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Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake


The Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake has 7 Provinces. The federal government of the Republic is responsible for the functions of the Republic at large. They write and judge on the Federal Code Legal and conduct diplomacy. The legislative branch of the federal government is the Federal Senate . Each province and major city has a Blue Clan Elder that serves in the Federal Senate. The Federal Senate is elected every five years. There are no term limits or restrictions on serving as long as they are part of the Blue Clan. The Prime Regent is an inherited title and serves as the executive of the republic. Since the Republic's formation, the title has been passed down from parent to child, starting with the former King's Stewart. The Prime Regent presides over the Federal Senate. The Regent can voice their opinion on any legislation during a debate. The provincial governments are responsible for the functions of the day to day operations in their respective province. The Provincial Governors and Clan Elders are responsible for the writing of the Provincial Code. Each province is governed by a Provincial Governor and an Elder Council. The governor appoints Provincial Magistrates to serve as the judiciary of the province. While the theoretical structure is the same, the practical application is quite different. In the provinces to the far east of the Federal Republic, the Provincial Governors rule through orders and writs rather than convening the Elder Council to vote on things. While this is far quicker, it is also less stable as the next Provincial Governor can revoke these orders. The Provinces closer to Mount Glimmer do the reverse. The Provincial Governor is mainly a ceremonial figure; the Elder Council must approve the governor's actions beforehand.


The Federal Republic was created from The Glimmer Dynasty. The Glimmer Dynasty was an empire that governed the whole of Lumenos. It was the first large scale nation; its start was when the Humans descended onto Lumenos. Landing on Mount Glimmer, they began their conquest of the world from the peak of the mountain. The Dynasty stood as the strongest nation until the end of the Era of Humanity. In the final years of the Era of Humanity, a great plague started at the same spot the Humans had landed and spread throughout the whole world. The King tried to keep the capital city open as long as possible. Still, the city enforced a quarantine to stop the plague from spreading. Regrettably, the plague had already spread to the cities of North, East, and West. This plague only affected Humans and caused a painful death; there were no records of a Human surviving the plague once infected. No one was ever able to determine how the plague was transmitted. As the plague spread across the continent, it killed all Humans. The plage left the throne empty, as tradition dictated only a Human from the line of The Glimmer Dynasty could rule. The last King's final act was to establish the Federal Republic. The new Republic's purpose was to rule until it found a new Human monarch. To this day, the Republic still looks for a member of House Glimmer or any Human to take the King's place.
The Glimmer Dynasty
Organization | Aug 9, 2022

The former empire of Humanity. The Dynasty is best known for its creation and implementation of the strictest racial caste system ever known. The Dynasty fell in the year 1235 eh. This was largely because the Human Plague and the large scale revolution oc

General Politics

Four estates dominate the politics of the Federal Republic - the Senate, Clans, Military, and Church.


The Senate and Prime Regent make up the official government of the Federal Republic. The Federal Senate is in charge of making laws and setting policies for the Republic. They decide what is legal, illegal, and what should be taxed. The Prime Regent leads the Senate. The Regent is an executive who fulfills the policy choices of the Senate. The Federal Senate also oversees the Order of Magistrates. The Order of Magistrates is not allowed to interpret or redefine law; simply give approved punishments to those found guilty of breaking them. TheSenatee sets a mandatory minimum and maximum penalties for each crime; nothing outside of that is allowed. The Federal Senate, Prime Regent, and Order of Magistrates are all generally Blue Dragonfolk. While this is not a law per se, it is a time-honored tradition. As the administrators and bureaucrats, the Blue Dragonfolk are the best suited to serve in this role.


The Clans represent the citizens of the Republic more directly than the Senate. This is all done through the Federal Council of Clans. Representatives of each Clan make up the council. The council, and specific clans, are in charge of many of the public services provided by the Republic. The Federation of Guilds answers to the council. The federation is made up mainly of members of the Red Clan. The Scholastic Academy is operated by the Gold Clan. While the Academy receives much of its funding from the council, it remains independent from the council and government. The swears, roads, hospitals, schools, and communication networks are funded and managed by the Federal Council of Clans. While there is no official place for the council or clans within the government, the administration of essential services has made them a strong force within Republic politics.


