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Church of Calene


Guardians take a solemn oath when they join the church to always aid and protect their fellow members. This oath creates a brotherhood between Guardians and an understanding that aid is never far as long as they live. Because of this, Guardians are quite friendly and kind to one another. They always assume that another Guardian would never do anything wrong, so they will protect each other's honor as vigorously as they would their own.

Public Agenda

The Church of Calene wants to eradicate any people, organizations, and nations that cause peoples' unjust suffering. In modern times their main adversaries have been with the Federal Republic and the High Church of Mayim. The Church of Calene has pledged the efforts of all members to ongoing conflicts regarding these organizations.


The church does not keep large amounts of wealth on hand; most of everything donated is then spent on combat implementations. While The Church of Krutia has the largest army, the Church of Calene has some of the best trained individuals and small groups. Calene focuses more on the individual; as such, their troops are better one on one than The Church of Krutia.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Guardians will always aid guardians, no matter the cost
  2. The weak must be protected
  3. Trials of endurance are the tests of Calene
  4. Blood spilled in order to save a life will be rewarded
  5. Those who have wronged others must pay
  6. Give what you have to those who have not


There are three principal virtues, according to Calene strength, dexterity, and cunningness. Since one does not ever know where tyranny or injustice will strike, the faithful must always have these virtues honed and at the ready. Whether it be a small child starving on the streets or a lich killing masses, it falls to the followers of Calene to step in. Fear, worry, and cowardice have no place in the heart of a Guardian.


Calene finds little use in prayers. Instead, she prefers Guardians who take action. The most central form of worship in the church is to practice and maintain one of the three principal virtues. Those who follow the virtue of strength will spend hours a week at the temple lifting weights, sword training, and climbing. Those who follow the virtue of dexterity spend that time running, swimming, and shooting. Those who follow cunningness will study maps, battle plans, and fortification engineering. While some take on more than one virtue, this is not common since practicing these virtues is not enough. You must do something with them. Apart from this central form of worship, followers of Calene will then take these virtues out into the world to fight back suffering and injustice. This action can be small acts like breaking up a bar fight or significant feats such as fighting on the just side of a war.


Most who enter the priesthood of Calene are former city guards, military officers, or adventures. For one reason or another, they found themselves drawn to the hallowed halls of Calene. The priesthood has a strict structure. Orders are given and expected to be followed by all under members. At the top of this structure is the Archguardian. He serves as the lord or pope of the church with the ability to make any decision he wishes. Under him fall the heads of each order. There are three major orders. The Order of Shields is where most clerics are placed. Their main goal is to protect and heal anyone in need. The Ord of Strength is the significant paladin order. Their goal is to take up arms against fear, tyranny, and injustice. Finally, the Order of Sacrifice is who runs and manages the churches and temples. Their goal is the protection of those within and the proselyting of Calene's message within the community.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

The First and Last Defense

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Portrait of Calene


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