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The Dragonfolk are the primary rulers and a plurality of the people of the Federal Republic. They are also the longest living race in existence. Most Dragonfolk die from sickness, magical accidents, war, and other unnatural reasons before old age. Dragonfolk generally live to be 300 – 400 years old, and some have even lived till their 700s. They were once the administrators of the Humans. Before the Humans were killed the Dragonfolk stood at their right hands. Today they are masters of the arcane and incredibly intelligent. Living so long they can learn about arcane over an incredible time. Long ago before the dragons were entombed dragons mated with lesser races and gave birth to the Dragonfolk. Dragonfolk are divided into clans by their color. Each clan (10 clans in total) has its way of recognizing authority and power within the clan. Each clan still holds many of the values of its Elder Dragon. While every Dragonfolk is a member of one of the clans not all of them take active roles in the clans some will go adventuring, seek their own goals, or participate in the politics of the republic. Even if a Dragonfolk does not take an active role in the clan they will still observe and adhere to its rules. The ultimate reasonability of a Dragonfolk is to their clan. Due to this strong focus on the clan a black winged Dragonfolk would be expected to come to the aid of all other Dragonfolk within their clan without question or hesitation. That same Dragonfolk would hold some responsibility and kinship to all Dragonfolk of the same color – regardless of winged status. This Dragonfolk would have a passive positive opinion of all chromatic or metallic Dragonfolk – depending on what group their clan belongs to – and a favorable opinion to all Dragonfolk past that.  


Each clan of Dragonfolk has different priorities and abilities. While all members are these clans are Dragonfolk some are better at things than others. There is little difference between the winged and nonwinged clans of the same color, the main difference being what Elder Dragon they descend from. For more information on Clan Elders  


The Black clans are filled with spies, rogues, rangers, and generally dexterous folk. The leaders are generally people who have blackmailed and threatened their way to the top. The Clan Elders are elected by placing stones into large clay pots, each pot represents a candidate. It is common for the candidate to be standing next to their pot to see who places a stone in it and who does not. Most will keep notes on who votes for them and who does not.  


The Blue clans are filled with nobles, administrators, bureaucrats, and generally charismatic folk. The leaders are selected from prominent families that once served the Humans. Heritage is almost as important as skill. Clan Elders are elected after two weeks of campaigning. Candidates will hold rallies and speeches at some of the nices establishments across the city, it is not uncommon for the one who holds the nicest / most rallies to win. The voting itself takes place in a large convention style. Each family will select a representative who speaks for them and will cast the votes for the whole family. Most large families will be sought after by candidates for their votes.  


The Brass clans are filled with bards, traders, travelers, and generally charismatic folk. The leaders are generally far older than the other clans. Being a Clan Elder is viewed as an honorable retirement for the Brass clans. The elderly who have traveled the world and have stories to tell are see as the leaders of the clan. Clan Elders are elected based on reputation from stories and tales. A renowned traveler or a bard from tales will be more likely to be selected as a Clan Elder. A Brass clansman generally has their stories end with their election if the clansmen are interested in retiring into Clan Eldership. The vote is conducted over a month time frame, as to allow abroad clansmen to send word on who they vote for, and is a simple popular vote.  


The Bronze clans are filled with sailors, officers of the navy, fishermen, and generally tough folk. The leaders are generally the youngest and tied with the White clan for most fit. The selection of Clan Elders can only occur during the month of King's Fall. The reason for this has been passed down for generations, the Bronze Elder Dragon was challenged to a swimming race and lost during this month. The winner was declared the new Clan Elder and so anyone who wants to be Clan Elder must beat a sitting Clan Elder in a swimming challenge in the moth of King's Fall. It is incredibly rare for a Bronze Clan Elder to die in office and has only happened twice to date.  