The Federal Military is a force to behold. After centuries of being powerless and at the whims of other nations, the Republic has built one of the strongest militaries in the world. Because of their strength and organization, they are given such respect and honor within the political world. The Republic pays all members of the Military well, and any discussion involving foreign powers, the Republic consults high ranking Military leaders. No trade deal, nonaggression pack, or war declaration is made without a General and Admiral sitting at the table. While the Prime Regent and Federal Senate technically have the authority to appoint the Federal Marshal, they never do so without consulting the top officials of the Army and Navy first.


The High Church of Mayim has become a quintessential part of the Republic. Given how widespread the church is, two major roles have been delegated to it. Domestic security and foreign intelligence. The church created the High Inquisition to spy and collect information on members domestically and threats aboard. The Federal Security Forces serve as the police and law enforcement of the nation. Both of these organizations can be seen patrolling around the Republic in search of outlaws. The church also controls the League of the Storm which acts as its private military. The league is charged with the protection of any church property both domestically and abroad.

In Practice

To get anything done in the Federal Republic, you must have more estates on your side than against you. For example, the church, Military, andSenatee can overrule the clans if they want to. Still, if just the Senate wanted to do something, they would need the other three estates to not care. Generally, the four estates work well because they know each of them needs the other. Breakdowns occur when something new is introduced. The most recent example of this would be Guilds. When the Senate created the guilds, the church was quite upset that it did not have final authority over them. However, with the Clan's support, the Senate placed the Guilds under their administration.

Demography and Population

Mainly Dragonfolk live within the Federal Republic. However, there are also quite a few Merfolk, Gnomes, and Goblins


The Federal Republic owns all of Grandos except the Free Gnomish City and the Duke's Dust. The border between the Duke's Dust and the Federal Republic is a tense place. Both sides have built outposts along the border and have constant patrols guarding it.


The military is separated into three main groups. The Army, Navy, and Church forces. The Federal Marshal has command of all Army and Navy forces. The Church armed forces are under the authority of an Archpaladin . While the Federal Republic military does not have the best tactics, they make up for this with technology and manpower.

Technological Level

The Glimmer Dynasty was the most technologically advanced nation in history. Since the Federal Republic owns much of the Dynasty's former homeland, it has been able to find and repurpose some of there technology. Most of the technological advances in recent history have been the rediscovering of those pieces of lost science. Such as indoor plumbing, printing press, and ship rutters.

Foreign Relations

The Federal Republic views most of the world as rightfully belonging to it and wishes to return to the days that the world was ruled from atop Mount Glimmer. There is an ongoing war with the Duke's Dust and Free Gnomish City, it has been named the The Orcish Liberation War. The Federal Republic is under a trade embargo by the Dwarvish Clans, however, has open trade with the The Confederation of Sea Metropolises and Southern Kingdoms.

Agriculture & Industry



Leatherleaf: Is a major source of meat inside the Federal Republic. Large farms are dedicated to growing this plant.   Rice: Rice is produced in the land between the Duke's Dust and the Scented Stream. Many small towns and villages will grow rice to feed themselves and sell to ships traveling up and down the stream.   Wheat: Wheat is produced in the lands between the Scented Stream and the Ydon River. After harvesting, grain is then sent to the Goldenfields to be made into flour and bread.   Tea: Tea is produced in the Bridged Peaks. Bridged Peaks Tea is known as some of the best in the world, next to only the Dwarven Mountain Home blend. Many monasteries, villages, and independent farms bring their harvests to the Scented Stream to be sold to Mayim's Gate and the Free Gnomish City.   Kelp: Kelp is produced in the Scented Stream. Freshwater Merfolk grows kelp to sell to the Saltwater Merfolk cities out in the sea. The kelp that is not sold to the Saltwater Merfolk is sold to Republicans, used to pay taxes, or eaten by the Freshwater Merfolk.


