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Battle of the Divas

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The Bridgeport Opera House, known for its grandeur and the mesmerising performances that grace its stage, has become the arena for a fierce rivalry between two of its most talented singers. The "Battle of the Divas" pits the seasoned and renowned Carla Otteri against the young and ambitious Millie, whose meteoric rise is causing quite a stir.  


Carla Otteri
Carla Otteri, a forty-year-old noblewoman, has long enjoyed prestige and fame in the world of opera. With a powerful voice and a commanding stage presence, Carla has become a household name among the elite of Bridgeport. Her extensive career is filled with accolades, and she is used to being the star of every show.
Carla Otteri
Carla Otteri by Tillerz using SD
Enter Millie, a twenty-year-old middle-class girl with dreams as big as her talent. Despite her young age, Millie’s voice has captured the attention of the opera’s patrons and directors alike. She aspires to be recognised as a leading opera singer, a goal that brings her into direct competition with the established Carla Otteri.
Millie by Tillerz using SD

The Beginning of the Rivalry

What started as a mere nuisance for Carla quickly turned into a full-blown rivalry. Initially, Carla sought to humiliate Millie through subtle means. She would command her to do menial chores, hoping to remind the young singer of her place. Intimidation followed, with Carla using her influence and reputation to undermine Millie at every opportunity.  

Millie Fights Back

Millie, however, was not one to back down. With a sharp wit and unwavering determination, she began to fight back. Her clever retorts and quick thinking soon made her a formidable opponent. The backstage tension spilled onto the stage, where the two divas would try to outshine each other during performances.  

Escalation on Stage

The rivalry has escalated to dangerous levels. Carla, feeling threatened by Millie’s rising popularity, has started to contemplate more drastic measures. Carla is just waiting for an opportunity to cause Millie to have an "accident," such as falling down a flight of stairs. Millie, though, knows to keep her distance from Carla where possible.   Meanwhile, their on-stage battles have become legendary. Each tries to make the other miss their cue or forget their lines, resulting in an ongoing tug-of-war for dominance in the spotlight. Audiences are captivated, not just by their performances but by the underlying tension that adds a layer of drama to every opera.  

The Climax

The Bridgeport Opera House staff as well as its visitors are abuzz with speculation about who will ultimately come out on top. Will Carla maintain her reign as the queen of opera, or will Millie’s talent and resilience see her rise to the pinnacle of fame? The "Battle of the Divas" continues, with each performance bringing new twists and turns in this unfolding drama.   As the curtain rises for another show, the audience waits with bated breath, knowing that the true spectacle lies not just in the opera being performed but in the ongoing saga between Carla Otteri and Millie.  
Battle of the Divas
Battle of the Divas by Tillerz using MJ
The map of Bridgeport, a harbour city located in the south of Farenia, showcases a maritime center characterized by vibrant activity and bustling trade. Unlike other cities in Farenia, Bridgeport's harbour opens onto a different sea, setting it apart and granting it a unique status. To bolster its connectivity and reinforce its importance in regional trade, the ambitious Bridgeport Channel project is underway. Not everyone is pleased with the construction of the new channel, leading to a surge in violent resistance...  
Bridgeport by Tillerz using MidJourney

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
2862 PB
Ending Date


Spring 2862
Millie's Arrival: Millie joins the Bridgeport Opera House, quickly catching the attention of the directors with her impressive vocal talent. Carla Otteri, the reigning diva, initially sees Millie as just another young hopeful and doesn’t pay much attention to her.  
Summer 2862
First Confrontation: Carla begins to notice Millie’s growing popularity and starts to feel threatened. She makes Millie perform menial tasks, hoping to undermine her confidence. Millie remains undeterred and continues to impress with her performances, earning the admiration of the audience and fellow performers.  
Autumn 2862
Public Praise: Millie receives public praise for her performance in a secondary role, leading to more prominent roles in upcoming productions. Carla escalates her efforts to humiliate Millie by commanding her to do more demeaning chores and spreading rumours about her lack of professionalism.  
Winter 2862
Millie Fights Back: Millie begins to stand up to Carla, using her wit to counter Carla’s intimidation tactics. The backstage tension becomes palpable for the entire opera company.  
Spring 2863
On-Stage Battles: The rivalry spills onto the stage, with both divas trying to outshine each other during performances. Audiences start to notice the underlying tension. The director of the opera house struggles to manage the escalating conflict but is reluctant to intervene due to the increased audience interest.  
Summer 2863
Carla’s Intimidation Intensifies: Carla resorts to more aggressive tactics, including attempts to sabotage Millie’s performances by hiding her costumes and altering stage props. Despite Carla’s efforts, Millie’s talent continues to shine, and she is cast in leading roles, further fueling Carla’s resentment.  
Autumn 2863
Rumours of Accidents: Rumours begin to circulate that Carla is plotting to cause Millie physical harm, such as pushing her down the stairs or causing stage accidents. Millie, aware of the dangers, becomes more cautious and starts to gather allies within the opera house who support her.  
Winter 2863
Escalation of Hostilities: The conflict reaches new heights as both divas employ increasingly elaborate schemes to disrupt each other’s performances. The opera house becomes a battlefield.  
Spring 2864
Pranks and Sabotage: The pranks and sabotage continue, with both divas trying to make the other miss cues or forget lines during performances. The audience is captivated by the drama. The ongoing rivalry becomes a public spectacle, drawing even larger crowds to the opera house.  
Summer 2864
Millie’s Strategic Moves: Millie starts to use her intelligence and charm to gain favour with influential patrons and directors, seeking to solidify her position within the opera house. Carla, feeling her dominance slip, becomes increasingly desperate and erratic in her attempts to undermine Millie.  
Autumn 2864
Turning Point: A major incident occurs during a high-profile performance, where Carla’s sabotage attempt backfires, causing her public embarrassment. Millie, however, manages to save the performance, earning widespread acclaim. Millie forms alliances with key figures in the opera house, ensuring she has the support needed to withstand Carla’s aggression.  
Winter 2864
Climactic Showdown: The year ends with a climactic showdown during the opera house’s grand winter performance. Both divas pull out all the stops, leading to an unforgettable night of drama and music. As the curtain falls, the future of the rivalry remains uncertain, with both divas preparing for the next act in their ongoing battle for supremacy.
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