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The Three Lovers


Sudon, Krutia, and Ados were having a secret affair with each other. They did not wish the other gods to know so they hid it from the gods and the mortals. This secret was kept for centries until Mayim attacked the other gods. When the Queen of Hell attempted to kill Ados both Sudon and Krutia rushed to his aid. Their alliance was then revealed to the world. This was the first formal alliance between gods, before now all the gods had kept cordial relations but never intervened to help each other. Consequently the gods of good banned together and fought Mayim - leading to the events of The Imprisonment of Mayim.   After the dust had settled the mortals began to ask themselves how they could be fooled so easily. In reflection, they saw that war, wealth, and magic had all be closely connected. War brought great wealth to those who won, great wealth brought new magical research and abilities, and new magic often leads to war. Since then the connection of war, wealth, and magic has been kept in mind as officials and peoples set about their business.     Sudon - Gold Dragon god of writing, scribes, and magic;   Krutia - White Dragon goddess of war; and   Ados - Blue Dragon god of wealth, trade, and contracts.

Historical Basis

The gods never confirmed or denied the above events and records do show that when Mayim attacked Ados both Sudon and Krutia came to his aid. Historically the connection between war, wealth, and magic is also correct. The best example of this would be the Glimmer Dynasty. The Dynasty was the wealthiest nation to ever exist and they were also the most warlike. Most of the time these wars would involve the creation of new magical abilities or items - such as the Airships of old.


This story is common knowledge to most people of Lumenos.

Variations & Mutation

The only major variation is inside the Republican telling of it. Their telling ends the story with the discretion of the three lovers as a tale that no amount of wealth, knowledge, or power can protect you from the Queen of Hell when she calls upon you.

Cultural Reception

Inside of the churches of the three lovers this story is viewed as a sort of creation myth. It is highly important and has many other stories built upon it. The churches of Sudon, Ados, and Krutia will use this story in their sermons and conversation quite often.    The church of Sudon uses it to say that if the three lovers had announced their alliance beforehand that Mayim would have killed all three of them - the moral being that all knowledge should be shared but at the right time.    The church of Ados uses it to say that the agreement of the three lovers protected each of them - moral being to never break a contract lest it could lead to your downfall.   The church of Krutia uses it to say that one of the three lovers could not have taken Mayim alone but all three were able to drive her back - moral being it is always good to have allies at your back and one should avoid standing alone.

In Literature

Many bardic poems, stories, and songs have been created about this event. This story has also been written many times, some with slight embellishments for the story's sake. There is a popular version of this story that is commonly told to children inside the Southern Kingdoms.

In Art

Paintings, sculptures, tapestries, and other objects have been created to tell the story of the three lovers. Most churches of Sudon, Ados, and Krutia have some kind of art depicting this story. Generally artwork depicting the tale of the three lovers is put on clear and open display.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Date of First Recording
Mid Era of the Gods (Era of the Elders)
Date of Setting
Early in the Era of the Gods (Era of the Elders)
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