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Free Gnomish City


There are four Merchant Princes that run the city. Each one holding a monopoly on a section of goods traded within the city. The four princes are the most powerful within the city, as such the businesses that are represented by a prince change from time to time. Currently, there is a Prince of Agricultural, Arms and Armor, Crafts and Furniture, and Sea Goods and Ships. The Princes meet in council regularly to deal with the governmental business of the city. While it is the Princes making all final decisions many of the actual plans and work are done by a core of bureaucrats loyal to each prince. These bureaucrats will take the orders of the council and enact them across the city.


Centuries of plots, schemes, and assassinations have created a culture of polite mistrust. No one wants to be rude or impolite just in case the person they are dealing with has the power to harm them, however, no one trusts anyone within the Free City. The Merchant Princes have constructed major networks of spies and informants to keep tabs on almost every citizen and those who disobey the princes are quickly found missing or exiled. All Freemen know that to live in the Free City is to be at the center of cultural and culinary advancement at the expense of always being under threat. What started as simple eating rituals have turned into night long parties and celebrations, that any good citizen will go to in order to improve their public image. In the Free City, your name and image are everything. So, you will do everything to keep it perfect.

The Free Gnomish City at Night


Public Agenda

The official agenda of the Free City is to promote diplomatic, cultural, and trade relations between it and all nations. This goal has not always been easy but in resent years deals with the Federal Republic, Duke's Dust, Dwarvish Isles, and the Southern Kingdoms have made it the trade capital of the world.


The Free City does not have any official troops in times of war or conflict adventures are employed on mass to defend the walls and aid the police force. Due to this mercenary military the Free City keeps large stores of gold, silver, magic items, and gems on hand to pay for these services. The Free City's trade fleet is the second largest in the world, next to only the Dwarvish Isles. The city's largest asset is the defensive walls surrounding the city. These walls have stood for eras without ever having been breached. The Human's flying ships could not even cause them to break. It is largely said that the city is impossible to take since the walls will never fall.

Demography and Population

Most of the Free City is made up of Gnomes . However, a growing population of Merfolk and Dragonfolk are buying residences within the city.


While there is an official sate religion it is legal, and sometimes encouraged, to worship other gods. The Great Pantheon and the Sun and Moon are the two largest religions within the city.

Foreign Relations

A defensive pack has been signed with the Duke's Dust. A formal War between the Duke's Dust and Free City against the Federal Republic is currently on going. The Dwarvish Clans are trade allies with the Free City.

Agriculture & Industry


Due to years of being sieged the Free City has built extensive underground farms that produce mushrooms and other products that require little light to grow. These underground farms have the capability of feeding the whole city if needed. During peace times these farms produce foods and fabrics that are stored in reserves owned by the Agricultural Prince. If these stores are needed they can be opened up and sold to the public within the hour.


Not all of the Princes produce goods within the city. Most of the production of the princes is done in other cities in factories owned by them. However, the Free City does produces some goods. These are mainly luxury goods and things that do not require heavy industry. Books, luxury clothing and furniture, and magic items. The largest industry within the city is the construction and maintaining of ships - both war and trade ships.

Trade & Transport

The Free City is the trade hub of the world, if you need something you will find it in the city. Most trade comes in though the Emerald Shipyard and is then sent out the shipyard or up the Scented River. Most lines of transportation to and from the city by land are maintained by the Federal Republic or Duke's Dust. The only thing that the City takes great care to maintain is the Scented River and the delta that the city is built on.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Dwarnom - Gold - Security

Founding Date
13th of Flower's Bloom in the year 2454 ee
Geopolitical, City-state
Alternative Names
Free City, Gnomish City, Great Walled City
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
The Free City did away with coin money some years ago and replaced it with small paper slips called Bills. Each Bill has a unique number that can be traced if needed. Each Bill is worth about one gold coin. If a unit smaller than a Bill is needed there is a Half Bill and Quarter Bill.
Legislative Body
The Merchant Prince Council
Judicial Body
The Prince's Court
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

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