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Divine spheres, quick reference guide

There are thirteen divine spheres that theurgists and favored souls can use. Each sphere has five levels of power. You have to learn the ● power before you can learn ●●. You have to learn the ●● power before you can learn the ●●● dot power and so forth and so on.   The one exception is Divination. oracles can learn the ●●●●● power without learning the prerequisites.   Every divine sphere uses the same attribute + ability combination for all powers. Again, Divination is the soul exception which can use a wide variety of different attribute + ability combination depending on the oracle's means of contacting the divine.   Sphere List with their casting dice pools   Animal (Charisma + Animal Ken)   Augmentation (Charisma + Survival)   Crafts (Manipulation + Crafts)   Divination (Perception + Enigmas/Theology)   Healing (Charisma + Medicine)   Hexing (Manipulation + Enigmas/Theology)   Necromancy (Stamina + Enigmas/Theology)   Plant (Charisma + Hearth Wisdom)   Protection (Wits + Enigmas/Theology)   Purification (Stamina + Hearth Wisdom)   Spirit Magic (Charisma + Enigmas/Theology)   Weather (Stamina + Survival)   Wrath (Strength + Enigmas/Theology)       Favored Spheres   Each of the Nine specializes in different aspects of nature and civilization and each of the Nine has preferences in how they interact with mortals. A divine spell-caster is not required to learn any of the magic favored by his or her divine patron, but divine spell-casters get a -1 difficulty bonus when using their divine patron’s favorite spheres.   Maylar: Animal, Hexing, Wrath   Mera: Healing, Protection, Purification   Korus: Animal, Divination, Plant   Nami: Divination, Hexing, Weather   Greymoria: Crafts, Hexing, Necromancy   Khemra: Divination, Purification, Wrath   Zarthus: Augmentation, Crafts, Hexing   Hallisan: Augmentation, Crafts, Wrath   Phidas: Crafts, Protection, Purification   Pantheon: Choose three of the following: Augmentation, Crafts, Divination, Hexing, Purification, Protection, and/or Wrath

Enigmas or Theology

  A lot of theurgy uses Enigmas or Theology. While it is an oversimplification for the dozens of different religious sects in Scarterra and Scaraqua, essentially the Enigmas/Theology denotes whether the character accesses mystical power through meditation and personal spirituality or if they access mystical power via the application of formal dogma and orthopraxy.

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