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High Church of Mayim


The High Church of Mayim is governed my Mayim herself, however, she only speaks to a set of four High Sisters. These four sisters set doctrine and give orders to all others in the faith. Upon the death of a Sister, the others will pick a new one to replace her. Lesser priestesses and priests are selected to oversee the day to day operations in cities and provinces. Each major city has a Head Priestess and each Provence has an Archbishop.


The world is controlled by Mayim and she does so in odd ways. When bad things happen they are for Mayim's enjoyment and good things are rewards to us for obeying her. Those who worship other gods are seen as foolish or misguided, for it makes no sense to worship something that is dead.

Public Agenda

The church's goal is to help each and every member spend eternity away from Mayim and her horrific host.


The church is quite well off. Charging money for sacrifices to be made on behalf of the faithful and receiving donations from rich and pious individuals. The church has its own military - The League of Storm - and supports many public projects. All churches, shrines, and other religious buildings are owned by the church directly.

Mythology & Lore

Mayim gave birth to Humanity and killed the Gods. Each of the gods fell before Mayim and she absorbed their power.

Tenets of Faith

  1. There is only one God, Mayim Queen of Hell
  2. Mayim killed all other gods during the Divine War
  3. Mayim is cruel but not unforgiving
  4. The Book of Prophecies shows us what Mayim wants and how to live
  5. The Book of Records is documentation of our deeds and the numbers within will determine our afterlife
  6. The faithful will go to the heavens, those who disobey will be sent to the hells, and those who are unknown will be sent back to Lumenos


Don't harm anyone faithful to Mayim. Worship of the slain Gods should be discouraged and pushed out.


Worship to Mayim is very mathematical. When people should attend church, give sacrifices, or see forgiveness by the Priesthood can all be calculated. Each person is expected to give a certain amount of worship to Mayim. Farmers give more sacrifices in the Spring, Summer, and Fall since there time is largely taken up with growing food but in the Winter they will attend church more often. People who fall behind in these worships are seen as unholy or dangerous people and will be ostracized from religious circles until they comply.  

Church Services

Most churches and temples to Mayim are all setup the same way. A large central alter is at the font with two bowls on the left and right side of it for offerings. From this alter the Priest will give lectures and services. The order of events in a normal service is as follows: Announcing of any new prophecies The Priest give their interpterion of the prophecy A song is sung retelling the deeds of Mayim or certain Saints The congregation then read a section of the Book of Prophecies and reflects on it A second song is sung Those offering sacrifices bring them forward The Priest give a lecture on how to be a better person A third song is sung All those present wait in line for the Priest to note there name in the Book of Records   Once your name has been noted in the book you are free to leave and go about your business. Services are generally once or twice a week depending on the church. There is no set day that services occur instead it is up to the local church what days to hold them on. In pilgrim churches, such as Mayim's Keep, short services are held every day with full ones being done three times a week.   


Those who cannot spare time to attend church, or will be away from the city for a long time, will offer sacrifices instead. Sacrifices are generally viewed as ways of 'pre paying' ones debt to the church. While in the early days of the church the sacrificing of animals was the most popular way, in modern times this has seen a small decline. While animal sacrifices are still one of the most popular they are no longer the only way for people to pre pay. The following is a list of acceptable sacrifices in order of most powerful to least: Gold or gems - amounts totaling more than 5,000 golden crowns Bulls, cows, horses, or other 'major' animals Gold or gems - amounts totaling more than 1,000 golden crowns Crafts, works of art, and other created items Gold or gems - amounts totaling more than 150 golden crowns Caves, pigs, goats, and other 'minor' animals Gold or gems - amounts totaling less than 150 golden crowns These sacrifices are then put to use by the church. For example, any animal sacrifices are killed then all parts of them - meat, leather, fats - are used to make materials for the church and needy. The food will feed the priesthood and then the needy, soap will be made and given out, and leather boots or jackets will be given to famers and solders. While sacrifices can be made during a church service it is not required. Some view this as more holy but the church has not yet taken an official position on this. If someone wishes to make a sacrifice outside of a church service they simply need a member of the priesthood to accept it and record the sacrifice in the Book of Records. Many major churches have taken to selling animals, crafts, and other items suitable for sacrificing within their courtyards, as to allow for assurance that the priesthood will accept it.   


