Kita's Honour



Lord Reynard Ferrand and The Crew of the Javelin mobilise the forces of Lucarcia and attack the Writhing Death and their general, Baku, on the island of Granita.

Just as Lord Reynard Ferrand and The Crew of the Javelin discovered that a Gate to the Void had been opened, they returned to the Empire to discover the Emperor had died.   In the ensuing chaos Reynard and Tanithil took a tour of the crumbling empire, trying to gain the support of all the noble houses and the Guild.   Meanwhile Kita of Honshu, Okoth of Nubia and Mosi of Hishan used a Translocator to move to The Kingdom of Albion. There they spoke to Sir Heremod's sponsor, Camero ab Dhorlot. He told them to find Darian Snow, son of the Ice King. He was an expert on the Writhing Death.   They located him in Stoneheart City and he told them the only way to close the Gate was to travel to the ruined Great Library in the sunken city of Antissa under the Inner Sea. They travelled there via a Translocator and recovered a ritual to close the Gate, though Kita was almost killed in the process.   Reynard had been successful at mobilising the forces of the old empire and together they took a task force of heroes and the forces of the noble houses to Granita.   There they attacked Baku and his generals, trying to get Darian Snow close enough to the Gate to close it.   In a terrible turn of events, Kululu Jade and her Jade Assassins turned on the forces of good. This almost stopped Reynard and companions but they were just able to prevail.   Kita killed Baku, gaining revenge for the death of her father, Heremod. Darian Snow completed the ritual and the Gate to the Void was shut.

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