Theme Catalog

Need to see what the offered CSS Themes look like before you decide what to go with? Look no further! Themes are listed in alphabetical order. More will be added here as they are posted on the WA Discord.

Bright Fantasy

An enhancement from the default World Anvil theme. Created by Oneriwien.
Bright Fantasy

Galaxy Anvil

A sci-fi theme, with plenty of customization options.Created by Sierra Brown
Galaxy Anvil


A generic, light coloured theme. Created by Oneriwien.


Opulent is a rich, mysterious, dark theme suitable for many genres. Created by TJ.
If you want help modifying this theme, send TJ a message on WA/discord!


A dark, gloomy, rusty and grungy theme. Created by Oneriwien.


A medieval theme for refined ladies, gents and otherwise identified folk. Created by Whitemace.


A dark, sci-fi theme. Created by Oneriwien.


A dark but vibrant theme, well suited for Dieselpunk and related genres. Created by Dimitris.

Your World, Darkly

A dark and gloomy theme. Created by Oneriwien.
Your World, Darkly


A harmonious, calming theme. Created by Oneriwien.
Zen CSS Theme

Deadhouse Sonata

A dark theme featuring Apolypse333's upcoming MMO. Created by TJ.
deadhouse sonata.png

Dungeons & Dragons

Inspired by the style in the Dungeons and Dragons 5e manuals. Created by Oneriwien.
dnd theme


In honour of the Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign, ran by the Great GM and sponsored by World Anvil. Created by TJ.
ghosts of saltmarsh.png

The Great Gamemaster

Featuring our beloved Guy, the Great GM. Created by TJ.
Great GM theme

Deven Rue

In honour of Deven Rue, the Mistress of Maps! Created by TJ.
mistress of maps.png


A purple theme celebrating Satine Phoenix. created by TJ.


A black-and-white (but mostly white) theme, for those who like things clean and clear. Created by TJ.

Summercamp 2019

Celebrating Summer Camp 2019! Created by TJ.
summer camp css theme


Created in honor of World Ember 2019! Created by TJ.
WA theme - world ember.png

Stranger Worlds

Inspired by Stranger Things. Created by Oneriwien.
WA theme - stranger worlds.png

Eldrich Horor

A dark theme focused to modern horror in reds, grays and dark deep purples with an accent of a sickly otherworldly green. Created by TJ.
WA theme -eldrich horror.png

Cyberpunk 2020

A retro-future look with purple and bluish neon colours, punchy yellows and colourful shadows. Created by TJ.
WA theme -cyberpunk.png

Area 51

For all the science "fiction" lovers and conspiracy ~~nuts~~ investigators out there! Created by Garrett Lewis.
WA theme -area 51.png

Modern Spaceships

Clean, blueish and subtly metallic, created by TJ.
modern spaceships.png

Wild Wild Steam

The perfect theme for steampunk settings! Created by TJ.
wild wild steam.png

These are the Voyages

Love the journeys of a certain spaceship named Enterprise? Check out this Star Trek-inspired theme by Garrett Lewis
star trek theme.png

Elven Forest

It's green, it's foresty, it's a great clean theme for bright fantasy settings, by TJ Trewin.
elven forest theme.png


Please Login in order to comment!
23 Sep, 2018 07:57

May I ask how do i apply these themes?

25 Sep, 2018 23:44

The standard themes can all be found under your World Configuration, near the bottom.

Who the hell does this guy think he is?
PatheticBarrel, Logo by Sai
26 Sep, 2018 08:48

I feel really stupid right now, I cant seem to find them =/

26 Sep, 2018 08:48

Is it a guild feature?

26 Sep, 2018 17:17

It is! I'll get that added a bit more clearly in the Guide. All CSS is Guild Feature, but there have been talks about having 1 or 2 non-fantasy themes available for free accounts.

Who the hell does this guy think he is?
PatheticBarrel, Logo by Sai
26 Sep, 2018 18:34

Nice, thanks!

2 Aug, 2019 19:30

Hi! This may be little weird of a question, especially when I'm pretty new here, but I am pondering; if one would like to help the community, for example by making a theme, how one would go about it?   I'm currently unemployed and I've made my own theme to my own world recently, and I was wondering if since I got free time and experience with CSS if there would be a way I could help by making a styling theme or something in the future! x3 Just as thanks for the awesome website. :3

Can I have a cookie? | Melyria
10 Aug, 2019 18:33

Is there a way to change words on the title picture, but keep the beautiful theme.

20 Aug, 2019 17:05

Do you mean where the themes have 'Anvilverse' ? That will change based on the title of your world! These are just attempting to show the same text across all the different themes.

1 Nov, 2019 02:55

No the part above that, where it says ghosts of saltmarsh. I like it but don't want to make everyone think that my world is set in Saltmarsh, as I don't know what that entails. Just a picture would be great.

9 Nov, 2019 20:23

That looks to be a default world cover, you could easily replace that.

8 Apr, 2020 01:54

Hello, I noticed in the description of the Galaxy Anvil theme it says it has "plenty of customization options". How do I access these options? I don't see a set of documentation for working with it specifically.

14 Apr, 2020 05:57   I found this a few moments ago. thought I'd share

15 Jul, 2020 00:38

I had a question about the Stranger Worlds Theme, I am trying to use it but when I try to see my timeline it makes both the words and background almost both white which makes it very hard to read, is there any way to fix this?

4 Sep, 2020 07:20

I would be happy beyond worlds if you guys added a Norse/Proto-Germanic theme. ᚦᚢᚴᚴ ᚠᛁᚱᛁᚱ!

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