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What is Pekkola?

  Pekkola is a gritty dark-ages low fantasy world set in a small cold corner of the globe. A land where the privileges of a peaceful and prosperous civilisation have been swept away and societies have had to deal with the aftermath of an apocalypse. New realms rise and fall, all aspiring to fill the void left behind. It is an age where men and women are free to forge legends through their own merit and will.

311 AU

  The Rahyamins have fallen. Their vast empire and the light of civilisation are a thing of the past. Pekkola, the northern territories of the old empire, are divided but free from the southerners. The five local cultures now vie for dominance as the Remnant clings on to their hopes of restoration in a harsh frozen wasteland between the mountains all while the northmen gather strength around them.


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  There are six significant cultures in Pekkola, all with their unique perspectives on events, people, countries, and each other. Choose a culture that interests you to gain access to their views. A perspective box will appear in the sidebar of specific articles which will provide you with the culture's take on the topic.
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Summary of the Cultures


  A proud people with a burning hatred of the old order, the Ceireds are a fierce folk known for their siegeworks and their enduring passion for driving the last loyalists of the Rahyamin Empire out of their homeland.


  Natives to the northern reaches of the region, the Vakner are a hardy folk renowned for their skill at carpentry and shipbuilding. Their merchants are highly-valued, and they are known for their honourable ways.


  The inhabitants of Athelland and Lointen are an ambitious lot known for their internal infighting and constant bickering. Despite their flaws, the Aeths have learned from their past. They can put aside their differences to fight common foes that threaten their freedoms.


  Those few loyalists of the old empire who found themselves lost in Pekkola after their civilisation had collapsed are the Remnant. Although they carry with them the knowledge of a fallen empire, they are too divided to revive what once was without a strong leader.


  When the empire tore itself apart, and the ashes had finally settled, the Tathians were the first in Pekkola to assert themselves as the guardians of civilisation. They had learned much while under foreign rule and hoped to use that knowledge to build a better future.


  The Pijari are a people known best for their skill as swift riders and ruthless raiders. When nearly all of Pekkola had fallen under foreign rule, the Pijari stood defiant and preserved their freedom. They are a pragmatic lot who do what they can to survive.


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