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Duke's Dust


The duchy is owned by the Duke and Duchess. They rule from The Duchesses’ Crown. The Duke manages most internal affairs - monetary policy, infrastructure, taxation, and the welfare of the citizenry - the Duke is in charge of diplomacy and trade relations as well. The Duchess manages most external affairs - the military, navy, and intelligence agents - the Duchess is in charge of the police and internal security forces as well.

Demography and Population

The majority of the population of the dutchy are Orcs. There are many other races that also live in the dutchy as well though - Merfolk, Genasi, Dwarfs, Gnomes, and Kobolds.


The little land that the duchy was able to hold on to after the Easter Reconquest is located in the southeast area of Grandos. After the fall of humanity, the duchy was responsible for all lands south of the black woods, except the Free City as well as anything east of the Scented Stream.


While there is no standing army the dutchess does keep a large number of mercenaries employed at all times. Most towns and cities are also equipped to defend themselves if needed.


The Great Pantheon of Gods is the main religion of the duchy and the one that the Duke and Duchess follow. Each city will host a temple to that cities patron deity, with other smaller temples to other revered deities.    The High Church is seen as devil and demon worshiping and is taboo inside the duchy. While it is not illegal most of those who practice it openly will be found guilty of other crimes - murder, tax evasion, trespassing, smuggling.   The worship of spirits or ancestors is conducted freely by the citizens. Special graveyards are set aside for those who wish to keep in contact with the dead after they have moved on.

Foreign Relations

The duchy keeps good relations with the rest of the Southern Kingdoms. The Free Gnomish city and the duchy have regular trade relations and host embassies in each other's capital. The Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake and the duchy do not have regular relations, at the start of the Eastern Reconquest the embassies of the Federal Republic were expelled from the duchy.

Agriculture & Industry

Agricultural -

Wheat, reeds, citrus fruits, chickpeas, onions, beans, and other light water crops are grown here. Most of the farming is done around Lake Teardrop and the surrounding towns.  

Livestock -

Seafood: Many of the Freshwater Merfolk will raise crab, lobster, and other crustaceans off the coast of the mainland.  Landfood: Most of the ranching is done at the base of the Bridged Peaks. Ranchers will raise pigs and goats.  

Industry -

Cheese: The milk from the goats that are rased in the north is one of the largest exports of the duchy. Goat cheese is sent to every corner of the world and few places can mimic the speed of production and quality of the product.  Glassworking: Due to the Duke's Dust being made mostly of sand it is quite easy for cities located anywhere in the duchy to produce glass. Some of the finest glassworkers have moved into the duchy just for that, most of them Merfolk that have moved out of the sea.  Leatherworking:  Papyrus: The reeds that are grown are quickly turned into papyrus and paper. This is the largest export for the duchy, given they are one of only two places that makes paper or papyrus.  Pottery: Just like glassworking the ample supply of clay allows bricks, pots, and other pottery to be produced in mass anywhere in the duchy. Though most of this is kept inside the duchy for internal use.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce


  • The Duchesses Crown
Founding Date
952 ce
Geopolitical, Duchy
Alternative Names
The Duchy
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Emerald coin - equal to a Golden Crown
Sapphire coin - equal to Silver Crescent
Ruby coin - equal to a Copper Penny
Legislative Body
The Duke and Dutches write law by royal decree. All decrees are kept and posted in the town centers of all cities within the dutchy.
Judicial Body
The Royal Court is responsible for hearing and passing judgment on criminal and civil cases. The High Magistrate is a position appointed by the Duke. The High Magistrate is in charge of selecting city magistrates who will hear the day to day cases.
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Ethnicities


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