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Great Pantheon of Gods


Each deity has a church dedicated to them. Much like in the Forgotten Realms, Roman, or Greek mythos deities have friends, family, and enemies. A church dedicated to Vulcan can also have a shrine to Krutia in it, but would never allow followers of Mayim or Dalilu Hewa into the church. The churches are as different as they are many. It completely depends on what the gods is of as to how they will be set up.


Deities of Civilization

  • Odlo god of baking, cooking, and home keeping. Symbol is a father placing a loaf of bread on a plate on a table
  • Zudos goddess of justice and government. Symbol is a scale that is equal, the center fulcrum of the scale is a castle whose highest tower touches the center of the scales
  • Ados god of money, wealth, trade, and contracts. Symbol is a pile of god coins
  • Ivas god of diplomacy and peace. Symbol is a treaty, there are three different kinds a trade treaty, a diplomatic agreement, and a peace treaty
  • Rumos Goddess of the forge and smithing. Symbol is an open forge and hammer
  • Krutia goddess of War. Symbol a white dragon with claws ready to strike

Deities of Knowledge

  • Sudon god of writing, wizards, and magic. Symbol is a gold dragon reading a scroll. Patron to scribes, mages, librarians, and sages
  • Haron god of medicine, alchemy, and healing. Symbol is a mortar and pestle with herbs in it. Patron to doctors, nurses, and the sick
  • Gelmis deity of discovery, invention, and crafting. Symbol is a tower with a cog inset in it. Patron to craftors, inventors, and artoficers.
  • Oneiros Master of Dreams and Nightmares. Symbol is a featureless and shadowy figure.

Deities of Luck

  • Teeus god of good luck and divination. Symbol is a full sun, with a person looking up to it. Patron of the lucky and diviners
  • Eeus goddess of misfortune, trickery, and omens. Symbol is a full moon, with a person looking down at it. Patron of the cursed and fortune readers

Deities of Nature

  • Huthos god of life and birth. Symbol is a child in its mother’s arms
  • Amero deity of death and burial. Symbol is a tree who's branches curl and twist at the end
  • IO goddess of the sea, storms, and wind. Symbol is a raging thunderstorm
  • Oxdion god of the harvest, forest, and growth. Symbol is a forest with a few strands of wheat in front of it

Deities of Passion

  • Davasil god of love, beauty, and youth. Symbol is a young man or a young woman who is beautiful in love
  • Aarae goddess of courage. Symbol is a man or woman standing with a sword raised up, they are sounded by people trying to kill them
  • Calene goddess of protection, endurance, and self-sacrifice. Symbol is a shield
  • Marrus god of music, art, and literature. Symbol is a painting of a singing book
  • Azmir god of pain, suffering, and the oppressed. Symbol is a whip striking a back

Gods of Creation

  • Xuanwu deity of earth, rock, and land. Symbol is a rock.
  • Vulcan god of fire and the sun. Symbol is a dragon face with a red background.
  • Mayim goddess of the hells, pain, and misery. Symbol is two lightning bolts striking the top of a mountain

Saints of the Hells

  • Necrozim goddess of dark magic, immortality, and undeath. Symbol is a skeletal hand outstretched upwards. Patron to necromancers, the undead, and liches
  • Vecna god of forgotten knowledge, lies, and secrets. Symbol is a smiling mouth that is closed. Patron to spies, murders, thieves, assassins, charlatans, and evil mages
  • Lamera goddess of natural disasters. Symbol is an erupting volcano
  • Night Queen goddess of winter, fear, and the night.
  • Dradite goddess of poison and killing. Symbol is a drop of poison in the upper right corner and a drop of blood in the upper left with a dying person in the center
  • Krimon goddess of Temptation and jealousy. Symbol is a smiling man or woman with gold, gems, food, and or drinks in front of them
  • Junom goddess of Madness. Symbol is a crazed wizard casting spells at random
  • Ydon goddess of hunger, famine, and injustice. Symbol is a child dying of starvation
  • Ummera a goddess of tyranny and corruption. Symbol is three melting crowns forming a triangle

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce


The Great Pantheon views the Ancestors and Spirits as agents of the gods. Those who worship the Spirits and Ancestors view the gods of the Great Pantheon as just other spirits.


The temples of the Great Pantheon view the worship of the Sun and Moon as just another god in the pantheon. The Church of the Sun and Moon see the Great Pantheon as an ally but misguided. They work together when it comes to temples to the Sun or Moon but the Church of the Sun and Moon generally keep their distance beyond that.

Formal Inquisitions

The temples of the Great Pantheon view the worship of Mayim as devil worship and seek to stop it. The High Church views the many gods of the Pantheon as an incredible threat and seeks to end their churches and temples. Generally a nation that allows one will not allow the other.

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