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The Glimmer Dynasty


The Glimmer Dynasty was controlled by a single monarch who would govern through local dukes and counts. Each duke or count would be responsible for their own section of the Dynasty.


The Dynasty is best known for its creation and implementation of the strictest racial caste system ever known. The Human were at the top of this caste living in luxury in the Glimmering City. Below the Humans were the Dragonfolk . The Dragonfolk were the only race to willingly submit to the Humans. As a reward the Dragonfolk were given a position of power and authority. Dragonfolk would be installed as bureaucrats, administrators, and scribes all across the Dynasty. Due to their positions of power the Dragonfolk were able to live quite comfortable lives. Below the Dragonfolk were the Dwarves  and Gnomes. The Dwarves were rewound merchants and diplomats. The Humans would use them as educators, traders, and members of the Dynastic Navy. The Gnomes, however, were not so kind. The Gnomes were notorious spies and assassins. The Humans put this to good use assassinating rebel leaders. Below the Gnomes were the Merfolk. The Merfolk were the industries people of the Dynasty. They crafted, forged, and mined anything that was needed. Finally the Orcs and Elves. The female orcs made up most of the Dynastic army while male orcs were servants. The Elves were all used as servants for the Humans and sometimes the other races.


Around the year 1221 eh a plague started spreading throughout the world killing any Human it came into contact with, but leave all other races unaffected. As the plague spread the other races used this weakness of the Humans to rise up. Now with a major plague killing all humans and almost all the other races in open revolt it was only a matter of time before the Dynasty fell. On the 25th of Kings Fall in the year 1235 eh the last King Oth Glimmer wrote out his final degree. Since the Human Plague had infected every human at this point and the rebellion had retaken all but a small area of land known as the capital province the King was forced to do something. King Glimmer ordered that the court steward be named the Prime Regent and a Federal Senate be convened. The goal of the regent and senate was to maintain the nation until a new Human could be found and crowned Queen. The Federal Republic has been looking for another Human for the past 1400 years and has still not found one.


The Dynasty was the strongest military force the world has ever seen. Given Human's adept skills at magic and their technological brilliance they were able to use both magic and machine to force the world to bend the knee. There major military might came from the Airships. These flying fortresses allowed mages to be protected and fly above a town or keep and fire spells down into it. Many towns were burned and walls destroyed using these Airships. Once the Dynasty had expanded to the whole world the army was primarily Orcs, however, no one but Humans were allowed on or near the Airships.

Technological Level

Royal Artificers would be some of the most advanced scientists and inventors to ever live. They would create a communication network extending the globe, one of the best sewage systems, and the Airship. The Dynasty is still the only organization to have used or created one of these airships. These airships would be created soon after the crowing of Queen Amelia of the Glimmer Dynasty.


The only religion in Dynasty was the The High Church of Mayim. Everything else was simply a cult that needed to be eradicated. The High Church was created just moments after the crowning of Queen Amelia of the Glimmer Dynasty, the first Queen of the Dynasty. Queen Amelia would set many events into motion with the creation of the High Church and how much power she gave the church.


The Royal Schools were buildings placed in each city. They would be able to hold anywhere from 500 to 3,000 students depending on the city. The goal of these schools was to teach children to read and write Human Common, how to do basic math, and the correct history. These Royal School quickly got a reputation for teaching propaganda rather than actual history. Some historians today even claim that a few common myths about the creation times were started at these schools.


The Royal Communication Network would extend across the whole planet. Each tower would be built as to be within range of a special sending spell. This spell would be lower level but require a smaller range. The Royal Communication Network would all the Humans and Dragonfolk to send messages between each other within hours. This network is largely seen as the reason so many rebellions failed, the Dynasty was simply able to respond too quickly.   The Royal Highway system was a network of roads covering the Dynasty. The main use was during the wars to allow supplies to get to the fronts quickly. These roads still exist today and are now maintained by the Federal Republic and other nations.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce


For Humanity

Founded: Heaven's Heat in the First Year of the Era of Humanity - Dissolved: 25th of Kings Fall in the year 1235 eh

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Dynasty
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
  • Gold Coin - Stamped with the face of the Queen or King
  • Silver Coin - Stamped with the seal of the Dynasty
  • Copper Coin - Stamped with the seal of the High Church
Legislative Body
Her Majesty the Queen
Judicial Body
The Royal Court
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items
Related Myths

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24 Dec, 2020 11:08

Hyper-tyrannical governments with a strict caste system; I love to hate them. Just wondering, this empire no longer exists? What/when was their downfall? Otherwise, good article!


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Master Newrome
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26 Dec, 2020 01:06

That's a great question! The Dynasty officially ended at the start of the common era (check out the History of the Dragonfolk timeline for dates). This was because of the Human Plague and revolt that was ongoing. When the last King died he ordered his Dragonfolk steward to take over as Regent and build a Republic to search for a new Human Queen / King. Hope this helps, I also put in a new disbandment section of the article!

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