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The easternmost continent, according to most maps. Located to the east of the Dwarvish Isles and north of Ilthim. Grandos is relatively flat with a line of mountains bisecting it across the middle. The far west has a great lake known as Lake Glimmer, as well as, Dragon Bay. The east is mainly desert hills. There are three major rivers - Scented Stream, Frosted Waterway, and Storm Channel.  

Natural Resources

One of the largest sources of Mercurarcan in the world can be found inside the The Eastern Wall. Mount Glimmer is also a large source of silver ore. Besides metals timber, Leatherleaf, and stone are all in ample supply as well.

Map of Grandos as of 1492 ce

Grandos as of 1492 Ce
As produced and commissed by the Federal Guild of Writesmiths


Grandos is home to Mount Glimmer the site of the first Humans. This was the seat of power for the Glimmer Dynasty so many years ago. It now serves as the center of most of the world's major pollical and military conflicts. With the Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake growing more and more powerful many eyes are now turning to the continent to see if a new Glimmer Dynasty is on the rise. In the Era of Gods (or Era of Elders), this is where most of Mayim's war against the divine took place. Many deities were said to have been slain here, their bodies and artifacts scattered. Republican History



Mayim's Gate is a major site of pilgrimage for any follower of Mayim. It is home to Mayim's Keep, also known as the Great Temple. People have traveled from all four contentions to see and offer sacrifice in this temple. The The Duchesses’ Crown is also an important pilgrimage site. It used to hold a temple to each of the three lovers - Sudon, Ados, and Krutia - the temple of Sudon was destroyed in a terrorist attack prior to the start of the The Orcish Liberation War.

Great Pantheon of Gods
Organization | Apr 16, 2023


Despite their reputation the Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake does have some of the most advanced medical practices in the world. Many wealthy nobles, merchants, and bureaucrats will travel to The City of North in order to be seen by some of these doctors. It also proves a nice place to recover given the luxury that is synonymous with the city.

Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake
Organization | Jan 19, 2022

The Federal Republic owns most of the content of Grandos and is seen as the heir to Humanity. They keep many traditions and ways of thinking that the Humans did, including the High Church of Mayim.


The Free Gnomish City has become one of the most visited locations in the world. This capital of exchange, culture, and capitalism makes more money from visitors than some nations make in general. Small fees are charged to visit and heavy fines for breaking the law. Visiting the other nations on Grandos is not normally seen as a pleasant vacation, rather than a religious, medical, or business trip.

Free Gnomish City
Organization | Aug 16, 2022

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

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Author's Notes

Maps and images created by myself using Inkarnate

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