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Towards the end of Mayim's attack on the gods, the Dragons came to their aid in an attempt to save them. The dragons were quickly and mercilessly killed my Mayim and any that remained were forced to go into hiding. Since this time the Dynasty and now the Federal Republic have kept open bounties on any dragons that can be found. Rumors still circulate about the existence of some dragons far away from the republic but no sightings have been confirmed in almost 200 years.  


Prior to their extension dragons had constructed a loose confederation. Each color of dragon has its own personality trends. For example, white dragons prefer to live in the cold tundra of the south and hunt while gold dragons lived in large estates in the central cities. Regardless of what color one was, they were each apart of the Draconic Federation. The Draconic Federation was the governing body of the dragons. Its goal was to mediate disagreements and help organize the dragons in times of need. It was the Draconic Federation that gave the order for the dragons to aid the gods, it was the only recorded unanimous vote of the federation. In their day to day lives, dragons spend very little time with other dragons. In fact, it was highly rare to see more than one dragon in a given place unless they were reproducing. Dragons would set up territories or holds that each dragon has preview over. If another dragon traveled or had dealings inside that territory it was executed that they reserve consent of the owner. Most draconic art, literature, buildings, and records have been lost to the ages. Only two things remain the former Draconic Federation building and a painting named The Fall of Draconia. The Draconic Federation wanted a place where dragons could meet freely and not worry about outside intervention so a large floating island was created and on it a massive complex. While this island and complex still exist it is impossible to travel to. Since the dragons were killed a hurricane like storm has surrounded the island preventing even the most skilled flyers from approaching. The Fall of Draconia was painted by one of the last dragons towards the end of the war against the gods. The painting shows the Draconic Federation complex on fire and falling into the sea. It is said to be one of the most remarkable and saddening art pieces in existence.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Draco Draco
Believed to be immortal (no official records exist)
Average Height
10 - 20 ft
Average Weight
1 - 2 ton
Average Length
15 - 25 ft
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Historical records show that dragons had the same colors that Dragonfolk do today - red, black, blue, green, white, brown, gold, silver, bronze, copper, and brass - though legends and myth talk of other colors no proof has been found.


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