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The Queenshaven-Makari Steam Engine Train

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A Journey of Progress and Protest


The Planning Phase

The grand vision of connecting Queenshaven, the capital of the Farenian Empire, to Makari, the vibrant city of the kendric people known as the Allegro, was conceived during the reign of King Rahin Joran of Farenia. The ambitious project aimed to bolster trade, improve transportation, and unify the disparate regions of the Empire. However, this vision was met with a mixed reception, particularly from the faefolk inhabiting the verdant regions surrounding Makari.   The initial plans for the rail track sparked heated debates in the Imperial Council. While many saw the economic benefits and the promise of progress, others voiced concerns about the environmental and social impacts. The region around Makari was more than just a piece of land; it was a sanctuary for numerous faefolk, as well as a treasure trove of ancient trees and magical flora.  

Construction of the train

The steam engine train, a marvel of modern engineering, was meticulously constructed and assembled in the grand workshops of Queenshaven. This monumental task was entrusted to a team of highly skilled engineers from Gnomingen, a city renowned for its mechanical prowess and innovative spirit. Leading this formidable group was the ingenious Quirky Strackzacken.   Quirky Strackzacken and her team approached the project with unparalleled dedication. Known for her inventive mind and unconventional methods, Quirky's leadership brought a unique blend of precision and creativity to the construction process. The team faced numerous challenges, from sourcing the finest materials to crafting the intricate components that would power the locomotive.
The train itself was a sight to behold. Gleaming brass and polished steel were intertwined to form a machine that was both functional and aesthetically stunning. Every cog, wheel, and piston was crafted with the utmost care, ensuring that the train would not only perform efficiently but also serve as proof of gnomish craftsmanship.   As the train neared completion, excitement in Queenshaven grew. The project was not just about building a locomotive; it symbolised progress, unity, and the merging of tradition with innovation. When the final bolt was tightened and the engine roared to life for the first time, it was a moment of triumph for Quirky Strackzacken and her team.
Steamengine Train by Tillerz using MJ

Construction of the rail tracks

Despite the objections, the project moved forward, driven by the promise of modernization and economic prosperity. Significant challenges, both technical and social, marked the construction phase. Engineers and labourers toiled to clear a path through the dense forests, harvesting trees for construction materials and carving through the natural landscape to lay the tracks.   This destruction of natural habitats did not go unnoticed. The faefolk, deeply connected to the land and its mystical properties, saw the railroad as a violation of their sacred spaces. Ancient groves, which had stood for millennia, were felled to make way for the steam engine’s path. The very essence of the region, imbued with magic and history, seemed to wither under the relentless march of progress.  

The Protests

As construction progressed, protests erupted. The faefolk, along with sympathetic Allegro and environmental advocates, organised rallies, sit-ins, and acts of civil disobedience. They called for the preservation of their homeland and an end to the destruction of their sacred groves. These protests were not mere demonstrations; they were heartfelt pleas to protect a way of life that was inextricably linked to the natural world.   One of the most poignant moments of resistance came when groups of faefolk and kendric chained themselves to the ancient trees marked for felling. Their actions, though ultimately unable to halt the construction, drew significant attention to their cause. The protests also saw the involvement of Allegro leaders, who, despite internal disagreements, rallied behind the common cause of environmental preservation.  

The Aftermath

The railway was completed, and the steam engine train now connects Queenshaven to Makari, symbolising progress and the unyielding advance of industrialization. As a compromise with the faefolk, substantial sections of the track were elevated on stilts to minimize the impact on the natural environment. However, the scars left by the construction are still visible. The once lush and magical landscape bears the marks of human intervention, and the relationship between the Empire and the faefolk remains strained.   Pippa Sonata, who later took over as the elected leader of the Allegro, inherited this legacy of tension and unresolved conflict. She has since worked tirelessly to heal the wounds left by the railway’s construction, advocating for the restoration of the damaged environment and seeking ways to integrate progress with preservation.  


2825 PB
Initial Proposal: King Rahin Joran proposes the grand vision of connecting Queenshaven to Makari via a steam engine train to enhance trade, transportation, and unity within the Farenian Empire.
Council Debates: The Imperial Council engages in heated debates over the potential economic benefits versus the environmental and social impacts on the faefolk and the kendric region.  
2827 PB
Approval of Project: Despite objections from environmental advocates and faefolk representatives, the Imperial Council approves the project, driven by promises of modernization and economic prosperity.  
2828 PB
Preliminary Surveys: Engineers and surveyors begin preliminary studies and mapping of the proposed route, encountering initial resistance from the faefolk who inhabit the dense forests around Makari.  
2830 PB
Construction Begins: The construction of the Queenshaven-Makari railroad officially begins, marking the start of a significant transformation in the region. A team of tinkerers from Gnomingen is commissioned to construct the steam train.  
2831 PB
Protests Erupt: As the destruction of natural habitats becomes evident, protests by faefolk, kendric, and environmental advocates intensify. Acts of civil disobedience and rallies draw significant attention to their cause.
Symbolic Resistance: Faefolk chain themselves to ancient trees to prevent their felling, creating poignant moments of resistance that garner widespread sympathy.  
2833 PB
Continued Construction: Despite ongoing protests, construction progresses steadily. The project faces technical challenges and delays due to the difficult terrain and environmental considerations.  
2835 PB
Partial Completion: The first sections of the railroad are completed, allowing limited train travel between Queenshaven and intermediary points along the route, mostly used to transport more construction materials to the end of the already finished track.  
2841 PB
Ongoing Tensions: The relationship between the Empire and the faefolk remains strained. Diplomatic efforts continue to address the grievances and to find ways to integrate progress with environmental preservation.  
2850 PB
Environmental Compromises: Significant progress is made in finding compromises between industrial advancement and environmental preservation. New policies are enacted to protect sacred groves and minimize further damage.  
2853 PB
Railroad Inauguration: The Queenshaven-Makari railroad is officially inaugurated, symbolizing the completion of a significant infrastructure project within the Farenian Empire.  
2860 PB
Economic Impact: The railroad brings economic growth to the region, but the social and environmental costs are still felt. The faefolk and kendric work towards reclaiming their cultural and natural heritage.
A world full of wonders.
Ticket 1st Class
250g (includes one sleeper cabin and entrance to the dining car)
Ticket 2nd Class
10g (includes a seat reservation)
Travel Duration
10 hours (overnight)
Creation Date
2840 PB
Owning Organization
60 km/h

Cover image: Steamengine Train by Tillerz using MJ


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A brilliant and layered piece of story crafting for Alana, Tillerz you bringing the top of the game early on, an excellent piece. You detailed it beautifully, touched on the story telling aspects of the battle between preservation and technological advancement wonderfully, really spinning an entire narrative worth of seeds into this piece about a vehicle. But thats the beauty of it, it isn't just about the vehicle, as the mind and leader of the team who built it made clear, it was about so much more, as it always is with such developments of progress. A poignant piece of worldbuilding and a read I've greatly enjoyed on the first passing, and one I'll definitely return to to read more deeply and really consume after camp I am sure! Awesome work!

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