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Archetype: Druid

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Nature Druid by Tillerz using MidJourney
Druids are masters of nature, wielding the primal forces to both shape-shift into animals, adopting their abilities for scouting, combat, or camouflage, and harnessing their profound connection to the natural world. These nature-worshipping magic users combine their plant and animal expertise for healing and protection, and channel their magic to manipulate elements and commune with the earth's power. Often dwelling in remote, untamed locales like forests and mountains, they revere the delicate equilibrium of nature.

  • Affinity: Earth


  Notes: Companion Gadget Mutation Potion Scroll Spell Talent   Talents, spells, potions, scrolls, etc are grouped by milestones in progression. An new archetype starts as Novice and can only obtain entries from that section.   All three druid specs have the following traits additionally to their spec specific traits:  

Druidic Stash

Druids prefer not to lug around a bunch of belongings. Instead, they employ a clever method for safekeeping their items. They seek out what they call "ley lines," which are like invisible threads of mystical energy coursing through the earth. Then, they select a serene natural location, such as a concealed cave, a venerable old tree, a picturesque pond, or a sunlit meadow.   In these chosen spots, they carefully place their possessions and offer a reverent tribute to the spirits of the land. The fascinating part is that all druids possess the knowledge of this practice, allowing them to locate each other's concealed belongings. It's akin to a covert sharing network exclusively for druids. Within these hidden caches, you'll find an assortment of items, from medicinal herbs to gleaming gemstones, money, and even notes about nature.    Note: only locations outside of settlements are used as stashes.  

Ley Lines


Detect Ley Lines

When druids attune themselves to the natural world, their connection reveals a profound ability to perceive the intricate web of ley lines that course through the earth beneath them. These ethereal conduits of mystical energy are invisible to the untrained eye, but to a druid, they manifest as a subtle, pulsating network of luminous threads woven into the fabric of the land. Through their attunement to these ley lines, druids can not only "see" their faint outlines but also harness their power for various purposes. This ability allows them to:  

Navigate the Terrain

Druids can use the ley lines as a sort of mystical map, guiding them through unfamiliar territories with ease. The lines provide a mental roadmap, helping them avoid treacherous terrain and find the safest and swiftest routes.  

Channel Nature's Energy

By tapping into the energy flowing through the ley lines, druids can bolster their spellcasting abilities. When standing near a ley line, they can draw upon its power to enhance the potency and effectiveness of their spells, making their magic more formidable (+1 Success Level, +3 Success Levels at ley line crossings).  

Sense Environmental Changes

Changes in the flow of ley lines can be indicative of shifts in the environment. Druids can detect disruptions or disturbances in these lines, such as the effects of pollution, deforestation, or unnatural phenomena. This sensitivity allows them to take swift action to restore balance and protect the natural world.  

Commune with Nature Spirits

Ley lines are often connected to the spirits of the land. Druids can use their connection to these mystical currents to communicate with local nature spirits, gaining insights, seeking their aid, or forming bonds that can be beneficial in their quests and endeavors. Learning spell required.  

Create Natural Wards

By harnessing the energy of ley lines, druids can erect protective barriers or wards around natural areas. These wards deter intruders who might harm the environment, ensuring that delicate ecosystems remain undisturbed. Learning spell required.  

Ley Line Travel

Leyline travel is a skill mastered by seasoned druids. They can meld with ley lines and harnessing them as conduits for rapid travel. However, obstacles like magical barriers can impede this mystical mode of transportation. Learning spell required.  

Building the Backstory

  These questions don't have to get answered and written down in detail, they are just there to make your think about your hero, but the answers can help the gamemaster to set up connections and stories related to your character.  
  • What drove you to become a druid, and how did you first discover your connection to nature's magic?
  • What is your most profound and memorable encounter with an animal or plant, and how did it shape your understanding of the natural world?
  • Describe your relationship with a particular elemental force (earth, wind, fire, water). How has it influenced your druidic abilities?
  • Have you ever faced a moral dilemma between protecting nature and the needs of civilization? How did you resolve it?
  • What is your ultimate goal as a druid, and what role do you see yourself playing in the balance of nature and the mortal realm?

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Very cool concepts for druid characters! Excellent lay out.

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Thanks! I am only developing the archetypes of the players now... where druid is one of them. :) All other archetypes will come later.

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