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Basic Information

Biological Traits

All orcs are built to withstand damage and other dangers. Their bodies have adapted over the years due to the unforgiving locations they are from. Orcs have two primary organs for filtering toxins and fighting diseases. These organs are similar to the liver and kidneys of other races. However, these organs' goal is only the limitation of toxins and diseases, unlike the liver and kidneys who also have other tasks. The speed and precision that these organs work at is unlike any other making Orcs incredibly sturdy and hard to poison.   Female Orcs are genetically different than their male counterparts. Female orcs possess a small gland near their heart. This glad produces adrenalin and if the female is ever in danger can release this adrenalin into her bloodstream on command. This is generally done if the woman would fall asleep in a dangerous place or be knocked unconscious by a foe. Female Orcs are also built with a greater muscle mass than men and their brains are designed to focus on fine motor control and development rather than information recall.   Male Orcs are designed less for physical activities. Much of their development can be found in the brain rather than in muscle mass. The brain of a male Orc has about 26% more power than their female counterparts. This is primarily because it focuses on quick and effects storage of information rather than the ability to get orders to parts of the body like their female counterparts. Male Orcs lack the adrenalin gland possessed by the females but instead have a second knowledge storing brain. In the same location as the female adrenalin gland, the men have a second, smaller, brain. This brain is defeated to the storage of information. Unlike Humans, all Orcs do not have a sort term and long term memory. Rather, they simply have memory. All information is immediately coded for long term storage and the pathways to get it are designed to be incredibly quick as to allow for immediate access to it.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Orc culture is clearly divided with the smartest men leading the men and the strongest women leading the women. Laws are only made for one gender. Marriage and other unions are not allowed or supported in orc culture instead they only deal with the other sex for procreation reasons. When a woman gives birth she cares for it until the child's first birthday. After that, if the child is a boy it is handed over to the men of the tribe and if it is a girl it is turned over to the women of the tribe. There is no ‘family’ in orc culture, instead, a bond to the tribe is forged. Children are raised by the tribe, effetely they are raised by a boarding school. All matters of the mind are handled by the men – writing, reading, keeping records, research, magic, and some forms of dexterous crafting, and medicine – while the women handle all physical matters – war, fighting, hunting, stone crafting, and construction. The leader of the men is selected by a game of highly complex chess (kinda like the star trek 3 level chess). The leader of the women is selected by martial combat to the death or till incapable. Each leader is selected for life, or until they are unseated by a challenger. Each tribe will have two leaders who guide the trip in unison. They are effectively an absolute monarchy and what they say is law, if they disagree and cannot come to an agreement it is put to the tribe for a vote. When Orcs rule over larger areas of land the Male and Female ruler generally divide the responsibilities. Giving all domestic dealings to the men (except policing) and all foreign dealings to the Women (except diplomacy).

Facial characteristics

The bones surrounding the eyes extend past the eyelids for protection. Tusks and jagged teeth can be seen protruding from their mouthes. Noses are generally think and flat.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mainly found on Ilthim the southernmost continent and the southern parts of Grandos.

Average Intelligence

Most male Orcs are seen as highly intelligent. Though due to their limited lifespans it can be hard for them to rival the intelligence of the Dragonfolk. Female Orcs are seen as brutish and rather uneducated. Most know how to read and write but only at a simple level. Most complex mathematic elude them.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

All Orcs have three names. A given name, this was the name given to them by the tribe's keeper and how they were called while children. A chosen name, this name was picked by the Orc on their 20th birthday. Finally a tribal name, this name is given to all members of a tribe to signify where they are from.

Major Organizations

Southern Kingdoms and the Duke's Dust are Orcish kingdoms.

Beauty Ideals

Men - Being clean and well maintained is paramount. Frequent baths and use of perfumes are expected to ensure one does not smell. Clothing is generally robes and loss fitting clothing.    Women - The more mussels one has the better. Blood, dirt, and other signs of hard manual labor are expected to be on full display. Clothing is generally leathers and other materials that could serve as armor if needed. Clothes that show off biceps and abs are favored.

Gender Ideals

There is a clear and strong divide between the jobs of men and women. The women are the ones who work outside the village walls. They are the ones who mine, farm, and defend the village. The men are thinkers and scholars. They stay safely within the walls away from most dangers. They write, do fine crafts, and practice magic. Magic is largely seen as too manly for a woman to do. There are of course exceptions for the evocation magics but transmutation and healing magics are far beneath the prowess of women to deal with. Much in the same view, it is frowned upon for men to go outside the village - and in some extreme places the home. Due to their smaller stature, it would be dangerous and foolish to leave without a woman to escort them.

Relationship Ideals

Orcs do not believe in marriage or monogamy. The idea that one woman must always be available to defend a single man is ludicrous. Instead, the tribe as a whole will decide who needs to procreate with who in order to produce the best offspring.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Orcish is the main language of all Orcs. There are three major dialects Dust Orcish (spoken by the Orcs of the Duke's Dust), Central Orcish, and High Orcish (high and central Orcish are spoken in different areas of the Southern Kingdoms).

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Genetic Descendants
Average Height
7 - 8 feet
Average Weight
350 - 450 lbs.
Average Physique
Most all Orcs are built like walls. Even the scholars among them can be hard to move or beat. The women are clearly stronger than most other races.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most Orcs have greenish leathery skin. The color can range from deep green to light lime color.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths

Era of the Gods

... 1236 eh

This is the time when the gods were able to live on Lumenos. Before Mayim's attack and punishment.

