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The Creation Story

At the start, there were four gods Terrathal (a Zartan and the deity of earth), Vulcan (a red dragon and the god of fire), Mayim (a storm giant and the goddess of water), and Dalilu Hewa (a Djinni and the god of air). Terrathal grew lonely so on the back of his shell he grew plants and gave animals life. This was the start of the mortals. Upon their creation the mortals revered Terrathal and worshiped them. Mayim saw this and grew angry she tricked Terrathal into allowing her to fill much of his back with water and then used this water to great thunderstorms, floods, and damage the land. Vulcan saw this and came to the defense of the mortals. Granting the mortals, the command of fire he forced the darkness back and caused the water to evaporate. Dalilu Hewa saw that the forces of good were gaining the faith and trust of the mortals so he brought great everchanging winds. The gods of good – Terrathal and Vulcan – forced a divide between Mayim and Dalilu Hewa. Forcing Mayim below the earth and Dalilu into the skies. Terrathal and Vulcan would live on the earth as guardians to keep the forces of evil separate.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Date of First Recording
Date of Setting
Prior to all civilization


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