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The Orcish Liberation War

Federal Republic attacked the Duke's Dust on the 25th of Dawn of the Year 1493 ce

The Conflict


Tensions were rising between the Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake and the Duke's Dust for years before the war. Upon the explosion of the Church of Sudon temple in the city of The Duchesses’ Crown the Federal Republic claimed that the Duke and Duchess were no longer able to care for their citizens, and that it now fell to the Republic to step in and protect them. Upon hearing this claim the Free Gnomish City signed a defensive pact with the Duke's Dust, thereby bringing the Free City into the war.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Conflict Type
Start Date
25th of the Dawn of the Year in the year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492

  • 1492 ce

    12 Dawn of the Year

    The Temple of Sudon is Attacked
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Temple of Sudon in the Duchesses’ Crown exploded. If you ask a Republican they will tell you that the Duchy exploded their own temple to try and destroy certain records and knowledge. If you ask a Southerner then they will tell you that the Republic sent agents in to destroy it and start a war. Regardless of who is right, this was the last straw that started The Orcish Liberation War and prompted the creation of the War Pax.

    Additional timelines
  • 1492 ce

    25 Dawn of the Year

    Start of the Orcish Liberation War
    Military action

    The Federal Republic in an attempt to protect the Orcs from causing their own extinction invaded the Duke's Dust. The Free Gnomish City called this unprovoked warmongering and signed the War Pax with the Duke's Dust thereby joining the war. Full time of the war here History of the Orcish Liberation War

  • 1492 ce

    35 Dawn of the Year

    Terrorist Attack on the Eastern Gate
    Military action

    An attack occurred at the control room of the Eastern Gate. The Free Intelligence Forces were able to thwart it and close the gates on the Federal Republic's capital ship the FRS Oblivion. It was confirmed that agents of the Federal Republic were behind the attack.

    Free City
    More reading
    The Orcish Liberation War
  • 1493 ce

    20 Heaven's Heat
    1493 ce

    26 Heaven's Heat

    Fall of Mayim's Gate
    Military action

    The forces of the Duke's Dust, with aid from the Free Gnmoish City, surround the city of Mayim's Gate and besiege it for six days before taking the city by force.

    Mayim's Gate
  • 1493 ce

    15 Glimmering Light
    1493 ce

    18 Glimmering Light

    The Failed Siege of New Castle
    Military action

    The adventurer and mercenary army of the Free City attempted to take the City of New Castle by besieging it for three days. The siege was broken when a contingent of 1,500 League of the Storm members were sent under the command of Commander Arandas to reinforce. A new and yet unseen military tactic of sending a small force of skilled troops to cut off supply lines and reinforcements was employed here. This tactic would lead to the quick and handed victory of the Federal Republic.


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