  • 1771 eg

    The Attack of the Three Lovers

    Mayim attacked Ados the god of wealth and to his aid Sudon the god of magic and Krutia the god of war came. According to the Dragonfolk, all three were slain but according to the Orcs, the three gods drove Mayim back into the hells. See The Three Lovers and The Defeat of Mayim for more information.

    Additional timelines
  • 2765 eg

    18 Heaven's Heat

    IO uses the Sun Sword

    IO uses the Sun Sword to carve the powers of the sea, storms, and lighting from Mayim. The now weakened Mayim retreated into the hells. IO would claim her old domains and become a goddess.

    Additional timelines

Era of Humanity

1235 eh 1 eh

The Era that was ruled by Humans. The Start is marked by their arrival on Mount Glimmer and the end marked by their extension.

  • 0 EH

    18 Heaven's Heat

    Birth of Humanity

    At the dawn of a new era, Mayim started a war on Mount Celestia and on Lumenos. She attacked the gods and killed them and gave birth to the Humans upon the top of Mount Glimmer.

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    The Birth of Humanity
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  • 6 EH

    16 King's Fall
    414 EH

    8 Saint's Light

    The Dynastic Wars
    Military: War

    This was a series of conflicts in which the Glimmer Dynasty invaded and conquered the known world. Within the first few years, the whole of Grandos was under their control; by the end of the century, Iltham had fallen. It took substantially longer to take the Waterfolk cities, Spire, and Dwarvish Isles but soon, even they fell before the might of the Human military complex. The only city not to be officially concurred was the Free Gnomish City. Most historians agree that once the leaders of the Free City heard about the Leviathan Caelum, or Air Ships as they are known now, they quickly sent word to the Dynasty surrendering the city in all but name. For almost a thousand years the world would remain under Dynastic control.

  • 722 EH

    26 Turning Leaves

    The Magical Protection Act
    Political event

    The Glimmer Dynasty in an attempt to control all forms of magic issued a ban on the use of any magic or magical items by non-humans. Royal security forces arrested hundreds of people for being wizards, sorcerers, and even druids during this time. The ban would last until the forming of the Federal Republic. Records show that many of those arrested under the act were never hear or seen again.

    Additional timelines
  • 1221 EH

    1 Dawn of the Year

    Fall of Humanity
    Plague / Epidemic

    The Human Plague swept across the world quickly and without mercy. The Dynasty was not prepared to deal with it and quickly fell apart. The Orcs were the first to rebel followed by the Merfolk, Dwarves, Elves, and finally the Gnomes. With the aid of the Dragons, they stormed Mount Glimmer and ended the global kingdom known as the Glimmer Dynasty.

    Additional timelines

The Common Era

0 eh and beyond

  • 128 CE

    11 King's Fall

    Thief Without Faith
    Cultural event

    Thief Without Faith was written by Vondor of the Blue Mountain Clan. While initially it was written as a stand alone play, the Church of Marrus and the Guards of Dark Ones would become Vondor's patron as he wrote short stories and plays adding onto Thief Without Faith. This play would become a famous fable within several churches and would even be exported out to the Southern Kingdoms, Duke's Dust, and Confederation of Sea Metropolises.

    Additional timelines
  • 950 CE

    7 Armies March
    973 CE

    16 Frost's Depths

    The Eastern Reconquest
    Military action

    Starting in 950 CE the Federal Republic started to invade the Gnome, and Orc cities to the east of the Captial Region. The conquests would go quickly until the army got to the Bridged Peaks, the Rose Citadel (modern-day Mayim's Gate), and the Free Gnomish City. These three areas took the Federal Army a long time to take if they were able to. The siege of the Rose Citadel took 10 years. It was not until the Federal Army was able to take the Bridged Peaks and fully siege the Rose Citadel from both sides that they were able to breach the walls. The Free Gnmoish City was never taken, after 16 years of a siege, the city showed no signs of wavering so upon the fall of the Rose Citadel the Federal Republic called it a victory and left the Free City.

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    The Eastern Reconquest
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  • 963 CE

    8 Turning Leaves
    973 CE

    13 Dawn of the Year

    Siege of the Rose Citadel
    Military action

    The Federal Republic took the Rose Citadel in a ten year long siege.

    Mayim's Keep
    More reading
    Siege of the Rose Citadel
    Additional timelines
  • 1021 CE

    Invention of the Improved Agricultural Plow
    Discovery, Scientific
  • 1041 CE

    Invention of the Spinning Wheel
    Discovery, Scientific
  • 1211 CE

    5 Glimmering Light

    The Dreamers was Written
    Cultural event

    Doctor Kaufman finished his final work known as The Dreamers. Upon its publishing the poem was assumed to be talking about humans and their greatness but Dr. Kaufman clarified after that it was not about humans, but never stated who was the subject. Since its publishing, it has spread far and wide to be hailed as a great literary work in most cultures. Depending on where you read it words may change to better imply that race is the subject of the poem.

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    The Dreamers
    Additional timelines
  • 1492 CE

    12 Dawn of the Year

    The Temple of Sudon is Attacked
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Temple of Sudon in the Duchesses’ Crown exploded. If you ask a Republican they will tell you that the Duchy exploded their own temple to try and destroy certain records and knowledge. If you ask a Southerner then they will tell you that the Republic sent agents in to destroy it and start a war. Regardless of who is right, this was the last straw that started The Orcish Liberation War and prompted the creation of the War Pax.

  • 1492 CE

    25 Dawn of the Year

    Start of the Orcish Liberation War
    Military action

    The Federal Republic in an attempt to protect the Orcs from causing their own extinction invaded the Duke's Dust. The Free Gnomish City called this unprovoked warmongering and signed the War Pax with the Duke's Dust thereby joining the war. Full time of the war here History of the Orcish Liberation War


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