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Mayim's Keep

Purpose / Function

The Humans built the Great Temple as a sign of aspiration for Mayim's help. This was the largest temple on Lumenos at the time. It was built to hold hundreds of people for serves and store some of the most dangerous and expensive relics.


From the year 0 CE until 1002 CE the Gnomes owned the city of Mayim's Gate and used the Temple as a worship sight for the Moon. The stained glass, statues, and artwork were sold off to make room. Upon retaking the city the Federal Republic has spent large amounts of coin and resources hunting down the lost artworks. In the year 1013 CE expansion projects started to make the Great Temple a suitable place for government officials and defensible from attack. These explanations were completed twenty years later in 1033 CE. The original structure still stands but now has smaller buildings to the left and right of it that are attached to it.


The Great Temple was built by the Humans in the middle of the Scented River. The base of the Temple is a large stone foundation that is built into the river and the ground below it, it is said that the foundation goes a mile underground. The North-East side of the foundation is build to a point to allow the river to flow to the right and left of it. The temple itself is built of stone. It has four large spires that extended towards the heavens. The front of the temple is built with an outer door that leads into a courtyard where sacrifices are sold and inspected. This courtyard has statues carved along the upper rim of the walls. All of these appear to be devils and demons staring down at the courtyard with glee. Below these carvings are statues of saints, priests, and above the door leading into the Cathedral the High Priestesses. To the left and right of this courtyard are sacrifice rooms and offices.
The Goddess's View
Painted by Dacel Great Ancestor of Vampeac. Currently hanging within the Great Cathedral's Arch Hall.


Those faithful to the High Church have traveled from across the realms to see the Great Temple. It is a common pilgrimage site due to holding two major relics of the Gods War. The Spear and Skull of Krutia the White Dragon God of War. In recent years the great stained glass windows were recovered and a new surge of tourism has started to seem them. It is the only depiction of the complete story of the Death of Krutia the Vanquished.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Great Temple, The Temple of the Moon (former)
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


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