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The Jade Assassins

This organization does not exist.   If it did exist people would tell you that it is a secretive band of highly trained and deadly agents of House Jade and headed up by the beautiful and formidable Kululu Jade. You would hear that the Jade Assassins were Lily Jade's personal bodyguard and that they were used for espionage, spying and of course assassination. If you listened hard enough to the rumours you might even hear that Lily Jade hired a Ghostwalker from the far off Phantom Province of Honshu to train her cadre.   But you didn't hear this and no one told you. Because they do not exist.


  In recent months the Jade Assassins were disgraced when their leader, Kululu Jade ordered them to turn on the Pyromancers of House Ruby on the island of Granita. The cadre of assassins which had gone on the mission were all killed, as was their leader, Kululu. This then leaves the Jade Assassins in a state of flux. No one knows how many of them are left. No one knows who is their leader, if anyone. So the band of secretive and mysterious assassins are even more of an enigma now than perhaps they ever have been.
Guild, Assassins
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