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Confederation of Sea Metropolises


The confederation is made up of four major metropolises.
  1. Aqurus – The original city of all merfolk and unofficial capital of the CSM. Located in the center of the Majestic Sea. This is where production of jewelry and luxury items occurs
  2. Doton – Located off of the north west of Ilthim this city is only a week’s journey from the Draconia sight. This is where magic items, weapons, and machines are produced
  3. Tsura – Located off the north of the Dwarvish Isles. This is where most mining and extraction occur.
  4. Vapon – The newest metropolis. It is located in the Expanse, about half way between Grandos and Spire. This is where ship building and goods production occurs.
Each city is a member of the Confederation voluntarily and should they wish they can leave. The goal of the Confederation is the mutual protection and enrichment of all cities. To that end each city has fifteen representatives to the Confederation Council of Lawmakers. This council is what determines tariffs, treaties, and laws that affect the whole Confederation. All sixty representatives must agree on a proposal for it to take affect at the Confederation level. This does not happen often so most laws are dealt with on the city level by the City's Council of Lawmakers. Each city government is run the same way. Governmental positions are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Since wealth is seen as a sign of cunning and intelligence the richest run the city. Upon buying a position you are expected to complete the duties of it, if you don’t your business / personal accounts will be fined or shut down. This is the same for the confederation as a whole. The represintive to the confederation is an auctioned position.


Wealth is law. There is no difference between the rich and the powerful. Since wealth is held as a core pillar to this society nothing is free. Even those who have children expect their child to repay them in some way. Charity does not exist, if someone gives you bread they will expect you to work for them in exchange. A more rawly capitalistic society does not exist.

Public Agenda

The Confederation's goal is to build the best and richest civilization in history. By refusing taxation and guilds the rich are allowed to expand their wealth unimpededly. The Confederation keep open lines of trade with all nations and has strong public campaigns to build trust in their products while spreading distrust in other products.


The Confederation has the largest and most powerful underwater military presence. They are also tied with the Free Gnomish City for the wealthist government, though both will always claim that title.


Through history the Confederation has build many wonders around the world. The Golden Tubes that connect each of the cites is seen as the best transpiration infrastructure in the world. The Emerald Shipyard was build by the city of Tsura for the Gnomes as a part of a mutual trade deal.

Demography and Population

Almost all the population lives with the bubbles of the four major cities. Those who live within the cities are predominantly Saltwater Merfolk (75%), however, there are some gnomes (5%), dwarves (5%), and other (15%).


Most of the ocean is considered owned by the Confederation. However, the only lands that the Confederation manages is the cities.


The Confederation has a well equipped navy of submarines. They have ground troops but they are more ceremonial than functional. Due to the cities being underwater it is almost impossible for other nations to attack them without destroying the submarines.

Technological Level

With regards to machinal, electric, and construction the Confederation is leading the world. They are not as advanced in magical areas but more than make up for this with raw scientific power. The Confederation is the only nation with the technology on how to build and operate submarines.


All four cities have temples to all major gods in the pantheon and most minor ones. Religion is highly transactional here. Donations and gifts are the way to the church's heart. There are few sermons or speeches since time is money but on major holidays for a god their temple will hold a gathering.

Foreign Relations

The Confederation keeps good relations with all nations, especially the Dwarfs. Due to the Confederation being the major producer of all finished goods other nations are highly discouraged from attacking or insulting them.


All citizens of the Confederation go to three levels of schooling grammar, vocation, and apprenticeship. If someone does not go to one or more of these then they have a very difficult time getting work within the Confederation and will generally leave or take an undesirable job. The apprenticeship is the longest time commitment, normally lasting around 10-15 years. This is what determines what occupation they will go into.


Each city is built to be a grand display of wealth and power. The whole city is encased in a glass or magic bubble to allow air to be kept underwater. The buildings are made of stone, metal, and sometimes gems. The more expensive the material the more powerful the owner. Connecting each of these cities is an elaborate tube system. Each of these tubes are built from glass and valuable metals. Their goal was first to connect Aqurus to Doton but when the other cities saw this they imminently built their own as signs of wealth.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

The Best and Brightest

Founding Date
1236 eh
Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
The Confederation, the CSM
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
  • Pearls - Gold Coin
  • Conch Shell - Silver Coin
  • Turret Shell - Copper Coin
Note all three of these much have the official mark of the Confederation Mint
Legislative Body
The Council of Lawmakers
Judicial Body
The Court of Coins
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

Open Trade Agreement

The two nations have had only a few disputes. Due to the Confederations strong non interference policy they do not care what the Federal Republic does so long as the Republic buys the Confederation's goods.

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