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The Gnomes are distant cousins of the Dwarves. Having left the Dwarven Isle many centuries ago as a part of an exploration fleet. The Gnomes live in hills rather than mountains so there is still sunlight pouring in. Consequently, they have lost the ability to see in the dark. Gnomes resemble the dwarfs in appearance, attitude, and preference for living underground. The Gnomish city is built primarily above ground, but almost every building has a basement where the bedrooms and living rooms are put. After the centuries of being away from the mountain homes, the Gnomes had to adapt. Turning their skills in diplomacy and trade into those used for intrigue. The Gnomes are renowned for their abilities as spies, inquisitors, and informants. The Gnomes have largely kept to the Gnomish Free City, however, a few highly capable rogues have traveled to courts around the world. Gnomes have built their civilization on the bases of the family. A Gnome holds their highest obligation to their mother, father, and siblings.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Free Gnomish City

Beauty Ideals

Men - Generally dressing in darker colors. Short hair and medium-length facial hair.   Women - It is common for women to dye their hair different colors, it is considered incredibly fashionable for them to match hair color to their outfits.   Both - Soft hands (signifying little manual labor or hard work), wrinkle and acne-free face, and pale skin.

Gender Ideals

Men - The malicious and devious of the Gnomes, and that is saying something. The male gnomes generally are seen as quiet and reclusive or well-spoken and quick to lie.  Women - Considered the more expressive of the Gnomes. They will dye their hair and change the color of their eyes. While there is nothing preventing women from doing any jobs many can be found as artists, writers, and scribes.

Courtship Ideals

Start - A woman is to give a flower or small gift to the man. If accepted the two will start going on dates and spending more time with each other Dates - Every date must include eating and drinking in some fashion. Some will do people watching - trying to overhear fascinating news or gossip - going into crowded places and gossiping with strangers, and watching the coming and going of ships at the Emerald Port are all considered good dates.

Relationship Ideals

A relationship is a combination of talents. The man is able to bring information and secrets to help the family and the women puts them into play.

Average Technological Level

Most advancements discovered by the Gnomish people are in the fields of poisons, listening devices, and divination magics.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

While Gnmoish is its own language it shares an alphabet and many words with Dwarvish.

Common Etiquette Rules

When you meet someone for the first time it is polite to shake their hand and offer a look in your boots, the offer can be rejected or accepted freely.

Common Dress Code

Men - Darker clothes - blacks, dark blues, greys, etc. Hats, belts, and walking sticks are customary when outside. Boots are almost always worn when not in formal wear. Daggers are almost always in one of those boots.     Women - Bright distracting clothing - golds, pinks, whites, etc. Flowery hats, an umbrella, and nice jewelry are quite common everyday accessories.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

When wanting to meet with someone it is done in a public place, unless they are close family or a lifelong friend in which case they will meet at one of their homes. If you are invited into a Gnome's home the invitation is always accepted and returned at a later date. To reject an invitation into someone's home is considered highly rude and offensive. If you do not invite them into your home in the coming days it is assumed that you are plotting against them and you do not want them to know.

Common Taboos

Speaking of plots, spying, or intrigue in public is considered bad luck on your own plots. Walking up behind someone without announcing your presence is considered quite hostile.

Historical Figures

The Founder of the Free City - ??? The Great Defender - ???

Common Myths and Legends

Most Gnomes worship the Sun and Moon.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Dragonfolk - Fine people but very poor governors. The Federal Republic is a dangerous and warmongering nation. Generally Dragonfolk are rather easy to con or fool. Dwarf - Our lost brothers. Great people who always have your back and know when they are being tricked. Elves - Strange folk from strange parts. They look weird and act even weirder. They do not value many of the things we do. Always keep an eye on them. Kobold - Wonderful backup for any plots or plans. Not great at coming up with plots on their own but great help for ours. Merfolk - If you need something made go to the Merfolk. They are honest to a fault and are always willing to trade and deal. Orc - Fine folk. Easy to know what they are thinking given they are always arguing with each other. Tiefling - Devils and demons are just creatures. They are not scary if you know how to deal with contracts!  Humans - Evil and vile creatures. They ruled over the world with an iron fist and did not let up. Good thing they are all dead.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Dwarn Collis
120 years
Average Height
3 - 4 feet
Average Weight
120 - 220 lbs.
Related Ethnicities

Era of the Gods

... 1236 eh

This is the time when the gods were able to live on Lumenos. Before Mayim's attack and punishment.

  • 2454 eg

    13 Flower's Bloom

    Founding of the Free Gnomish City

    The first Dwarnom, who would later become the Gnomes, landed in the natural harbor of the Free Gnomish City. Five of the smartest and most cunning were selected to lead them and named the Princes of the New Land.

  • 2765 eg

    18 Heaven's Heat

    IO uses the Sun Sword

    IO uses the Sun Sword to carve the powers of the sea, storms, and lighting from Mayim. The now weakened Mayim retreated into the hells. IO would claim her old domains and become a goddess.

