Rodinia Lucarcia Discovered
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Lucarcia Discovered

Discovery, Exploration


Humans discovered another continent even further east. It would be seven hundred years before this was called the Lucarcian Continent.

With the entire Rodinian Continent settled by the humans, and the Fey and dwarves driven on to the east or into the forests and mountains of the lands, the humans looked to expand once more. Now with the combined knowledge of the mage-priests of Khemit and the High Magi of the Elam Empire at their command, human mages rivalled their fey competition. Seven strong leaders, with a cadre of High Magi at their command, set sail from the eastern shores of Athena and pushed on east until they made landfall. This land was green, verdant and lush. They immediately set about exploring and settling it.   The Seven leaders and their clans set off in different directions, pushing to the edges of the new continent which was, at that time, a single landmass. It would take about two hundred years for the new continent to be completely colonised by the newcomers.

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