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The ancient world of Orbus is home to a variety of different species, peoples, and cultures. From the warm sandy beaches of Sullux to the cold harsh wastes of Norheim, reach region boasts its own unique worlds within this world.   Magic exists here, though it is stronger in some regions over others. Where the Fey kissed wildlands of Auldsod is teeming with magic and magical creatures, in the Otherlands, magic is rare and the few who possess the abilities are revered and sometimes hated for their gifts.   The Predominant species in this world are Humans. However Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, Tabaxi, Dragonborn, and Other exotic races traverse this world and call it their home.   Just south of the Elder Isle lies th ecountry of Auldsod. The last of the wilds. Sweetly kissed by rain and prainted int he verdant greens of meadows and untamed forest. Only the most intrepid souls call this place home. You won't find as many cosmopolitan cities as you would of their neighbors to the north.   The Landscape consists mainly of endless green. Massive forests, winding rivers and golden meadows are interspersed with the occasional settlement or town. Fey creatures still reside here an dlive side by side with their mortal neighbors. Though not always harmoniously.   Lack of human settlements has allowed beasts of all shapes and sizes to flourish. Along with possibly some darker elements not yet discovered. Formerly under th erule of the Elder Isle, The country declared independence over 50 years ago. Few now remember an assassination attempt on King Ostrum's life was the spark that ignited it. Each side blamed the other for the attack and a bloody war soon followed lasting nearly 10 years. The hard fought independence from The Elder Isle has left the country leaderless. Without a central government, the country became a cluster of feudal city-states all abiding by their own leadership and rules. So laws and crimes will vary from region to region. Some settlements have no law and order at all. Disputes are instead settled by bloody skirmishes.   The two biggest cities, Mount Cashell and Ailec, lie far to the south and offer some more of the creature comforts one may be used to. But in the northern regions, you'd be hard pressed to find any settlements that large. You'd be lucky to find any at all.

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