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Mayim's Gate


Blue Dragonfolk 8,500 - White Dragonfolk 5,000 - Other Dragonfolk 2,000 - Merfolk 2,000 - Dwarf 300 - Gnome 200 - Other 1,000


The elders of the Blue and White dragonfolk clans sit upon the city council. From the council the Governor, Magistrate, Guild Overseer, and Caption of the Guard. All the elders are elected by their clans - for example, the Blue clan will elect one elder and that person will serve on the Elder Council. In effect, only those members of large Dragonfolk clans can vote on the government.  
Governor: The Governor is the most respected of the council and also sits in the Federal Senate. They are charged with the administration of the city, though that is delegated to bureaucrats. The Governor is the Elder from the White clan.
Magistrate: The Magistrate is the head of the city judiciary. They are in charge of dispensing justice and ensuring the trials, judgment, and keeping of criminals. The Magistrate is the Elder from the Blue clan.
Guild Overseer: Due to the impressive power of the guilds a position on the council has been created to oversee them. The Overseer is in charge of the creation, management, and rules for all guilds within the city. They also collect guild taxes. The Guild Overseer is the Elder from the Blue clan.
The Caption of the Guard: The Caption is in charge of the emergency response forces of the city. The City Guard, City Fire Brigade, and Hospitals all fall under the command of the Caption. The Caption is the Elder from the White clan.


The city was built on top of the Scented River so it is almost impossible to siege without bringing ships up from the Free City. The city also has three layers of walls - outer, inner, and keep - that protect the most vital parts of the city.

Industry & Trade

Imports - Agricultural products from the surrounding farms. Wood Minerals    Exports -  Processed agricultural products - bread, jams, cakes, anything that requires baking or cooking. Charcoal Weapons Armor


Both sides of the Scented River have large watermills built on them. These watermills power mills, pumps, and other small machinery. The city has running water and sewers that are powered by the watermills.


The city keeps large stores of weapons, ammo, and other wartime supplies. At a moment notice the city is ready to send out a fully supplied army to invade or defend. Mayim's Keep also holds a large number of relics and artifacts that are considered holy to the High Chruch. The keep also has a small vault for taxes and other funds but most are sent back to Mount Glimmer.

Guilds and Factions

The Guild of Bakers The Union of Warmakers The Federal Guild of Adventurers The League of the Storm The Fulcrum


The city was founded long ago under a name that has been lost to time. It has served as a choke point for most of its life, constantly being fought over for easy crossing of the river. In more recent history it was taken by the Federal Republic - in the year 1003 CE. Since the Federal Republic took it the city has undergone large renovations and changes, almost nothing remains of the old city.


Mayim's Gate is a popular destination for religious tourism due to the League of the Storm and the relics inside Mayim's Keep. Members of the army also spend quite a bit of time here while on leave. While staying in the city people will stay in one of the many Inns and Taverns the city has.
Mayim's Keep


Most of the city is made of stone. Some of the smaller buildings in the poorer parts of town will be made of wood. The current architectural style is to have gilded roofs, gilded with silver.


Mayim's Gate is just to the south of the Bridged Peaks and to the northwest of the Duke's Dust. The city sits on top of the Scented River by way of interconnecting bridges.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce


  • Mayim's Gate
Founding Date
394 eh
Alternative Name(s)
The Citadel, The Rose Citadel
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