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Archetype: Scout

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Scouts are often contracted by landowners to perform a vital task: assessing potential risks that might range from cunning thieves and marauding warbands to invading armies or the lurking danger of wild animals. They are also sought after by intrepid explorers who yearn to uncover extraordinary landmarks and identify prime sites for establishing settlements or fortifications. Furthermore, they possess expertise in crafting intricate traps to capture animals. This task serves two purposes: removing a threat to safeguard the community or utilizing the animals' meat, skin, and pelts as valuable and sustainable resources.   Trailblazers of the Unknown: Scouts pioneer the unknown. They don't just walk the beaten path; they forge new ones, mapping the uncharted territories they tread upon. Their uncanny ability to find hidden routes and shortcuts often shaves precious time off arduous journeys.   Masters of Stealth: Stealth is their second nature. Scouts move softly and undetected. Even the keenest observers cannot detect them because they blend into their environment. This talent not only helps them evade danger but also makes them formidable ambush predators when the need arises.   Trapcraft Experts: Scouts are skilled craftsmen when it comes to traps. They can fashion snares, pitfalls, and intricate mechanisms to catch all sorts of animals. Many scouts earn their keep by capturing rare and exotic animals, which they sell to collectors and menageries.   Fleet-footed and Agile: Scouts are swift. They can outrun most opponents faster than a summer breeze. Their agility knows no bounds, whether they are climbing trees or navigating rocky terrain with ease.  
  Role in the Party The scout's role in a party is primarily that of an explorer, tracker, and reconnaissance specialist. They excel at navigating uncharted territories, uncovering hidden paths, and providing valuable information to the group.   Affinity: Earth
Earning Skill: Perception
Primary Characteristics: Initiative, Agility


Building the Backstory

  These questions don't have to get answered and written down in detail, they are just there to make your think about your hero, but the answers can help the gamemaster to set up connections and stories related to your character.  
  • What led you to become a scout, and how did you acquire your tracking and survival skills?
  • Describe a particularly dangerous wilderness or espionage mission you've undertaken. What were the key challenges, and how did you succeed?
  • Have you formed strong bonds with other scouts or adventurers during your travels? Who are your closest companions, and what do you value most about those relationships?
  • How do you handle moments of isolation or solitude in the wild? What thoughts or memories keep you company during those times?
  • What drives you to explore uncharted territories and uncover hidden threats or secrets in the wilderness?


A character begins with all the abilities and features listed in the Novice tier. If there are multiple choices available, the unselected options can be acquired as the character advances through gameplay. Upon reaching specific milestones, the character can advance to the next tier. However, certain traits from those higher tiers must be earned through effort and accomplishment.   Legend: Companion Gadget Mutation Potion Scroll Spell Talent

✠ Novice

  • Status: Brass 3
  • Skills: Athletics, Climb, Endurance, Heal, Lore (Geography), Navigation, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Ranged, Set Trap, Stealth, Track
  • Talents: Hunter's Eye, Orientation, Rover, Trapper
  • Trappings: Bow and 10 Arrows, Hand Weapon, Leather Jack, Sturdy Boots and Cloak
Eagle's Eye Spy Glass

♟ Adept

  • Status: Brass 5
  • Skills: Animal Care, Animal Training
  • Talents: Animal Affinity, Hardy, Night Vision, Sprinter
  • Trappings: Mail Shirt, Tent
Animal Companion
A loyal and trained animal ally, such as a dog, wolf, owl, or hawk, which assists the scout in various tasks.

♜ Master

  • Status: Silver 3
  • Talents: Acute Sense, Sixth Sense, Strong Legs, Sturdy
  • Trappings: Maps

♛ Legend

  • Status: Silver 5
  • Talents: Scale Sheer Surface, Tenacious
  • Trappings:
Hunting Lodge

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This is just a "wow" - NIce construction and layout that places the archetype in the play context. I'm awfully curious about some of the systems as I an an inveterate systems tinkerer and always reading more game systems to swipe ideas from!

Dec 5, 2023 15:06 by Tillerz

The listed talents are all Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e. This is one of the nicer systems on Foundry, percentile based with levels of success, and it has most of the things I want to a system. :)

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