When a member of the church has done actions that are not inline with church teachings they are expected to seek out a member of the priesthood and beg their forgiveness. This form of worship is normally used in connection with a sacrifice or church attendance. It is uncommon for someone to seek out forgiveness and not attend church or give a sacrifice. In seeking forgiveness the sinner must admit all transgressions they wish forgiven and then the priesthood will determine the correct recompense. This can be fasting for a day, a donation to the church, or in some major cases large displays of faith (such as preaching in the town square). After completing recompense the sinner's name will be recorded in the Book of Records and they will be free to go about their lives.


The priesthood is viewed as any and all members of the High Church. While not all of them preach or run churches they are all able to, can accept sacrifices, and can forgive. The Priesthood is divided into different orders.  
  • The Order of the Bishops is responsible for the running and managing of churches. The lowest rank is a deacon and the highest rank is an Arch Bishop
  • The Order of the Inquisition is responsible for insuring religious purity within the High Church. The lowest rank is inquisitor and the highest rank is High Inquisitor
  • The Order of Storm is responsible for all paladins and other holy worriers that protect the church. The lowest rank is a paladin and the highest rank is Arch Martial
  • The Order of Records is responsible for keeping the Book of Records up to date and safe. The lowest rank is a scribe and the highest rank is Arch Scribe
  • The Order of Lost Souls is responsible for ensuring all souls meant for Mayim reach her realm. The lowest rank is soul seeker and the highest rank is High Hunter
  • The Order of Administrators is responsible for the duties given to the church by the Republic. The lowest rank is admin and the highest rank is High Admin
  • The Order of Keepers is responsible for the protection of artifacts and relics owned by the church. The lowest rank is a protector and the highest rank is Arch Keeper
  Each order has one arch or high officer. The exception is the Order of Keepers, it has had multiple Arch Keepers in the past. No arch or high officer has more power than another and all of them are answerable directly to the High Sisters. Generally, the arch or high officer has the final say of what happens in their order, however.

Granted Divine Powers


Cleric of Mayim

hit dice: d8
hit points at 1st level:
hit points at higher levels:
armor proficiencies:
weapon proficiencies:
saving throws:
starting equipment:
class features:

Mayim Domain Spells

Cleric Level Domain Spells
1 Hex, Hellish Rebuke
3 Crown of Madness, Silence
5 Bestow Curse, Slow
7 Lightning Shield (Fire Shield but fire replaced by lightning), Confusion
9 Hold Monster, Infernal Calling

Queen's Infamy

Fear of the Queen of Hell exists far and wide, those who know of the Goddess you serve are instinctively cautious to openly act against you and your most holy mission. Starting at 1st level, once per turn you may expend your reaction to cause a creature to have disadvantage on all attack rolls against you or your allies, so long as they know of Mayim and can see or hear you.  

Vecna's Wisper

Any spell with a verbal component and any Cleric of Mayim class feature can be done by whispering the spell into your holy symbol, rather than saying the spell for all to hear.

Night's Attention

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to direct the Night Queen's attention to a foe. As the Saint of the night and fear the Night Queen's gaze has forced the most solemn warriors to flee. As an action, you present your Holy Symbol and each creature of your choice that you can see within 30 feet of you must make a Wisdom Saving throw. On a fail, the creatures are blinded or frightened for a number of rounds equal to your Cleric level. An affected creature may make a Wisdom Saving throw at the end of each of its turns to end the effect.

