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Church of IO

Mythology & Lore

IO was once a paladin of Vulcan. It was during The Deities' War that IO served as the most loyal and powerful servant of Vulcan. She was tasked with creating the Sun Sword and using it against Mayim. IO then became the God of the sea, storms, and wind. Symbol is a raging thunderstorm with a woman grabbing lighting from the heavens.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Strength is power
  2. Fear is the greatest weakness
  3. Never endure a storm alone, allies are always welcome
  4. No one person is worth more than another, all are equal when the storm claims them
  5. Enter a storm unready and it will kill you without issue


IO asks her followers to be bold and courageous. She wants her followers to address challenges head on and without reservation. Followers who succeeded in overcoming these challenges are seen as holy, strong, and with respect. These challenges can be physical - storms or fights -, mental - puzzles or problems -, or emotional - depression or anxiety.   During storms and in preparation for sailing it is customary to offer prayers and a small sacrifice to IO in one of her temples.    The temples of IO are constructed with a great pool of water set in front of its main entrance. Followers are meant to travel into the water and cross to the other side, symbolizing the wading through challenges and trials. After the pool, there are small alcoves where a few people can sit and pray to IO.   Prayer is done in the form of verbal chanting. Prayer just in one's mind is unless as it is only done by one, where as, chanting allows for one's allies to stand with them in prayer.


The priesthood of IO is known as the Order of Storm Callers. The priests of this order wear deep blues and small gold lines. The blue to represent the sea and power of IO's domain and the gold to show respect to that who gave the goddess her powers, Vulcan. There are only two ranks of priests at any temple. A priest and the head priest. The head priest is seen as a 'first among equals' rather than a superior. A head priest is named such so he or she may speak with the voice of that temple at the Storm Council, a head priest is also known as Councilmen/woman. Someone hoping to join the Order of Storm Callers must be tried by many challenges, each one more physically difficult than the last. The final challenge takes place atop the temple where the storm callers live up to their name. A thunderstorm is summoned and a bolt of lightning is sent down as a final test of the initiate. It is said few ever fail this part of the test, "for IO will not harm one of her own."
While each temple is self sufficient there is a Storm Council that governs the church as a whole. The Storm Council is a collection of all the Head Priests from every temple around the world. The Storm Council is healed within the Central Temple, located in the city of Aqurus. Due to the neverending work of the council many of the Head Priests will live within the city so they can easily conduct their work, however, they make frequent trips back to their home temples throughout the year.
One of the most well known members of the priesthood was Councilmen Zen Tudo. He was the head priest of the Central Temple and would go on to become the head of the Storm Council. His most notable work would be Storm's Sound, Meditations on the Teachings of IO. A section of his work can be read here
The sea sat still. The Queen of Hell had lost her command over air and sea. It now sat untamed and without command. In this moment of confusion, Vulcan forced Mayim and all those who aided her into the hells. The gods themselves withdrew into the heavens, locking the gates of both Heaven and Hell. IO was brought with the gods. For her work, she was rewarded with the sea. She would now and forevermore be the Goddess of the Sea and Commander of the Sun Sword.
— Councilmen Zen Tudo, Storm's Sound

Political Influence & Intrigue

Most navy ships of the Southern Kingdoms, Confederation of Sea Metropolises, and the Duke's Dust have a priest of IO on them. The admiralty of these nations are blessed by the priests of IO, if these priests refuse to give their blessing the crew of ships will refuse to serve under them.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Religious, Organised Religion
Parent Organization
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