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Glimmering City


Dragonfolk 38,400 - Genasi 1,100 - Other 1,500


As with most cities in the Federal Republic Mount Glimmer is managed by the Clan Elders. The Prime Regent serves as the executive of the city but every color of Dragonfolk have a representative on the city council. The city council is the authority that actually makes and enforces the laws.


The Glimmering City is one of the best defended locations in the Republic. To reach it you must travel across the Glimmering Lake and attack the mountain itself. The Dock district also hosts some of the most elite troops in the Republican army. Sounding each district are high wall, as well as, sounding the base of the mountain itself. Following the fall of the Glimmer Dynasty security bunkers were built within Mount Glimmer to host all citizens and officials in the event of an attack.

Industry & Trade

Within the walls of the Glimmering city very few families actually must work. Most of the economy of this city is based on the service industry, banking, and the bureaucracy. The city is known for its incredible inns, taverns, and brothels. They are renowned as some of the best in the nation. Every major bank holds its headquarters within the walls of the Silver Streets. These banks employ much of the district in counting, maintaining, and investing the money of the nations most wealthy people. Since the Glimmering City is the capital of the Federal Republic most of the Cloud district is employed by the federal government as Senators, clerks, scribes, or many other passions within it.


The Glimmering City is divide among four districts - the Docks, Silver Streets, Cloud, and Glimmering. Each district is connected to the other three by a tunnel system running through Mount Glimmer itself. These streets allow citizens to go from the district center inside the mountain to any other district they wish. The sewage system is also inter connected within the mountain, before heading out towards the city of West.

Guilds and Factions

Federal Guild of Bankers, Investors, and Minters, Federal Adventurers Guild, and Federal Guild of Newspapers and Reporters all have their headquarters here in the Glimmering City. The Guild of Bankers' headquarters is located right in the center of the Silver Streets district. It is a massive complex that stores most banks reserves, creates new coins, and holds the platinum reserves for the Republic itself. The Adventures' guild is based out of the Dock District and has a large training complex there. Many of the worlds most renowned adventures will travel there to train and relax. Finally, the guild of newspapers' headquarters is located in the Silver Streets District. This building is one of the few buildings to be created primarily out of glass. The creator wanted the ability to see straight through the building, assuming no desks are in the way. This is where most major newspapers will write and send out the final copies of papers and broadsheets.


  Religious tourists will travel to see the High Church of Mayim's Grand Cathedral. This is the headquarters for the High Church and was the first church to Mayim ever created. It was built by the original four High Priestesses on the spot they were created so many eras ago. The small island that was the spot where humanity first touch the earth has been totally sounded by the church complex. This building is one of the few that is located outside of a district and instead is at the top of Mount Glimmer.  
Cultural tourism focuses around the Glimmering Palace and the luxury of the city. The Glimmering City is known as one of the most expensive, and nicest, cities in the world. Within the walls of the Silver Streets Districts all city streets glisten with the shine of silver, within the Cloud District you can throw a rock upwards and hit a floating cloud, and inside the Glimmering District you can see the seats of government in action. The Glimmering Keep was build at the opposite edge of Mount Glimmer from the Grand Cathedral. From there you can see the whole city, as well as, the cities of East, West, and North. At night many will travel there to see the lights of the cities luminate the sky.  
Finally there is natural tourists. People who come to see the wonders of Mount Glimmer and the Glimmering Lake. These natural wonders are a sight to behold. During the day when looking out onto the lake you can see the sparkle and shimmers of the lapis lake. At night you can look up at Mount Glimmer and see the stars surrounding it like a crown. Above all else the natural beauty of the place stands as a testament to the beauty of the Federal Republic.
The Grand Cathedral
The Glimmering Keep


The free standing buildings have a western European style of architecture. Stone blocks and clay brick are common materials for building these.   There are also buildings that are carved out of the Mountain. These are very angular and use straight lines often. They generally have iron beams supporting them and ventilation tubes leading to the outside.


The city is divided into eight different districts. Each district is named after a gem of precious metal that can be found gilding its streets and adoring its streetlamps. These gems or metals are also on the amulet that everyone is given upon entering the city. The lowest district is the Silver District and in order after that comes Black Opal, Red Beryl, Musgraite, Alexandrite, Ruby, Pink Diamond, and Blue Diamond. Alexandrite, Ruby, and Pink Diamond are all estate districts, this is where the old noble estates from the Human era are. Now, these estates are owned by the elite of the republic. The Blue Diamond district is where the Glimmering Keep and High Cathedral are. This is the only district that is open to anyone. The Silver through Musgravite districts are a mixture of residential and commercial. This allows for a variety of shops and other attracts to be found in the lower districts. The Black Opal district is one of two districts to have a central great plaza (the Black Opal Square), the second being one of the Alexandrite residential districts. This allows for those districts to host carnivals, exhibitions, festivals, and many other large gatherings.      Silver District - Also known as the Visator's Ward or Dock Ward. This is the first and lowest district. It is the import and export hub of the city. Anyone or anything wishing to leave the Glimmering City by boat must travel here and board. The streets are all framed with silver, a line running down the middle of the street and one on the far side of each drainway. This is where the pooriest members of the city live, though even they have quite a bit of coin.   Black Opal District - Also known as the Town Square. This is the second district and holds the Black Opal Square. The square is where the district gets its nickname from. The Black Opal Square is renouned for hosting many of the 'must see' events of the year within the city. Weaddings, funerals, carnivals, festivals, and many other public gatherings can all be found within the square. The streetlamps in this district are all guilded with Black Opal, the head of the lamps glissin and glow as the firelight goes through the Black Opal.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Founding Date
3500 eh
Alternative Name(s)
The Capital, Humanity's Home, Mayim's Eye
Inhabitant Demonym
Glimmer Folk
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank


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