A Most Holy Mission

Starting at 6th level, Saints Necrozim know of your role in life and will not let you die before your time. When you roll a 15 or above on a death saving throw you regain 1 hp and are brought back to consciousness. Once this feature is used it cannot be used again until you finish a long rest.

Ydon's Wrath

Starting at 8th level as an action you can cause Ydon to bring hunger and famine upon a foe. As an action, you call upon Ydon to aid you. A creature of your choice that you can see within 30 feet gains one point of exhaustion, as all the food in their body is turned to dust. If the creature does not immediately stop and eat a full meal then at the start of each of its turns it will gain another point of exhaustion, up to three points. If the creature does not require food or drink then it is immune and you must pick a new target. Once this feature is used it cannot be used again until you finish a long rest.

Junom's Smile

Starting at 17th level as an action you can cause any creatures you select in a 20 ft radius of you to go mad. Any creature affected by this has a maddened smile across its face. Each creature must make a Wisdom Saving throw. On a fail, for the next minute, they must use one of their attacks against a random target and any attempt to cast a spell has a 5 in 20 chance of being the wrong spell. If a creature casts the wrong spell a new spell will be rolled for at random from their spell sheet, does not need to be the same level as the original spell, the target remains the same. At the end of each of its turns, a creature may make a wisdom save to try and stop the effect. Once this feature is used it cannot be used again until you finish a long rest.
subclass options:


Oath of the Queen's Fury

hit dice: d10
hit points at 1st level:
hit points at higher levels:
armor proficiencies:
weapon proficiencies:
saving throws:
starting equipment:
class features:

Mayim Domain Spells

Cleric Level Domain Spells
3 Hellish Rebuke, Witch Bolt
5 Crown of Madness, Darkness
9 Bestow Curse, Lightning Bolt
13 Ice Storm, Locate Creature
17 Circle of Death, Destructive Wave

Channel Divinity

When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following Channel Divinity options: Queen's Rebuke: As an action, you can call upon Mayim to strike down a creature that has attacked you or an ally within 30 feet of you. The creature must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier) or take thunder damage equal to your paladin level. Aura of Intimidation: As an action, you can exude an aura of fear and intimidation, causing all enemies within 30 feet of you to make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, creatures are frightened of you for 1 minute, or until they take damage.

Aura of Fury

Starting at 7th level, your presence on the battlefield strikes fear into your foes. Whenever you use your Divine Smite feature, you and all allies within 10 feet of you gain advantage on Intimidation checks for the next minute.

Mayim's Smite

Starting at 15th level, your divine smite ability is enhanced when you use it to strike down Mayim's enemies. When you use your Divine Smite against a creature that you know worships another deitiy the extra damage you deal is doubled.

Queen's Blessing

At 20th level, you can call upon Mayim to grant you her blessing in battle. As an action, you can gain the following benefits for 1 minute: You gain resistance to all damage. Your attacks deal an additional 2d10 lightning damage. You can use your Channel Divinity options twice per short rest.
subclass options:

Political Influence & Intrigue

The High Church is counted as one of the 4 estates in the Federal Republic. It is allowed to keep its own army, navy, spies, and even levy taxes in some places. The Federal Republic relies on the High Church for much of its domestic administration.


Upon death each member is brought before Mayim and the Priestess of Death. The Priestess of Death was the first High Priestess of the church. If Mayim recognizes the dead then she claims the soul for hell. If the Priestess recognizes the soul then she allowed them to go to heaven. However, if both recognize or if both do not recognize the soul they are sent back to Lumenos in a different body. Mayim only recognizes those who have angered her or done vile acts against the church. The Priestess of Death recognizes those who have been faithful and true to the church. For someone to be recognized by both mean that they were a mediocre person with no clear allegiance, or in the final years of their life they tried to win favor with the church.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Protection from Hell's Queen

Founding Date
0 eh
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The High Church
Mayen (May-en)
Leader Title
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Controlled Territories
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Mayim Queen of the Hells

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