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Lucarcian Continent

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  Lucarcia is an island continent. Historically home to two empires; the Lucarcian Empire and the Rainbow Empire before that; it recently became a Republic after the emperor died leaving no heir. This is a land still finding its way in the aftermath of the power struggle the old emperors death precipitated.   Most people do not distinguish between the continent and the republic of Lucarcia, and both are really the same thing.


  • Lucarcian Continent

Level of Wealth

Settlement Max Price of Items Magic Items Traded?
Village 5 gold No
Town 100 gold Yes, up to common
City 1,000 gold Yes, up to uncommon
Lucar City 10,000 gold Yes, up to rare


The Guild keeps a tight control over the trade of items from the ancient Rainbow Empire and from beyond these shores. It is possible to trade in these items but sometimes these trades will need to be done "off the record" and could involve exceptional prices or clandestine meetings. There is certainly the opportunity for adventure here.