Granita is a cursed land.  The Writhing Death destroyed this island five hundred years ago and nothing has grown here since.  It is a land of death and decay.


Around five hundred years ago, the House of the Sun and the Magenta House, both situated in the south eastern corner of the continent in the region known as Granita, grew increasingly competitive. They were engaged in some very advanced research which pushed the boundaries of reality and something went wrong. No one knows precisely which house was at fault, but in their efforts someone opened a gate to the Void unleashing a devastating blight upon the lands. This blight was a plague of crawling insects, billions upon billions of them which crept out of the gate and simply consumed everything in their path. Only the sea would stop them. The infestation, which is now known as the Writhing Death, quickly destroyed the lands the two houses occupied, eating everything and anything in it's path, whether animal or vegetable. The whole population was simply devoured.   As this Writhing Death slowly advanced its way towards the rest of the Rainbow Empire the emperor called an emergency meeting of the heads of all 5 remaining Houses. There they laid their plans against it. But nothing they tried could stop this Writhing Death and each day billions more insects were pouring out of the still-open gate to the Void. Eventually it was realized that the only way to stop the Writhing Death devouring the whole continent was to bring together the might of the high magics of all five houses and shatter the lands. The high mages gathered in the citadel in Antissa and together worked the most powerful spells. Knowing that it would cost them and thousands of citizens of the Rainbow Empire their lives, the high mages shattered the lands causing a huge quake to strike the city of Antissa and the lands for miles around. The city subsided into the earth and the sea waters rushed into the gap left behind. And the effect split the continent, ripping it into four pieces, creating the Inner Sea and the Lucarcian Straits in the process. But the Writhing Death was stopped and the remainder of the empire saved.   A secondary group of high mages were sent to the location of the Gate itself, charged with closing it. They never returned, but the Gate appears to have been closed. A tidal wave crashed into the newly formed island of Granita and washed the Writhing Death into the sea. Perhaps the high mages who had gone to close the Gate perished in closing it, or perhaps they were washed away by the wave, either way the island itself was completely devastated with nothing left living there.   Since that day the island of Granita has remained desolate. Something in the Writhing Death poisoned the lands and nothing now grows here. Some contamination of the Void still lurks over the lands, making the place strange and cursed. People who stay here too long report madness taking hold, and there are still abberations from the strangeness of the Void stalking the lands. Perhaps the Gate was never properly closed and some connection with the Void remains. Whatever the case, few people ever travel here any more and fewer still who do return unscathed.
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