    Additional timelines

Era of Humanity

1235 eh 0 eh

The Era that was ruled by Humans. The Start is marked by their arrival on Mount Glimmer and the end marked by their extension.

  • -1235 EH

    18 Heaven's Heat

    Birth of Humanity

    At the dawn of a new era, Mayim started a war on Mount Celestia and on Lumenos. She attacked the gods and killed them and gave birth to the Humans upon the top of Mount Glimmer.

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    The Birth of Humanity
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  • -1229 EH

    16 King's Fall
    -821 EH

    8 Saint's Light

    The Dynastic Wars
    Military: War

    This was a series of conflicts in which the Glimmer Dynasty invaded and conquered the known world. Within the first few years, the whole of Grandos was under their control; by the end of the century, Iltham had fallen. It took substantially longer to take the Waterfolk cities, Spire, and Dwarvish Isles but soon, even they fell before the might of the Human military complex. The only city not to be officially concurred was the Free Gnomish City. Most historians agree that once the leaders of the Free City heard about the Leviathan Caelum, or Air Ships as they are known now, they quickly sent word to the Dynasty surrendering the city in all but name. For almost a thousand years the world would remain under Dynastic control.

  • -513 EH

    26 Turning Leaves

    The Magical Protection Act
    Political event

    The Glimmer Dynasty in an attempt to control all forms of magic issued a ban on the use of any magic or magical items by non-humans. Royal security forces arrested hundreds of people for being wizards, sorcerers, and even druids during this time. The ban would last until the forming of the Federal Republic. Records show that many of those arrested under the act were never hear or seen again.

    Additional timelines
  • -14 EH

    1 Dawn of the Year

    Fall of Humanity
    Plague / Epidemic

    The Human Plague swept across the world quickly and without mercy. The Dynasty was not prepared to deal with it and quickly fell apart. The Orcs were the first to rebel followed by the Merfolk, Dwarves, Elves, and finally the Gnomes. With the aid of the Dragons, they stormed Mount Glimmer and ended the global kingdom known as the Glimmer Dynasty.

    Additional timelines

The Common era

1 eh and beyond

  • 128 CE

    11 King's Fall

    Thief Without Faith
    Cultural event

    Thief Without Faith was written by Vondor of the Blue Mountain Clan. While initially it was written as a stand alone play, the Church of Marrus and the Guards of Dark Ones would become Vondor's patron as he wrote short stories and plays adding onto Thief Without Faith. This play would become a famous fable within several churches and would even be exported out to the Southern Kingdoms, Duke's Dust, and Confederation of Sea Metropolises.

    Additional timelines
  • 950 CE

    7 Armies March
    973 CE

    16 Frost's Depths

    The Eastern Reconquest
    Military action

    Starting in 950 CE the Federal Republic started to invade the Gnome, and Orc cities to the east of the Captial Region. The conquests would go quickly until the army got to the Bridged Peaks, the Rose Citadel (modern-day Mayim's Gate), and the Free Gnomish City. These three areas took the Federal Army a long time to take if they were able to. The siege of the Rose Citadel took 10 years. It was not until the Federal Army was able to take the Bridged Peaks and fully siege the Rose Citadel from both sides that they were able to breach the walls. The Free Gnmoish City was never taken, after 16 years of a siege, the city showed no signs of wavering so upon the fall of the Rose Citadel the Federal Republic called it a victory and left the Free City.

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  • 955 CE

    22 Heaven's Heat
    971 CE

    5 Frost's Depths

    Siege of the Free Gnomish City
    Military action

    The Federal Republic tired to take the Free Gnomish City but did not succeed. This would also lead to the destruction of the Federal Navy.

    Additional timelines
  • 999 CE

    13 Dawn of the Year

    The Dreamsong Manuscripts are Finished
    Life, Milestone

    Zanwor Fiddespell died in the City of North. With there death their manuscripts were finished. These manuscripts would go on to become a famous source of magical knowledge.

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  • 1021 CE

    Invention of the Improved Agricultural Plow
    Discovery, Scientific
  • 1041 CE

    Invention of the Spinning Wheel
    Discovery, Scientific
  • 1211 CE

    5 Glimmering Light

    The Dreamers was Written
    Cultural event

    Doctor Kaufman finished his final work known as The Dreamers. Upon its publishing the poem was assumed to be talking about humans and their greatness but Dr. Kaufman clarified after that it was not about humans, but never stated who was the subject. Since its publishing, it has spread far and wide to be hailed as a great literary work in most cultures. Depending on where you read it words may change to better imply that race is the subject of the poem.

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  • 1492 CE

    25 Dawn of the Year

    Start of the Orcish Liberation War
    Military action

    The Federal Republic in an attempt to protect the Orcs from causing their own extinction invaded the Duke's Dust. The Free Gnomish City called this unprovoked warmongering and signed the War Pax with the Duke's Dust thereby joining the war. Full time of the war here History of the Orcish Liberation War


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