Reynard's Fate

Military action


A minor noble and some friends escaped captivity by the The Guild of Master Merchants and Seafarers. Their adventures led them into conflict with the The Pirates of Lucarcia who they eventually defeated on the cursed island of Granita.

A daring corsair captured a suit of golden armour from a Guild ship in the Inner Sea. This armour was the fabled Armour of Lucar - the legendary armour of the first emperor. With the mystical powers that armour was rumoured to possess the corsair forged a fleet of like minded pirates and put them to a common purpose.   Meanwhile a minor noble son, Reynard Ferrand , son of the Earl of Providentia, was taken prisoner and made a slave on board a former Guild ship whose captain had turned rogue. Escaping captivity Reynard and friends took control of the ship, but found themselves in the debt of the mysterious Trade Lords.   Charged with recovering the golden armour, Reynard discovered the the Pirates were working for the Verdant Queen and striking at the interests of the major noble houses. Chasing them to a hidden base at Coruba on Granita Reynard and friends killed their leader Captain Nikolai Kester.   Their second in command, a huge intelligent aberration called Baku killed Kita's father Heremod.   They chased Baku into the wilds of Granita only to discover that there was an open Gate to the Void and that the Writhing Death appeared to be pouring through.   Even more concerning was that Baku appeared to be in charge.

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