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Ariel Purkeypile

Ariel Purkeypile | Member Since 4 Aug, 2020
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Scientific breakthroughs that might be in the news next week,
technology powered by abilities we can't imagine,
and an ancient weapon at the heart of humanity.
  In the Tenses Universe, quantum weirdness is expressed at the level of the individual, weaving a web of causality that reshapes our pasts as it molds our futures.   Told in a variety of formats and media, the stories of the Tenses Universe feature personal perspectives on generational impacts. Whether they horrify or delight might be up to you.¬†    
  My world is currently a private series encyclopedia for various manuscripts and narratives that are in the works. It will expand into outward-facing content. . . soon?? Yep, let's go with soon.    
  I love being here.   I love getting this universe out of my mind and into the world; it gives me faith in my abilities after I've lost so many of the things I loved.   I love crawling through the worlds and creations invented by others; your creativity and determination restore my faith in humanity.   I love the creators of WA and their team for sharing their baby; I have faith in you, not in the way hanging a "hang in there" kitten poster says I have faith in you, but in the way building a temple says I have faith in you. Your ingenuity is delightful and your coding delicious.

Favorite Writers

Stephen King Jane Austen Kurt Vonnegut Neil Gaiman Fanfic writers as a whole. (If they can win a Hugo, I can put them on a list.)