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Cities of the Federal Republic

Provence 1

  The Glimmering City - The capital of Provence 1, as well as, the Federal Republic. It is built upon Mount Glimmer. Each district of the city is a circle ascending up the mountain and connected through tunnels in the mountain.  

Provence 2

  The City of North - The capital of Provence 2. It is the home of the Scholastic Academy and a few other smaller colleges.  

Provence 3

  The City of East - The capital of Provence 3. It is the main point of trade between the capital and the rest of Grandos.  

Provence 4

  Old Port - This was once the main port of trade between the Dynasty capital and the Merfolk cities. Now it serves as a processing town. Turning grain into flower and leatherleaf into meat.   The City of West - The capital of Provence 4. Most all trade between the Merfolk and the Republic now goes through this city.  

Provence 5

  Goldenfield - The capital of Provence 5. This is where all the sewage pipes from across the nation end up. The city converts the swage into fertilizer for the surrounding farming towns.     New Castle - The first defense against the Free City. Anyone traveling from the Free City to the Republic by land will go through this fortress.  

Provence 6

  Bridgepoint - A large town built at the entrance to the tunnel through the Bridged Peaks. It manages the traffic from the tunnel and mines the peaks.    Hamlet - A small village on the scented stream. Largely unknown except for their former Gnomish Mayor and a small band of adventurers who came from there. The adventures have recently died, however.    Mayim's Gate - The capital of Provence 6. The largest military city in the nation. Built on top of the scented stream the city is incredibly hard to siege or take over. It also holds Mayim's Keep or the Great Temple an important religious monument for the High Church of Mayim.   The Crossing - The last city before getting to the Duke's Dust. This city has recently been taken by the Duke's Dust in the ongoing Orcish Liberation War.    Thundertree - A set of ruins that was once a small Gnomish City prior to the Eastern Reconquest.  

Provence 7

  Elmvale - A small fortified city on the edge of the Eyed Woods. It has an old abbey atop a hill. The city is rather strange so locals tend to avoid it. It exports much of the wood the republic uses, however.   Winter Swamp - A small town located next to the Frosted Pond. Due to being in the Winter Pass this city is one of the coldest in the Republic.   

Provence 8

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

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