Arcane: The Republic is the largest producer of magical items, lore, and products. This is mainly due to their access to Human technology, magics, and ruins.   Coal: The Northern Mountains have quite a deposit of coal inside them. While not used as commonly as during the Era of Humanity, coal is still a helpful resource. Its primary uses are in metalworking and the heating of homes.   Fertilizer: Since the republic has rediscovered indoor plumbing, the sewage must go somewhere, and do to a treaty with the Merfolk, the rivers are not an option. Instead, it is sent to the Goldenfields, and other surrounding towns, to be processed into fertilizer. While most fertilizer is used in the food-producing cities, there is still a lot exported to the Elvish lands.   Silver: Most of Mount Glimmer is made up of silver. Consequently, the primary production of West is the minting of silver coins. Silver bars and objects are also exported from West.   Mercurarcan: As one of the only nations that still allows the mining of Mercurarcan, it is the largest global producer. The Eastern Wall cities use Mercurarcan to produce weapons, armor, and other items for enchantment.


Due to the mass production of Leatherleaf there is little need for meat producing livestock. Due to this livestock mainly focuses on milk, cheese, leather, fabrics, and the toxin needed for Leatherleaf growth.

Trade & Transport


The Federal Republic has three primary trade ways for import and export - the Free Gnomish City, the Duke's Way, and Dragon Bay. The Free Gnomish City handles all trade between the Federal Republic and the Dwarvish Clans.   Ships from the Dwarvish Isle sell or trade their cargo inside of the Free City, after which Gnomes, Merfolk, and other traders take it from the Free City into the Federal Republic itself. This is mainly done using the Scented Stream to Mayim's Gate and then the Glimmering Way.   The Duke's Way allows all trade and traffic to come from the Duchy and the Southern Kingdoms. These trade caravans have been getting smaller and less frequent over the last few years. Tensions between the two nations are at an all-time high, and traders are worried that there might be war.   The Dragon Bay was were Dwarven ships would arrive and unload until the Federal Republic tired to siege the Free Gnomish City. Ever since then, the Dragon Bay has been used for exporting only. The Federal Republic requires that all ships leaving the republic for other nations be sent from the bay.  


The Glimmering Way is the only federally protected highway inside the republic. Members of the Army patrol it on the regular and ensure that it is, for the most part, safe. The rest of the roads and highways around the republic are owned and protected by the provinces. Carts, carriages, horses, and walking are common forms of transportation. Some experimental forms are being tested, such as teleportation stations, they are still highly unstable and need more work. Humans had perfected the construction of Airships, but no other race has been able to replicate them since their death. The last Airship publicly known was in the republic's care and exploded during a test flight in 1483.  


It is a standard procedure to search any incoming or outgoing shipments for contraband. Dragonfolk artificers have created a scanner that can write a complete manifest of an object. These have been employed on docks to search crates and other imports, but two large statues have been constructed to serve as them in the Dragon Bay. It is expected that in the next year or two (1493-1494), they will go online and make travel in and out of the bay incredibly fast. This project was mainly done to get the Dwarves to resume using the bay for shipments by making it easier than using the Free City.


Scholastic Academyspecializedselectionsdifferenthandledimpendentcompulsoryliteracy

Primary Schools

This is where children are taught to read and write Draconic and common, basic counting, the history of Dragonfolk and the Republic, and the basics of High Church doctrine. All primary schools are overseen by the High Church of Mayim. The church has the Order of Scribes whose sole job is to teach children and foster them into responsible and upstanding adults. Primary schools generally are held within a town's church, though for larger cities dedicated buildings have been established.   Primary school generally starts around the 12th birthday and lasts until they are 24, or have completed all tasks set out by the scribes. Classes are held every day, baring federal holidays, and run from morning until the end of business.  

