Dancing Soulless

Dancing Soulless is a condition in which a humanoid would behave strangely, be unresponsive to conversation or outright hostile, without clear provocation. It is believed to be a punishment by the Gods, so it must be caused by moral shortcomings, including sexual in nature, excessive blasphemy, severe thougth crimes or other provocations of the divine.  


The symptom of dancing soulless is someone, at the strangest of times, dancing or otherwise moving in a really strange and confused manner out in the open air. This is likely caused by a demon taking possession of the body, so be careful when confronting this person, as they may turn hostile when approached. If they are unresponsive when inquires are made about their behavior, that's a clear sign they are a dancing soulless.   If the initial strange movement behavior goes unnoticed, either the demon will attack anyone near it or it will run off. It is believed it takes demons a long time before they start to get used to their new host body, so their unnatural movements continue to be a give-away.  

Proper care

Take the necessary precaution when approaching a potential dancing soulless. You might believe they are still your precious family or friend, but nothing is further from the truth. They could be possessed by a powerful demon and even wield devastating magical powers. Assume the worst, assume that your family or friend's soul has vacated the body and that a demon is taking it for a spin. Their weird behavior is clearly a demon celebrating their ownership of this earthy vassel. So approach with great care and once confirmed it is a dancing soulless, destroy it with great prejudice.   Reports have indicated that damaging the brain is enough for the possession to end. Plenty of clergy have exorcized the demon, but they all agree that your family or friend cannot be saved, as their soul has already left their body. Of course, the church is very unlikely to deny a request for an exorcism, but we hope you keep your expectations low. It is quite a hassle to properly restrain the body and wait possibly weeks for an excorsit to arrive.   Once you've dealt enough damage to the body that is lays silent and unmoving for a couple of minutes to half an hour, please dispose of the body by burning. It is a sad fate indeed, but the body has been severely desecrated and needs to burn to distance yourself from whatever evil your family or friend has done to deserve this fate. Only by burning the body can you ensure no more unfortune befalls your village.

Footnote: Naming

While technically, this is just a possession, priests have started utilizing this definition to underscore that there is no soul left to save. Dancing Soulless is a memorable name that spreads easily though word-of-mouth and does a decent job explaining the primary sympton.