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Mount Cashell

The Capital and largest city in the country of Auldsod. It was built by the elves 2 thousand years ago. It is a bustling metropolis which thrives in art, culture, and learning. It has an extensive amount of shops as well as guild halls and taverns. It is home to the Bard of Auldsod - EƤmonn Falshire.


Mainly Human and Elven with inhabitants and tourists from every race, gender, and walk of life.


As a Feudal country, Auldsod is made up of many different territories ruled by many different people. Mount Cashell however, is the most well organized of the cities sporting an elected city council handling affairs of the city with Lord Mayor Seamus Horne overseeing everything runs smoothly.   The City Council is made up of 7 members They are:
  • Flindelia - Minister of Finance - an elf woman of considerable wisdom
  • Crawford - Minister of Education- a Stuffy old human with a passion for history
  • Percival - Minister of Defense - A regal sort of chap who was an ex soldier during the war for independence.
  • Gwendolyn - Minister of Trade - A high elven woman. Believed to be Eladrin but it is unconfirmed
  • Kwaldur - Minister of Public works - An absent minded hill dwarf
  • Kashkin - Minister of Entertainment - A Jovial gnome who loves the arts and keeps it thriving in the city
  • Archbishop Zorsung - Minister of the faith - A stern religious man who oversees religious worship and ensures there is no worship of "unauthorized deities"
  • Fenton Ostrum - Ministry Secretary - oversees council meetings and handles paperwork and official documents for the council - Son of the former king Ostrum III. renounced his title after the war for Independence and serves on the government.


The City Guard protects the citizens. The Country's largest standing army, the Faithful Dominion keeps their Base inside Mount Cashell. They did not disband after the War for Independence. But who knows where their allegiances lie now?

Industry & Trade

One of the main industries to come out of Mount Cashell is the Arts and Entertainment. Bards and lore keepers from all over the World come to Mount Cashell to explore the libraries filled with vast tomes. Or train the arts of entertainment with the world's greatest storytellers, singers, musicians, orators, and magicians in the world. They also have a rich export of textiles and parchment.


One of the only cities in Auldsod with a form of plumbing. The City Guard watches over the citizens while the Faithful Dominion stayed together after the war of Independence and acts as the only official standing army in the Country.


Nearly anything and everything is available within the city for a price.   The Ebon curtain Hall - A large performance venue. Frequent shows from Bards, Poets, Comedians, and Dancers from all over the world. The Giant 30 ft black as night curtain which covers the stage bares its namesake.   The Lonesome Quill Bookstore - a three-story tower of finely carved stone, with carved wooden doors. The air is filled with the smell of mold and damp parchment. Any number of books can be acquired here As well as the following spell scrolls: Scroll of Protection (fey) (rare, dmg 199) Scroll of Protection (fiends) (rare, dmg 199) Scroll of Protection (undead) (rare, dmg 199) Spell Scroll (Alarm) (common, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Animal Shapes) (very rare, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Augury) (uncommon, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Command) (common, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Evard's Black Tentacles) (rare, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Fear) (uncommon, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Glyph of Warding) (uncommon, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Locate Animals or Plants) (uncommon, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Melf's Acid Arrow) (uncommon, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Misty Step) (uncommon, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Spider Climb) (uncommon, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Storm of Vengeance) (legendary, dmg 200) Spell Scroll (Water Walk) (uncommon, dmg 200)   Chosen Sage Bathhouse - Run by a female human named Kate Dene. This place stands apart from other inns and taverns in the city in that it features a steam room and sauna where guests may sit a while and relax in soothing mist and delicious aromas. The inn features many Burlesque and Bawdy minstrel performances. The inn also sells companionship for the evening.   Free Flame Blacksmith - Run by a short female dwarf named Fundu. She wears a collection of protective charms and talismans. She offers Silvering and Adamantine services for weapons as well as selling some enhanced weaponry:   +1 Ammunition (20 arrows) (uncommon, dmg 150) This battered weapon was created by the elves of the ancient realm +1 Ammunition (20 sling bullets) (uncommon, dmg 150) This battered weapon was taken from the hoard of the dragon Anad. +1 Ammunition (50 blowgun needles) (uncommon, dmg 150) Foes slain by this weapon are transformed into glass statues. +1 Weapon (blowgun) (uncommon, dmg 213) +1 Weapon (glaive) (uncommon, dmg 213) This battered weapon was created by the elves of the ancient empire of Lorione. +1 Weapon (sling) (uncommon, dmg 213) This finely crafted weapon is said to have once belonged to a forgotten god of war. +2 Weapon (hand crossbow) (rare, dmg 213) This ornate weapon was taken from the crypt of the vampire Vandagoia. +2 Weapon (shortbow) (rare, dmg 213) Sword of Wounding (shortsword) (rare, dmg 207) An ornate weapon, set with sapphire.     Cave of Wonders General Goods - Run by an old dragonborn named Gerne. It boasts many mundane items as well as a collection of rarities such as:   Boots of Striding and Springing (uncommon, dmg 156) This ornate item was created by the dwarf artificer Gwari. Bracers of Defense (rare, dmg 156) Defender (longsword) (legendary, dmg 164) Foes slain by this weapon are transformed into stone statues. Driftglobe (uncommon, dmg 166) Oil of Slipperiness (uncommon, dmg 184) This clear serum causes a burning sensation when used. Potion of Healing (common, dmg 187) Potion of Longevity (very rare, dmg 188) A smoky tincture, contained in a porcelain bottle.   Tome Acre Bookstore - a General book store which deals with research non fiction based books   Flight of Fancy Bookstore - A general book store which deals in fiction and fantastical tales   Perla's Artifacts and Relics - run by Perla, a female gnome - any number of rare items sold here   Dodgy stitch Brewery - A brew house which brews some delicious beers and ales   The Clay Titan Inn - an in run by Corlin, a human male - offers lodging and food and drink. The cheaper of the inns in town   red flask boarding House - an in run by Tevana a female Elf. Lodging and food as well as a small tattoo artist in back by the name of Euri, a female Dark elf. For a price, she can apply tattoos to your body which grant a permanent bonus to a player's stat   Giant and Bat Brewery - A Rival Brewhouse which specializes in dark ales   Even Druid Taproom - A lively tavern often featuring performances from bards. No sleeping accomodations   Emerald Armor - an Armor smith who specializes in rare, hard to find and enchanted armors   AbsoluteAdornments - a fine clothier   penitent Scholar Tavern - another Bar room often filled with lively music. No sleeping accomodations   Baxger Mill - A factor mill which produces parchment and vellum for spell scrolls and books.

Guilds and Factions

Guild of Bards Guild of Traders Guild of Tinkers Guild of Cartographers The Faithful Dominion


The golden elven Architecture is a reflection of the city's founding. Tranquil fountains, beautiful temples and vast libraries built in the decor style of the ancient Elves.


a River flows through the center of the city. the River Falkland. It aids in the cities plumbing and waste disposal.
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