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Church of Sudon

Tenets of Faith

  1. Truth above all else - false information is evil
  2. If one cannot tell the truth one must remain silent
  3. Knowledge is to be collected and stored until it is needed
  4. Knowledge must never be destroyed or lost
  5. Magic is the tool of the knowledge, use it to protect and enlighten the unknowing
  6. Sudon's gifts are not to be hidden but shared to everyone who wants them


Holy Books

While all books, tombs, scrolls, and any other form of writing are viewed as sacred to the Church of Sudon some works have a higher standing than others. The Omnia Encycolopedia is the private journal of the first follower of Sudon. He was a great mage, scholar, and companion to the god of knowledge. The Encycolopedia focuses on his meditations and ways to best follow Sudon. The tombs of magic or the arcane are viewed as holy. There is no official book that holds Sudon's teachings but rather a collection of informational books that his church use to teach others.


Sudon's symbol is a Gold Dragon reading a scroll. The Order of Golden Scribes' symbol is a Gold Dragon with a quill. Clerics of Sudon use a Gold Dragon reading a scroll but the words on the scroll will differ depending on the city that the cleric is from.  


The day of Records - 31st and 32nd of King's Fall This is a day where followers of Sudon go out into the communities in humble service. They teach reading, writing, and information about magic to anyone willing to listen. The cost of this is to tell these followers a single secret that has never been recorded the follower writes it down and at midnight on the 32nd all of these secrets are committed to that year's tomb of record. The tomb is then locked away and rarely read again.  


Funerary Rights for the Churches of the Three Lovers
Tradition / Ritual | Apr 16, 2023

When someone dies their body is brought to the nearest priests of Amero. It is important to prepare the body properly for the holy flames to purify the soul for the afterlife.

Political Influence & Intrigue


Sudon wants his followers to collect all books, scrolls, and tombs so that they can be protected and cared for. He gives magic to those who want it with hopes that they will learn to use it to help others. He has charged his followers with teaching the secrets of writing, reading, and magic to anyone they come across.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Religious, Sect
Parent Organization

Portrait of Sudon


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