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Church of Ados

Mythology & Lore

See the Tale of the Three Lovers. Ados is a lover with Sudon and Krutia.

Divine Origins

The Church of Ados was created following Ados' return to the heavens and the end of Mayim's war against the gods. He left behind a single book to help guild his followers to wealth and prosperity. The Wealth of Nations has been translated, interpreted, and reprinted more times than one can count and is still seen as the holiest book to the Church of Ados.    Ados god of money, wealth, trade, and contracts. Symbol is a pile of gold coins.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Once your word is given you must do what was said
  2. Every agreement ought to be written down
  3. The exchange of goods for other goods or money is a holy transaction
  4. Displays of wealth - donations, patronage of sciences or arts, lands, and material items - are signs of Ados' favor
  5. Once should never turn down paths of new business


Temples to Ados look quite similar to a bank. Large dark wood doors leading into a grand marble hall with tellers at the far end. However, as you ensure these buildings you can see to your left and right there are gathering halls/areas that allow the faithful of Ados to give advice and tips on trade deals and the like. This giving of financial and business advice is viewed as a most holy act, the better the outcome the more holy the person who gave the advice to you was. Those who are not members of the priesthood worship Ados by giving donations, commissioning art to be made, and funding signentific research.  


Funerary Rights for the Churches of the Three Lovers
Tradition / Ritual | Apr 16, 2023

When someone dies their body is brought to the nearest priests of Amero. It is important to prepare the body properly for the holy flames to purify the soul for the afterlife.


The priests wear emerald and sapphire colored robes with gold filigree on them. The title of priest of Ador is bought by the faithful from the church. They generally keep the jobs that made them enough money to buy this title. There are far more priests of Ador than needed since they are not able to work as often as the dedicated preists of other temples. There is a single high priest for each temple that runs its operations and conumincats with the other temples.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Church of Ador has monopolized the creation, signing, and arbitrating of contracts and trade deals. It is normal for guilds, businesses, and nobles to seek out a Priest of Ador to oversee any mercantile dealings. The Church of Ador is also one of the world's largest banks, many find great comfort in keeping their money in the bank of the god of wealth. The bank has grown so large that it now keeps the funds of many of the Southern Kingdoms, the Duke's Dust, and many of the Dwarvish Clans.


There are two sects of the Church. The Genrows make it a point to give out wealth to others rather than keeping it themselves. The Personas hoard wealth for themselves and only their closest kin. The two sects generally do not get along do to this stark difference in interpretation.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Religious, Organised Religion
Parent Organization

Portrait of Ados


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