Clan Schools

After a child turns 24 they are considered a young adult and will start training with their clan. All clan schools are operated by the Federal Council of Clans and the Clan Elders. The goal of these schools is to train the Dragonfolk in the discipline of their clan. For example, the gold clan school will focus on advanced reading, magic, mathematics, and other academic areas. Whereas the green clan school will teach about crop rotation, field irrigation, and seed selection.   Clan schools do not generally have a set building where they are held, except in the larger cities. Normally these classes will meet in a relevant area to their study, gold in a library or bookstore and green in the fields. These schools will continue until the student's 36th birthday. Once they have graduated from their clan school the student is free to take up their own life.



Official: The Dragonfolk were the only ones taught how to use the Human communication towers. This was mainly because the Humans did not want to operate the towers themselves, so they made the Dragonfolk do this. Now, these towers serve as an official way for the republic to send messages internally. The communication towers are large towers that mages can send messages between. Because Humans persecuted anyone who tried to become a mage, there are not many out and about. The Federal Republic has started training its own, but this is proving hard. For now, the towers only send official Federal messages.   Common: Couriers can be employed to send letters and packages along the roads. The Federal Message Serves can also be paid to send letters, but they are much slower than private couriers.    

Public Goods

Water: Aquaducts and underground pipes bring water to most cities and towns. Some smaller villages must draw water from the rivers directly, but most cities have running water.   Sewage: Due to an agreement with Merfolk, no sewage can be dumped into open waters. The Federal Republic has rediscovered indoor plumbing. A system of pumps and pipes can take sewage away from major cities and into facilities in the Goldenfields to be processed into fertilizer. Most of the pumping stations are located in Mayim's Gate and other riverside cities.

Map of the Federal Republic as of 1491 ce

Grandos as of 1492 Ce
While we aim to deliver the most current and updated maps in the world, the ongoing and volatile war has made this challenging. As such the Federal Guild of Writesmiths will be releasing new maps every year, as compared to every two years like our competitors. We hope this increase in frequency will set you at ease when using our maps.
— Federal Guild of Writesmiths, Offical statement regarding the Orcish Liberation War
To see the national borders or federal province borders change the layer in the top right hand corner.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Heir of Humanity

Founding Date
26th of Kings Fall in the year 0
Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
The Former Dynasty
Predecessor Organization
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
  • Gold Crown
  • Silver Crescent
  • Copper Penny
Major Exports
Coal, Fertilizer, Human Relics, Kelp, Mercurarcan Magic Items, Tea, Wheat
Major Imports
Dyes, Gold, Glass, Pottery, Silk, Spices
Legislative Body
The Federal Senate
Judicial Body
Executive Body
Prime Regent
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Traditions
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

Open Trade Agreement

The two nations have had only a few disputes. Due to the Confederations strong non interference policy they do not care what the Federal Republic does so long as the Republic buys the Confederation's goods.

Mutual Trade Embargo

Due to violations of past treaties and the ongoing unpleasantness between the Federal Republic and the Gnomish City the Dwarvish Clans have embargoed all Republican traders. In return, all Dwarvish traders are embargoed, though the Federal Republic cannot afford to embargo the products so only Dwarvish traders are not allowed.

Open War

As of 1493 ce the Federal Republic has invaded to 'liberate' the Ocrish people and save them from themselves.   Historically - There are unofficial hostilities occurring between the two nations. The Duke will send mercenaries into the lands of the Federal Republic to raid and if caught will disavow them. The Federal Republic has embargoed the Duke and is preparing to defend itself. There are no Ambassadors between the two nations, as they have been expelled for centries. If communications must be held they will be done through the Free Gnomish City or special envoys.

Open War

As of 1493 ce the Federal Republic has invaded to 'liberate' the Ocrish people and save them from themselves, due to a defensive pact between the Duke's Dust and Free Gnomish City the three nations are now at war. The Free Gnomish City has been the target of multiple terroristic attacks by the Federal Republic.   Historically - The Free City has beaten back the Federal Republic's armies quite a few times. While no peace agreement was signed the two have stopped fighting for the time being. Gnomish traders have reentered the Federal Republic and Republic citizens are allowed within the Free City. Though everyone knows that this is simply the calm before the storm.

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