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Sun Sword


The Sun Sword is now kept in the high church of IO in the city of Aqurus. It has been built into the high alter of the church as a symbol of power and protection. The Church of IO has promised to never use the sword until IO or one of his angles comes to claim it. Since its use during the The Deities' War there have only been three other uses of the sword. Once during the first Human invasion, a second to free the city of Aqurus from Human control, and a third during the battle of the Glimmering City.


The Heaven War's Last Battle disscusses the creation and use of the Sun Sword.


This sword was the one created by IO during The Deities' War in order to carve part of Mayim's powers away from her. IO was then granted these powers for his work.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce


Current Location
Owning Organization
1.5 kg
40 inches long by 7 inches across
Raw materials & Components
The Sun Sword has a gold and meteorite handle. The blade is made of Mercurarcan infused with rock from the sun.


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