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Archetype: Swashbuckler

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Swashbuckler by by Tillerz using MidJourney
Swashbucklers, adept swordsmen, frequently partake in duels and confrontations to protect their honor or rescue damsels in distress. They've gained renown for their flamboyant and nimble combat techniques, employing a blend of agility, quickness, and ingenious strategies to overcome adversaries. Whether swinging from chandeliers, traversing packed rooms atop willing shoulders, or battling on a speeding carriage, these feats are their forte, executed with flair and finesse.   Affinity: Air
Earning Skill: Charm
Primary Characteristics: Agility and Fellowship


Building the Backstory

  These questions don't have to get answered and written down in detail, they are just there to make your think about your hero, but the answers can help the gamemaster to set up connections and stories related to your character.  
  • What drew you to the life of a swashbuckler, and what event or duel solidified your reputation as a dashing and skilled combatant?
  • Describe a memorable confrontation with a rival or adversary. How did it unfold, and what was the outcome?
  • What is your personal code of honor when it comes to combat, dueling, or piracy? Are there lines you won't cross?
  • Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your charm and charisma proved as valuable as your swordsmanship? What happened?
  • What are your long-term aspirations as a swashbuckler? Do you seek fame, fortune, or a particular legendary treasure?


A character begins with all the abilities and features listed in the Novice tier. If there are multiple choices available, the unselected options can be acquired as the character advances through gameplay. Upon reaching specific milestones, the character can advance to the next tier. However, certain traits from those higher tiers must be earned through effort and accomplishment.   Legend: Companion Gadget Mutation Potion Scroll Spell Talent

✠ Novice

  • Status: Silver 1
  • Skills: Bribery, Charm, Climb, Cool, Dodge, Haggle, Melee (Basic), Sleight of Hand, Stealth
  • Talents: Attractive, Distract, Step Aside, The Floor Is Lava
  • Trappings: A very fancy Hat, Peacock Feather, Grappling Hook, Sling Bag, Leather Jack, Leather Leggings, Flask of Spirits, Sword
A very fancy Hat
Fine quality hats are status symbols in Farenia's towns and cities. The more flamboyant the hat, the better. Trait: Donning this hat adorned with a sweeping ostrich feather creates an aura that naturally encourages people to maintain a respectful distance from you.   The Floor Is Lava
You excel in traversing rooms atop furniture, handrails, or even other people, effortlessly swinging on chandeliers or sliding down curtains. Movement penalties become inconsequential when such props are at your disposal.

♟ Adept

  • Status: Silver 3
  • Skills: Consume Alcohol, Gamble, Ranged (Blackpowder)
  • Talents: Combat Reflexes, Etiquette, Fast Shot, Reversal
  • Trappings: Rapier, Pistol, Improvised Shot and Powder
  TODO - add everything  

♜ Master

  • Status: Silver 5
  • Skills: Athletics, Sail, Swim
  • Talents: Ambidextrous, Disarm, Dual Wielder, Riposte, Strike to Injure
  • Trappings: Eye patch, Small shot and Powder, Swordbreaker
  TODO - add everything  

♛ Legend

  • Status: Gold 1
  • Skills: Navigate
  • Talents: Combat Master, Menacing, Reaction Strike, Strike to Stun, Secret Identity
  • Trappings: Bullet and Powder, Smallsword
  TODO - add everything

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Ich liebe den Trait: "Der Boden ist Lava", dies erlaubt den Spielern auch mal über mehr als nur "Wo steht der Gegner" nach zu denken!
Und es passt so schön zu diesem Typus, ich meine was ist ein Swashbuckler der nie in seinem Leben einen Kronleuchter als Flucht oder Angriffsmethode genutzt hat. - Hätte vielleicht noch "you don't get any enviormental damage from jumping through windows - nether from the broken glas nor from the fall as long as there are trees, bushes or awning in reach." zugepasst.

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    Ja, da kommt noch mehr, der Archetyp ist noch nicht komplett. :)

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