The Copper clans are filled with writers, painters, sculptures, and generally charismatic folk. The leaders are the most creative folks inside the Federal Republic. The elections of the Copper clans can easily be mistaken as art auctions because they are. Anyone wishing to be a Clan Elder will bring their best work to the Electoral Auction and try to sell it. The three with the highest earnings will be named candidates and a small group will judge their works and select a winner who will have the honor of serving as the Clan Elder.  


The Gold clans are filled with scholars, mages, scribes, and generally intelligent folk. The leaders are the longest lived folk of anyone in the Federal Republic. Due to the reclusive and far spread of the Gold Clans, there are not many leaders of them. The leaders do not represent physical locations but rather areas of knowledge. For example, the best mathematician, mage, and historian would all be given the title of Clan Elder. This election is done by a small council of Gold Dragonfolk who run the Scholastic Academy. If a clansmen whishes to be a Clan Elder they will submit their papers to the council and once the death or abdication of the Clan Elder of that realm of knowledge occurs they will select a new one.  


The Green clans are filled with farmers, ranchers, laborers, and generally strong folk. The leaders are the hardest workers of anyone in the Federal Republic. To be selected as a Clan Elder is the highest honor that the Green Clans can give. This honor is reserved for clansmen who have spent blood, sweat, and tears caring for and maintaining their lands. This title is almost never passed from parent to child. The whole prosses of the election takes four months and as such there are also Vice Elders who can serve during that time if needed. The reason the election takes so long is for a clansman to become a candidate they must have ten people nominate them and give testaments to their character. After nomination the candidate interviews with the siting Clan Elders and upon their approval the clansmen will be allowed to run. Voting is required and concluded on the 31st of Harvest's Bounty. The 31st was selected as it is the last day of bringing in the years harvest and the celebration of The Day of the Green Gourd. Copies of the testaments to each candidate's character and each candidate's reumes are posted in the town square for review before voting. After reading them the clansmen will take a green gourd and hang it from a handle next to each of the candidate's names. All of these gourds have been hollowed out by children throughout the week, they are normally filled with small rocks or wooden pellets so they make noise when shaken. If someone does not vote by the 31st of Harvest's Bounty there is a fee and an election official is sent to their house. The winner is the person who gets 60% of the vote. Upon winning the whole clan will gather around the winner and shake the green gourds in celebration.  


The Red clans are filled with tinkerers, masons, artisans, and generally dexterous folk. The leaders are some of the most productive people within the Federal Republic. Clan Elders also serve as the upper administration of the guilds of the Federal Republic. Each guild has its own Clan Elder. The guild will nominate and vote upon their leader internally. This is normally the best, oldest, and most highly regarded member of the guild. The vote is conducted on the 10th of Turning Leaves.  


The Silver clans are filled with priests, monks, bishops, and generally wise folk. The leaders are well learned and respected within the High Church. These Clan Elders also serve as the upper administration of the High Church and are normally the highest ranked member of the High Church in their city. A priest, abbot, bishop, or other Clan Elder will select two clansmen to be candidates upon the Clan Elder's death. The two candidates will then have an open debate for the viewing of all other clansmen. The winner is named the Clan Elder, the winner is selected by a show of hands of those present.  


The White clans are filled with fighters, soldiers, guards, and generally strong folk. The leaders are the strongest in the Federal Republic. The clansmen of the White clans are the only ones to have killed their Elder Dragons themselves. Leadership is passed only by a duel to the death can pass the title of Clan Elder from one to another. If someone does manage to hold on to the title until natural death then an open election is held by the people, normally ending with a night full of challenges by the losers.  


History of the Dragonfolk

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

See Republican Culture for more info on culture, customs, and traditions.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Draco Erectus
300 years
Average Height
5.5 ft - 6.2 ft
Average Weight
130 lbs - 210 lbs
Geographic Distribution
Related Organizations
Related Ethnicities

Era of the Elders

... 1236 eh

This is the time when the Elder Dragons ruled over the Dragonfolk. It started with the birth of Dragonfolk and ends with the death of the last Elder Dragon

  • 1771 ee

    The Attack of the Three Lovers

    Mayim attacked Ados the god of wealth and to his aid Sudon the god of magic and Krutia the god of war came. According to the Dragonfolk, all three were slain but according to the Orcs, the three gods drove Mayim back into the hells. See The Three Lovers and The Defeat of Mayim for more information.

    Additional timelines
  • 2765 ee

    18 Heaven's Heat

    IO uses the Sun Sword

    IO uses the Sun Sword to carve the powers of the sea, storms, and lighting from Mayim. The now weakened Mayim retreated into the hells. IO would claim her old domains and become a goddess.

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Era of Humanity

1235 eh 1 eh

The Era that was ruled by Humans. The Start is marked by their arrival on Mount Glimmer and the end marked by their extension.

  • 0 eh

    18 Heaven's Heat

    Birth of Humanity

    At the dawn of a new era, Mayim started a war on Mount Celestia and on Lumenos. She attacked the gods and killed them and gave birth to the Humans upon the top of Mount Glimmer.

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    The Birth of Humanity
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  • 6 eh

    16 King's Fall
    414 eh

    8 Saint's Light

    The Dynastic Wars
    Military: War

    This was a series of conflicts in which the Glimmer Dynasty invaded and conquered the known world. Within the first few years, the whole of Grandos was under their control; by the end of the century, Iltham had fallen. It took substantially longer to take the Waterfolk cities, Spire, and Dwarvish Isles but soon, even they fell before the might of the Human military complex. The only city not to be officially concurred was the Free Gnomish City. Most historians agree that once the leaders of the Free City heard about the Leviathan Caelum, or Air Ships as they are known now, they quickly sent word to the Dynasty surrendering the city in all but name. For almost a thousand years the world would remain under Dynastic control.

  • 404 eh

    8 Saint's Light
    437 eh

    30 Saint's Light

    The Great Temple is Constructed
    Construction beginning/end

    The Humans began construction of the Great Temple in -831 EH and finished it during Saint's Light of -818 EH. This temple was the largest of its time and served as the home to the High Priestesses for centuries.

    Mayim's Gate
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    Mayim's Keep
  • 722 eh

    26 Turning Leaves

    The Magical Protection Act
    Political event

    The Glimmer Dynasty in an attempt to control all forms of magic issued a ban on the use of any magic or magical items by non-humans. Royal security forces arrested hundreds of people for being wizards, sorcerers, and even druids during this time. The ban would last until the forming of the Federal Republic. Records show that many of those arrested under the act were never hear or seen again.

    Additional timelines
  • 1175 eh

    21 King's Fall

    First Case of the Human Plague
    Plague / Epidemic

  • 1221 eh

    1 Dawn of the Year

    Fall of Humanity
    Plague / Epidemic

    The Human Plague swept across the world quickly and without mercy. The Dynasty was not prepared to deal with it and quickly fell apart. The Orcs were the first to rebel followed by the Merfolk, Dwarves, Elves, and finally the Gnomes. With the aid of the Dragons, they stormed Mount Glimmer and ended the global kingdom known as the Glimmer Dynasty.

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Common Era

0 eh and beyond

  • 0 ce

    26 King's Fall

    Founding of the Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake

    What is left of the Human lands will form the Federal Republic. These Dragonfolk cities will hold the first elections within a matter of days and the Senate will meet for the first time by the end of the month.

  • 0 ce

    1 Harvest's Bounty

    Creation of the Order of Magistrates
    Civil action

    After months of operating the Federal Republic found that the Federal Senate was unable to handle all the legal matters of the Republic. The Order of Magistrates was created to manage all civil and criminal legal issues for the Senate.

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    Order of Magistrates
  • 950 ce

    7 Armies March
    973 ce

    16 Frost's Depths

    The Eastern Reconquest
    Military action

    Starting in 950 CE the Federal Republic started to invade the Gnome, and Orc cities to the east of the Captial Region. The conquests would go quickly until the army got to the Bridged Peaks, the Rose Citadel (modern-day Mayim's Gate), and the Free Gnomish City. These three areas took the Federal Army a long time to take if they were able to. The siege of the Rose Citadel took 10 years. It was not until the Federal Army was able to take the Bridged Peaks and fully siege the Rose Citadel from both sides that they were able to breach the walls. The Free Gnmoish City was never taken, after 16 years of a siege, the city showed no signs of wavering so upon the fall of the Rose Citadel the Federal Republic called it a victory and left the Free City.

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    The Eastern Reconquest
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  • 955 ce

    22 Heaven's Heat
    971 ce

    5 Frost's Depths

    Siege of the Free Gnomish City
    Military action

    The Federal Republic tired to take the Free Gnomish City but did not succeed. This would also lead to the destruction of the Federal Navy.

    Additional timelines
  • 958 ce

    21 Armies March

    Founding of the Scholastic Academy

    During the Eastern Reconquest the Federal Republic needed more mages to fight. In order to train them a charter was granted to the Council of Clans to create a Mages School that would train them. Once the war ended the Council allow the school to operate independently of the Federal Republic and the Council, as it still does today under the name the Scholastic Academy.

  • 963 ce

    8 Turning Leaves
    973 ce

    13 Dawn of the Year

    Siege of the Rose Citadel
    Military action

    The Federal Republic took the Rose Citadel in a ten year long siege.

    Mayim's Keep
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    Siege of the Rose Citadel
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  • 999 ce

    13 Dawn of the Year

    The Dreamsong Manuscripts are Finished
    Life, Milestone

    Zanwor Fiddespell died in the City of North. With there death their manuscripts were finished. These manuscripts would go on to become a famous source of magical knowledge.

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    Dreamsong Manuscripts
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  • 1021 ce

    Invention of the Improved Agricultural Plow
    Discovery, Scientific
  • 1028 ce

    1036 ce

    Gray Portrait Created
    Artistic creation

    Redess Mann creates the Gray Portrait. The portrait was created as a way of protecting the best mind a generation had to offer. The owner of the portrait could not be harmed, instead any damage to their physical form would be transferred onto their painted image. This portrait was passed down for generations to scholars, artists, and politicians though its current location is unknown.

    Additional timelines
  • 1041 ce

    Invention of the Spinning Wheel
    Discovery, Scientific
  • 1211 ce

    5 Glimmering Light

    The Dreamers was Written
    Cultural event

    Doctor Kaufman finished his final work known as The Dreamers. Upon its publishing the poem was assumed to be talking about humans and their greatness but Dr. Kaufman clarified after that it was not about humans, but never stated who was the subject. Since its publishing, it has spread far and wide to be hailed as a great literary work in most cultures. Depending on where you read it words may change to better imply that race is the subject of the poem.

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    The Dreamers
    Additional timelines
  • 1235 ce

    16 Glimmering Light

    Theft of the Glimmer Dynasty Crown Jewels
    Criminal Activity

    The Emerald Hand steal the Crown Jewels of the Glimmer Dynasty from the Federal Senate chambers.

    Glimmering City
  • 1492 ce

    12 Dawn of the Year

    The Temple of Sudon is Attacked
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Temple of Sudon in the Duchesses’ Crown exploded. If you ask a Republican they will tell you that the Duchy exploded their own temple to try and destroy certain records and knowledge. If you ask a Southerner then they will tell you that the Republic sent agents in to destroy it and start a war. Regardless of who is right, this was the last straw that started The Orcish Liberation War and prompted the creation of the War Pax.

  • 1492 ce

    25 Dawn of the Year

    Start of the Orcish Liberation War
    Military action

    The Federal Republic in an attempt to protect the Orcs from causing their own extinction invaded the Duke's Dust. The Free Gnomish City called this unprovoked warmongering and signed the War Pax with the Duke's Dust thereby joining the war. Full time of the war here History of the Orcish Liberation War


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