crumbling kingdom desparately trying to defend against a neighboring kingdom.   But there are those who profit off of the suffering of others. Powerful beings, leaders in their own right. What organisation do they lead, what influence do they wield? What immense machinations are they concocting?   Or will we be exploring the hierarchy of the forest. What civilization of elves and gnomes wonder about, living peacefully, in balance with the land? And how can they play a part in a far-away conflict which they have no stake in?

Plausible deniability (Discovery)

In the world of D&D, Gods oftentimes directly play their part in the world. But what happens when the Gods only reveal themselves to at most a handful of people? Clerics that wield the power of those Gods are incredible rare. In a medieval landscape where medicine is expensive and not available to the general public, miracles of Life are especially wondrous. Given their rarity, would they dare to reveal themselves, running the risk of being conscripted into the army to fight a losing battle?   While most civilions believe in a multitude of Gods, they almost never experience definitive confirmation on their existence. Meanwhile, the rich and greedy are feeding off their poverty and despair, gaining God-like powers in their own right. They wield such immense power, that they even have control of The Weave. But since magic is rare, how will the PCs find out about these mysteries?   What smaller scale mysteries are their to be explored or how will these big (read: higher level) mysteries influence the day-to-day of the common folk?

Death by a 1000 Questions

By now, it should be perfectly, CRYstal clear that asking questions is easy. And WorldAnvil would advice to re-read the world meta to make sure you're sticking to your unique selling point and the themes you've chosen.

Baddy #n (Monstrous)

What lurks in the great woods? What if there were dinosaurs thriving within the lush forest? What strange and magical creatures could have their symbiotic place within the rich and colorful ecosystem? Perhaps a parasitic creature that takes over the role of the brain, turning a creature into their poppet zombie?   What monsters are used within the invading forces? Maybe "here there be devils", trying to get more and more humanoids to join their ranks after they die on the battlefield. What monsterous character leads this army? And who are its lieutenants and ranking officers? How would they coordinate their attack to maximize their chance of conquering the town?   What pets do the most rich and powerful have at their disposal? Surely they have some majestic and awe-inspiring creatures at their disposal? Maybe one of them has weaponized religion itself and has subjugated angels to further their imagery?   Given the medieval setting, the initial feeling is that monsters are rare and most people never encounter them. What kind of animals or monsters might roam within the borders of a kingdom? What low-level creatures could the PCs encounter as a great way to be introduced to the game? What might hide in the mines of the "starting" village? Maybe Orcs were mining as well and their tunnels suddenly connected? Or a long-lost ruins of the Dwarves, inhabited by some Duergar?   Maybe this could be an opportunity to explore the ruler of the Orcs and how they spread their cruelty across the continent?
Now, add a short paragraph to your Summer Camp Pledge about how these themes might connect to your world setting and your goals.
— Janet Forbes (WorldAnvil)
Whoops, seems like I disregarded the "short" part. My bad.

Mini Theme

A kingdom in disarray. Widows set the stage. Deserted farmsteads as the workforce could not maintain the fields anymore. Another battle could ensue at any moment. And Orcs love to pillage from the opposite end of the kingdom.   With the help of its allies, they are still standing strong. Their major line of defense is a militarized town that has many years of experience holding off the invading force. But their resources are dwindling and the Clerics are burned out or have succumb to disease. The chance of them holding the line is decreasing with every passing moment.   Even if they defeat the invading force, they always seem to return rather quickly. A new leader at the front, a new army at their command. How are they keeping up this gruesome pace? Winning a battle keeps the kingdom safe, but will not win the war. A war that stretches centuries at this point. Do we even remember why it all started?   How will they actually win the war? What consequences will this have on the political landscape? Let's not forget about the common folk who live in the defeated kingdom, what will happen to them? Since there's no heir to the throne, no line of succession, it could be an opportunity to try something different? Or maybe deals with allies were made that have sealed the fate of the kingdom?
Many more systemic problems are hidden beneath the surface. Ever increasing stakes to keep the PCs on their toes. And at each step, they need new allies. While they might be powerful in their own right, their ultimate power is in the collective.
Power to the people, the people got the power. Tell me, can you feel it? Getting stronger by the hour?
— Pete the Temp
By tackling the systemic problems, they cut of the source of power that flows towards the greedy and powerful, while claiming it for everyone. The kingdom will start to flourish again and a new sense of community will follow.

Inspirational Songs

Calm & serene







Environment & Date

I have an excellent home "office" where I can write and focus. Cannot promise I'll make it tidy though, *shrug*. My fuel of choice will mostly be just plain-old (tap)water or refridgerated (tap)water.   I'm not going to specifically set a date with myself. I should have plenty of time in the weekends, since my weekends also include mondays! I'll likely also write in some of the evenings or just think about the prompts and do the writing in the weekend.


It's clearly time to join the Discord! But I'm only accountable to myself. But it's a good way to slowly, but surely, become more active, one step at a time, one character behind another, and start to at some point, maybe, to finally participate in the community, for sure! (This pledge notwithstanding) Yeah!   A lot of my motivation will hang in the balance depending on how warm the weather will be. I do have an AC, but I generally try not to use it too much and when I do, I keep it on the warm side. But if I do that in July, that can seriously drain my motivation to be productive, so maybe I'll need to make an exception and have it support me during this challenge.


My challange page Progress: 31 / 31 (31 / 16)
  • Average: ~630 words
  • Total: ~19530 words

Copper prompts: Expanse (8 / 8)

  1. Settlement: Oghmania
  2. Material: Ardurine
  3. Culture of Oghmania
  4. Food that marks a rite of passage: Frozen Neglect

Silver prompts: Leadership (8 / 8)

  1. Profession: Cleric
  2. Title: Kolnai
  3. Tradition: Solemnity of Dedication
  4. Great leader: Ahmar Pearce

Gold prompts: Discovery (8 / 8)

  1. Settlement: Aerilon
  2. Natural wonder: Hotsprings of Illagabatha
  3. Species: Arduroceus
  4. Item: Gauntlet of Premonition
  1. Technology: Aerilon Observatory
  2. Monument: Obelisk of the Ancient
  3. Explorer: Osnaghar
  4. Document: Osnaghar's Journal

Platinum prompts: Monstrous (7 / 7)

  1. Species: Orc
  2. Myth: Satiir Fiend
  3. Ritual: Dance of Shame
  4. Condition: Dancing Soulless
  1. Organization: Azuri Council
  2. Character: Jidoth
  3. Item: Staff of Awesome Might

Links, resources and references


  • Real world history and events
  • The Elder Scrolls universe
  • Personal experience with religion
  • Atheism and skepticism
  • Socialism and anarchism
  • Extinction Rebellion
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