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My WorldEmber Pledge 2023

Work in progress!
ORC License
Slightly NSFW!
I am going to refine many articles of Bridgeport County as this is the starter region of my campaign and it needs a lot of finishing touches. All relevant articles will be tagged with we2023.  

Mini Meta


  • Bridgeport County
  • Player character related things like archetypes, ancestries, homeland, backstory, plot hooks.
Bridgeport Brawl by Tillerz using Midjourney

Themes, Mood, Goals, Inspiration

  • Goal: Finish all articles that are needed for starting off a campaign in the specified area.
  • Themes: Intrigue, Mystery, Exploration, Introduction to the concepts of the world
  • Inspired by: Game of Thrones, Indiana Jones, Pulp Novels, Sherlock Holmes, Torchwood, Tombraider, Warehouse 13, X-Files

Refinement for Campaign


Western Continent

Optional Topics


Western Continent

  • the duck community of Paddlewick
  • locations in and around it
  • factions
  • NPCs
  • plot hooks for everything
  • the pirate city of Kamonson
  • locations around it
  • factions
  • more NPCs besides the two pirate captains
  • plot hooks for everything
  • Magramine

  • the flying dwarven city of Skulk
  • locations around it
  • factions: the different cartels, the royal family, the Titanforged
  • NPCs: cartel leaders, the king, the leader of the rebellion
  • plot hooks for everything

Eastern Continent

  • Region: Han
  • Settlement: Ojiro
  • Settlement: The Golden City

Mag Mell - Realm of the Fae

  • Pseudo Dragons - species
  • Elsbeth Nutmeg - character
  • Winter Court (led by Oberon)
  • prominent members
  • location
  • Summer Court (led by Titania)
  • location
  • Shadow Court (led by the Spider Queen)
  • prominent members
  • Spider Queen
  • location
  • Midsummer Night People
  • prominent members
  • faction
  • location
  • prominent members
  • The Wild Hunt (led by Creiddylad)
  • prominent members
  • Creiddylad
  • locations
  • plot hooks for everything

Homepage Check

  All ok. Already cleaned that up for the last Dimi mission (e.g., introduction article to the world).  

Finished Articles

Cover image: article-header-document by Tillerz using MidJourney


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19 Nov, 2023 20:32

Good luck meeting your goal and refining Bridgeport County. I hope you have a great WorldEmber! :)

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Grandmaster Piggie4299
Jacqueline Taylor
20 Nov, 2023 12:31

I like that you set this up as an actual check list. That seems like it would be really handy when it comes to knowing what to write next.

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30 Nov, 2023 13:19

Good luck on your quest for 10k during WorldEmber this year! :D   What article do you think you'll start off with?

Journals of Yesteryear
You're invited to explore my new world!
1 Dec, 2023 09:22

Any of the Bridgeport ones, that's the campaign starter city, that city needs more FLESH on the bones. :P

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