Lord Reynard Ferrand

First Consul

Lord Reynard Ferrand is the unlikely new ruler of the fledgling Republic of Lucarcia.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Reynard is in his late twenties and in excellent physical condition.  He is strong and agile and fit as a fiddle.

Body Features

He's lithe and tall, with long blonde hair typical of his race.

Facial Features

His face is angular and tanned from spending much of the last few years at sea.

Physical quirks

Reynard has an easy smile and a way with people.  He has a habit of putting his feet up on the furniture at any opportunity.

Apparel & Accessories

Reynard has a penchant for black, with a preference for a particular black silk waistcoat from far-off Honshu. His ornate rapier is a family heirloom.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Reynard was born the second son of a minor noble, Lord Caer Ferrand of Providentia in southern Ursum. He was a wastrel, a gambler and a drunk, until one day he woke in the hold of a Guild ship as a slave.   Organizing the other slaves into a revolt he personally killed Captain Anton Waverley and took control of the ship. He and a few of the other slaves took up positions as the new command crew and used the ship as their own.   But soon the Guild were onto them. They were summoned to Cansae where they were ordered to perform a task for the mysterious Trade Lords - find a magical golden suit of armour. The Armour of Lucar. This was being worn by a rogue pirate called Captain Nikolai Kester.   Kester was building a rag tag bunch of pirates into a dangerous organization who were striking various political entities around the empire. Reynard and friends tracked him down to a base in the small town of Coruba on the edge of the desolate island of Granita. There Reynard and his crew, supported by a large force of mercenaries loyal to the Guild raided the pirate base and killed Kester. In this final fight Kita's father, Heremod, was killed by Kester's first mate Baku.   Reynard and friends tracked Baku into the wilds of Granita and there discovered that a terrible thing was going on. Someone had opened a gate into the Void and the Writhing Death were pouring through. Incredibly they were somehow being controlled by Baku.   Returning to the Empire for advice and help, Reynard and friends discovered that the Emperor, Jovius Azure II had just died, throwing the continent into turmoil.   Reynard and Tanithil travelled Lucarcia, trying to bring the waring noble houses into line to support another expedition to Granita to deal with Baku and the Writhing Death. Meanwhile Kita took Okoth of Nubia and Mosi of Hishan off on a tour of the world to try and find out how to shut the Gate to the Void. The two groups reunited and returned to Granita with a force of soldiers, mercenaries, assassins and pyromancers from across the continent.   In a titanic battle the Writhing Death was destroyed, Baku was slain and the Gate to the Void was closed. In this battle Kululu Jade and her Jade Assassins proved themselves to be treacherous and were all killed.   Reynard and companions returned to the capital city of Lucar where he was voted the unlikely First Consul of the fledgling new Republic of Lucarcia.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Reynard is often seen with a glass of Pembrose Red in hand.


Lord Reynard Ferrand


Towards Kita of Honshu


Kita of Honshu


Towards Lord Reynard Ferrand


Current Location
Year of Birth
652 AR 27 Years old
Kita of Honshu (betrothed)
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Light blue
Long, blond and usually in a pony-tail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
160 lbs
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization