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The Day of the Green Gourd


Kemu and Isse were the two Green Elder Dragons. Nearing the end of the Era of the Elders all the Elder Dragons found ways of selecting replacements to lead the Dragonfolk. Kemu and Isse issued a challenge to the two Green clans. Whoever presented the best crop would be named the new elder. Green Dragonfolk from far and wide spend years growing the best crop and one by one presented them to Kemu and Isse. There were roses, apples, grapes, and many other items presented but none pleased Kemu and Isse. Until two Green Dragonfolk named Oper and Timmel brought a small green gourd. Kemu and Isse had never seen anything like this before and were fascinated. The gourd was completely useless you could not eat it, it did not heal, and was too weak to build with. It was not until Oper hollowed it out and placed seeds within it that Kemu and Isse saw its use. The gourd made a strange sound that sounded like music. Kemu and Isse knew that if the Brass clans saw this they would love it. Kemu and Isse named Oper and her sister Timmel as elders. Oper and Timmel's first action was to send this green gourd to the elders of the Brass clans as a gift. The Brass Dragonfolk were so impressed by this new instrument that an alliance was formed between them. Even to this day Brass and Green Dragonfolk hold each other in high esteem and respect.  


Inside the Federal Republic, the Day of the Green Gourd is celebrated as a day of rest, friendship, and voting. The Brass and Green clans hold their elections on this day and they are conducted by placing a Green Gourd next to the name you are voting for - modern-day voting may also have them put a stamp of a green gourd next to the name on a paper ballot. Once voting is over the Green and Brass clans come together for a night of eating, drinking, and of course, playing music on the gourd.    The holiday occurs every year on the 31st of Harvests Bounty

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

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