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The Birth of Humanity


IO used the Sun Sword to carve the power of the sea, storm, and lighting from Mayim in the middle of the last battle. As she screamed in pain drops of divine blood fell onto the top of Mount Glimmer. Mayim retreated into the Hells and the gods all celebrated. As Mayim regained her power she noticed her blood siting on top of the mountain. It took exactly a year before Mayim gained enough power to force her blood to take shape. Four small avatars were created. One able to speak, one able to lessen, one able to say prophesy, and one able to enforce Mayim's will. These four avatars summoned forth the Humans. The Humans, under the guidance of these four avatars, would conquer the world and enforce Mayim's will for years.

Historical Basis

While the Humans themselves are well documented, and it is clearly known when they appeared, the circumstances surrounding their creation is still myth and legend. This myth does have a lot of historical facts in it but there is much of the story that cannot be accounted for. Since no one traveled to the top of Mount Glimmer during this time there are no records of Mayim's blood or the four avatars.

Variations & Mutation

In the High Church and Republican traditions Mayim did not retreat but rather broke the Sun Sword and used the broken hilt to kill Vulcan. After doing so she would return to the hells and spend the year creating Humans to rule the world in her place.

In Art

In High Church and Republican traditions this is seen as a holy moment and is painted quite often. The defeat of Vulcan is displayed often, as is the creation of the four avatars. These four avatars are normally related to the four high priestesses.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Date of First Recording
Start of the Era of Humanity
Date of Setting
18th of Heaven's Heat in the First Year eh
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